ESSJAY COPIER: 360-Degree Rental Specialists For Large Format Printers & Documents Scanners

Siby Joseph, CEOThe renting of IT equipment is gaining a lot of traction across all industrial sectors. The rental solutions bring forth a host of economic and practical benefits. First and foremost, renting IT hardware ensures that companies pay a fair price for the products based on the actual requirements. Secondly, it becomes essential for organizations to invest in the latest technologies in order to remain up-to-date with today's highly

"All the IT products offered for rent at essjay copier have an environment friendly, energy saving feature"

competitive business world, and Renting enables businesses to get the right equipment at the right time. And most importantly, there's no risk of unpleasant surprise expenses as rental costs are fixed stable, and distributed over a precise duration of time. On the other hand, if a business decides to buy technological devices, one could face significant unexpected costs when a product becomes obsolete.

Mumbai-based Essjay Copier offers a comprehensive inventory of IT rental solutions which includes servers, computers, laptops, and a host of large format printers and large format scanners for rent. The company's Managed printer services are ideal solutions for large business corporations seeking affordable and cost effective IT solutions. At Essjay Copier,both short term and long term document scanners are also available for rent. This includes Document Scanner rental services along with digitization service as well as document management software(scannplusdms). Additionally, the company has a standby replacement facility for the printers, allowing the customers to avoid downtime. The company revolves around a customer centric model wherein, apart from renting out the latest IT equipment also provides inhouse technical support, standby, and replacement facilities available on a 24/365 onsite and remote basis.

Essjay copier's managed printer services are ideal solutions for large business corporations seeking affordable and cost-effective it solutions

All the IT products offered for rent at Essjay Copier have an environment friendly, energy saving feature. For the color segment, the company provides advanced Vivid color technology. And that's not all advanced multifunction devices that have built in Scan to mail, confidential printing technology, Duplex printing for paper saving, along with the latest processors and many more advanced features. Service oriented firm with a strong focus on customer service, 24/7 online customer support, and winner of the IT sector's best customer technical support award. Scannplusdms, a document management system, was available on a leasing basis.

Over the years, Essjay Copier has ditched our IT rental solutions for some of the most prominent MNCs in India, including Tata, BSNL, Thomas Cook, and Sterling & Wilson, to name a few saving millions for them in the process.