Kenstar Broadband: Offering Three Lifelines to Ensure 24x7 Internet Connectivity

Dr. Javeed Siddiqui,Managing Director

Dr. Javeed Siddiqui

Managing Director

“I bet I or any person with little technical knowledge can hack into any customer’s computer of the local ISPs that use a vulnerable and unsecured LAN kind of network. Simply run the software called ‘Advanced IP scanner’ and you will find all the computers of these ISPs in front of you, ready to be hacked!” proclaims Kenstar Web Solutions Pvt Ltd’ Managing Director Dr. Javeed Siddiqui who has also done Ph.D in I.T Management. But Kenstar’s network is secured by high end Layer 3 and Layer 2 manageable switches of brands like CISCO and Juniper, making it impossible for hackers to intrude. “We have invested heavily on technology to ensure complete safety of customer’s privacy and security by ensuring that there are no intruders or hackers that can enter their computers, laptops or mobile phones from the cyber space,” adds Dr. Javeed.

The company deployed highly advanced technology equipment, firewalls, routers and manageable switches at backbone as well as at the client end; hence 85 percent of its satisfied clients are on wireless network, remaining on Fiber. These help Kenstar to achieve 99.5 percent uptime in broadband services (same as Leased Line). “The Local ISPs have started offering Internet plans with cheap & unmanaged switches that cost under Rs.500, and their so called ‘assets’ are merely ‘fiber optic cable’ that is going overhead on city light poles illegally. Well, can we call cable an asset?” adjoins Dr. Javeed. Unlike other ISP providers who misguide clients by offering lucrative plans and half information, Kenstar delivers
what’s promised and even guarantees money back if services were not up to the mark. Dr. Tanveer Fatima, another Director of the company takes strategic decisions. Currently operational only in Maharashtra state, the company has been consistent in providing faster internet at economical price while maintaining reliability through its customized plans designed as per the need & budget of the customer.

We invest heavily on technology to ensure complete safety of customer’s privacy and security by preventing intruders or hackers from entering their devices

High on Security & Connectivity

Kenstar has installed 27 towers (each 18 meter with at least six 5.8 GHz sectors) in each city it offers its services that are connected through fiber optic in Ring Route, which ensures that if one fiber to the tower is cut, the other route gets online, and if both the fiber cable gets cut off, its network is still live on wireless APs and Station. The customer receives internet service on high end 5.8 GHz frequency wireless devices which can offer up to 50 MBPS of speed. The company also offers plans up to 100 MBPS on GEPON technology which is through OFC. All of these ensure that clients have three life lines to enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity 24x7. Wonder how many ISPs provide this!

The company is well-known for its persistence in coming up with mint customer-friendly offers & plans on a monthly basis, and one among its most allured data plans has been the 450 GB plan which is available at Rs.1500 per month (50 MBPS speed/ unlimited 6 MBPS speed post FUP). Kenstar’s Google Bandwidth and Torrent Pairing are two additional value added benefits that customers can leverage. Even with a 1 MBPS Plan, Google
Bandwidth pairing allows subscriber to surf Google owned websites without any speed limit; for instance, he can even watch full HD video on Youtube without any buffering. Similarly Torrent Pairing is P2P network of various torrent websites from where customers can download data, videos and others without any capping on speed on these websites. To relive customers from any internet connectivity pain, Kenstar has a WhatsApp number for them to get personal assistance. Serving clients from both corporate and government organizations, some of the premium names include Lakhani Honda, Arihant Chevrolet, IIHMA, Hotel Windsor Castle, Mahindra Services and others, who are enjoying Kenstar’s best service.

Having a matchless scale of innovation and quality in its services, Kenstar brings in the similar paradigm to maintain the sharpness of its in-house. “The key role in services is Manpower. They keep the services ‘Up & Running’. We are determined in preserving our workforce abreast of the latest technologies. Hence, timely training is given to technical staff on a regular basis, and when ever required, it’s adapted,” concludes Dr. Javeed. Started with an initial capital of Rs.5 lac in 2013, the company has grown its net worth to over Rs.40 million and expects PAN India expansion soon. In the next three years, it plans to grow tenfold to achieve the net worth of Rs.250 million, which seems pretty achievable with the kind of commitment and security the company is working with.


Key Management:

Dr. Javeed Siddiqui, Managing Director

Having expertise in computer technology for more than 15 years, Dr. Javeed is a Graduate in Computer Science and Triple MBA (Marketing, IT and HR); besides holding various global recognized certifications from Microsoft & Cisco such as MCSE, MCITP, CCNP & ITIL.

Offices: Aurangabad (Headquarter)