360 Customizer: Redefining Customization With A Tech-Driven, Customer-Centric Approach

Nilesh Ranaware ,Founder & CEO

Nilesh Ranaware

Founder & CEO

The corporate gifting market in India is experiencing remarkable growth and is estimated to be worth Rs. 12,000 Crore ($ 1.5 billion) in 2023, exhibiting a staggering CAGR of over 200 percent. Corporate gifting companies in India specialize in providing tailored gifts and promotional items to businesses, catering to various needs such as client appreciation, employee recognition, and strategic marketing initiatives. These firms offer a wide array of customizable options, ranging from branded merchandise to high-end presents, all aimed at aligning with the corporate brand ethos and messaging.

In this, personalization is a significant trend in the Indian corporate gifting landscape, responding to the burgeoning demand for unique and bespoke offerings. With time, there is a growing emphasis on sustainable and eco-conscious gift selections, reflecting the increasing commitment of corporations to environmental stewardship. However, the industry encounters several challenges, notably in striking the delicate balance between personalized offerings and cost-effectiveness. Ethical considerations, particularly compliance with anti-bribery regulations and other legal frameworks, are paramount.

The intricate global landscape of cultural norms and preferences further complicates the creation of universally appealing gifts for a diverse clientele. In this dynamic and evolving business landscape, 360CUSTOMIZER has emerged as an all-encompassing solution, meeting the diverse requirements of businesses in the realms of clothing, corporate gifting, and printing.

Crafting Unique Stories in Threads & Tech
360CUSTOMIZER, operating under Namrup Fashion since its inception in 2018, has established itself as a prominent player in the domain of customized clothing and accessory branding solutions. With over five years of industry experience, the company is widely recognized as one of the leading customizers in Pune. “Our mission is clear: to be the ultimate one-stop destination for customized solutions that empower businesses to enhance our brand through high-quality products and services.

Our vision extends to becoming India’s largest and most trusted customizers, emphasizing both quality and service across diverse business sectors”, speaks Nilesh Ranaware, Founder & CEO. 360CUSTOMIZER is dedicated to making customization accessible to every individual, and though the firm initially ventured into the B2B market to generate substantial revenues through bulk orders, it ultimately aims to expand its services to the B2C sector What sets 360CUSTOMIZER apart is its youthful, tech-savvy approach. The firm is distinguished by its strong emphasis on technology and innovation, exemplified by the in-house software it has developed for production and order management.

In essence, 360CUSTOMIZER is a responsive and forward-thinking company committed to providing innovative solutions to its clientele. “We at 360CUSTOMIZER work at the lowest possible margin, so that ultimately the customer benefits. We believe more in Customer Satisfaction than our profit margins”, says Nilesh Ranaware.

Nilesh Ranaware, the Founder & CEO of 360CUSTOMIZER, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after a substantial tenure at Zaggle, a company specializing in corporate gift cards. His three years of proficient experience in alliances at Zaggle, primarily within the domains of corporate gifting and gift cards, equipped Nilesh with a comprehensive understanding of the corporate ecosystem. Initiating operations through grassroots efforts, Nilesh engaged in door-to-door sales of T-shirts to local retail establishments, surmounting initial challenges while systematically expanding his clientele.

He adeptly transitioned from the retail market to effectively engage with corporates and small to medium-sized businesses. The growth trajectory of 360CUSTOMIZER underscores significant milestones, progressing from a modest outset with a turnover of six lakhs in the first year to achieving a remarkable 10x business growth in subsequent years, securing prominent fortune 500 companies as clients.
Presently, Nilesh’s focus is on fortifying the organization’s internal structures, enhancing technological capabilities, refining operational processes, and providing comprehensive training to the team. Concurrently, he strategically charts the course for brand enhancement and devises online marketing strategies to propel 360CUSTOMIZER’s future endeavors.

The firm offers a comprehensive array of services designed to meet a diverse spectrum of needs. 360CUSTOMIZER’s product catalog encompasses an impressive range, spanning electronics, bags, customized clothing, gifts, accessories, office essentials, and hospitality uniforms, ensuring a well-rounded solution for a fully equipped workspace. The hallmark of 360CUSTOMIZER lies in its unwavering commitment to exceptional service. The firm guarantees punctual delivery, ensuring products reach customers promptly and in optimal condition.

“We are well known for our amazing quality of products and on-time services. Our customers know us as a professional trusted partner for all their customized requirements. To ensure the uniqueness of your company we provide a wide variety of colors and designs for your selection”, speaks Nilesh Ranaware. In essence, 360CUSTOMIZER not only understands the dynamic needs of contemporary businesses but also excels in tailoring solutions that encompass clothing, corporate gifting, and printing, presenting a holistic and efficient approach to cater to the multifaceted requirements of the corporate world.

Underpinning its service is a strong emphasis on premium quality, sourcing products from esteemed global brands, thus assuring clientele of superior materials and craftsmanship. Additionally, the firm’s adept in-house team of graphic designers extends valuable assistance in selecting and crafting the ideal designs for the products. The company remains steadfast in delivering all these benefits at competitive prices, never compromising on quality. Above all, 360CUSTOMIZER places paramount importance on client contentment and timely service, with a vision to transform client visions into tangible reality through creativity and dedication.

As 360 customizer charts its path toward becoming india’s largest and most trusted customizer, the firm remains committed to putting customer satisfaction above all else

Looking at the Future
At 360CUSTOMIZER, a driven and diverse team operates under the guidance of Nilesh Ranaware, the esteemed Founder & CEO. Comprising 20+ members, all under the age of 30, this team is strategically distributed across vital departments, including sales, operations, accounts, design, and research and development. “Our Research and Development (R&D) division plays a pivotal role in vendor and supplier evaluation, meticulously scrutinizing and validating references before considering substantial procurement”, says Nilesh Ranaware. Concurrently, the vigilant operations manager, drawing on prior experience, diligently supervises product quality and delivery, employing stringent checks monitored through CCTV surveillance.

Remarkable is the firm’s central sales team, guided by individuals, with each member hailing from varied educational backgrounds such as commerce, engineering, and finance. This diversity enriches the collective skill set, fostering a proactive and adaptable sales force pivotal to 360CUSTOMIZER’s success.

The firm outlines a strategic vision for its future journey, intending to seamlessly amalgamate corporate gifting into its comprehensive customization and merchandising portfolio. Currently in the testing phase, a refined and highly functional website is on the brink of launching, expected to be operational by the end of October. The long-term strategic objective aims to establish 360CUSTOMIZER as the definitive choice for customization, akin to the leading names in various industries. Over the upcoming two to three years, the company envisions the establishment of retail outlets, strategically positioned in proximity to business hubs, catering to both individual and corporate clientele, providing them with a tangible experience of its product offerings.

Furthermore, addressing a pressing need to streamline product options and enhance client convenience, the firm is diligently developing a sophisticated website that allows businesses to curate personalized catalogs. This approach aims at simplifying the decision-making process for clients and signifies its commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions. Additionally, the company also plans to extend its services through online consultations, effectively reaching out to a broader national audience.