5K Car Care: The Franchise Revolutionist Introducing Massive Transformation in Car Servicing Industry

Dr. Karthickkumar Chinnaraj, DirectorGlimpse About 5K
5K Car Care was established in 2012 as a car refurbishing and remodelling industry in the western part of Tamil Nadu. Over a span of five years, the company gained boundless acquaintance with its own outlet. In addition to that, 5K Car Care started distributing franchise in the year of 2018 across India.

The firm offers various car services like Car painting, interior & exterior washing, polishing and many more. This brings a shipshape and brand new look to your car as it was when you bought it. Recently, 5K Car Care has been recognized as India's No.1 Franchise Leader. 5K's franchise modules are unique and affordable while having put up in the nooks and corners across the nation.

Laying The Foundation To 5K Car Care
In India, unemployment has been a curse for a long time. We have been in and out of the dilemma time & again, but at the ground level we still have a long distance to travel in order to cut a large percentage of the unemployed. Back in 2012, the picture was not so pleasant either. The unemployment rate edged down from 7.9% in October to 7.7% in November. The number of unemployed persons, at 12.0 million, changed little. A year earlier, in November 2011, the unemployment rate was 8.7%, and the number of unemployed persons stood at 13.3 million.

Dr. Karthickkumar Chinnaraj was working at Asian Paints in the auto motive segment at the time. A few books by nation building personali ties induced a sense of though provoking ideas in Dr. Karthickkumar Chinnaraj. He realized the need for bringing employment in the country. It's not every day that a citizen of the country stands to take up the responsibility to address a wide hitting problem of the national level. He observed that the only way to do so is by becoming an entrepreneur. The question was which industry demands attention? and which could bring immense employment opportunities. Working at the automotive segment in Asian Paints, Dr. Karthick identified car care & service industry to be of great potential. He says, "Truth be told, but the car care & service industry in our country is highly unorganized. It has potential to transform, but it needs some organization first”.

Rightly so, India automotive industry in witnessing a surge in the number of post warranty cars, which is leading to higher demand generation for multi brands car service companies in India, thereby leading to several start ups coming into play with little to no know how of the industry or customer pain points. Dr. Karthick kumar Chinnaraj was sure this was the industry that needs tapping which could generate humongous employment opportunities. He ventured into transforming this unorganized sector into an organized one.Thus,5K Car Care was emerged.

5K Car Care is now a premium multi brand car servicing enterprise with branches across the south Indian region. With contemporary techniques and technologies, and premium products, 5K Car Care essentially gives cars a sanatorium treatment. Currently, the firm has branches across the southern part of India.

Between the year of its inception in 2012, and 2015, Dr. Karthick kumar Chinnaraj travelled across south India to identify employment demands. He realized, for employment, the country needs skill development first. Therefore, he ensured proper training to those people who needed to learn modern day skills to survive life. On this noble quest, Dr. Kathick kumar Chinnaraj was able to gather a wide range of people working in various small daily wage occupations like fishing, salt extraction business etc. These segments of people struggled to even get an education, let alone get a job with a descent pay. Dr. Kathick kumar Chinnaraj was able to bring them together and train them with modern techniques and products. He also gave essential skill development training to work in the car care industry.
Further, Dr. Kathick kumar Chinnaraj also realized that it is not just this poorer section of the society is hurt by the sweeping unemployment in the country, but also the educated and well off section of the country. Some have education & degree and are yet unable to cut through the problems to find a good job. Therefore, Dr. Kathick kumar sought to resolve this problem and introduced the Franchise Model for 5K Car Care. This model essentially gives entrepreneurship opportunities to people while at the same time multiply the employment figures manifold. Currently, 5K Car Care is empowered by 1500 employees who are working in 5K cluster and 100 plus first generation entrepreneurs catering to a client base of 15 lakhs.

Plethora Of Products & Solutions For Car Problem
The strength of this eccentric enterprise lies with the various departments that works to train for skill development, gain employees, and innovate new products & solutions. To exemplify, during the covid outbreak, 5K Car Care developed a product called Car Sanitizer & Car Covishield that served around 2 lakhs customers, which became a huge success. Salt water remover & rust remover has been a success in the coastal areas wherein the moisture in the air damages cars. In other places, like Chennai, Bangalore etc.rat bites have become a significant threat to car owners. 5K Car Care provides for a solution to keep rats out of the car. South India has been known for extreme temperatures and an unkind sun this usually turns the car dull in colour. So 5K Car Care has resorted a solution to solve this consistent problem with Teflon coating and ceramic coating. The firm has come up with several innovative solutions to solve the car problems that usually go unattended or ignored. The firm has come up with a solution to remove bad odour inside the car that is usually developed due to munching snacks. Moreover, within 2-3 years, a new car often gets scratches on the wind shield with frequent usage of the wiper. While other service centres will suggest replacing it with a new one, 5K Car Care has developed a solution to completely remove those scratches.

With avantgarde techniques and technologies, and premium products, 5k car care essentially gives cars a SPA like treatment

From car dent removal to car colour changes, to car washing in RO water, 5K Car Care has completely transformed car care as we know it. Such exceptional approaches to not so exceptional car problems that people usually ignore, have in fact, turned up the car resale value by several notch. Now, once a car enters 5K Car Care, it leaves as good as new or straight out of the factory. More so, 5K Network has established a new model to determine the car's maintenance & damage history that has been approved by the major MOs across the country. Therefore, every used car buyer can now purchase with full confidence and transparency.

Uniqueness & Strength
5K Car Care unique proposition also lies in its approach to the customers. The pick & drop service is hit. Open 365 days with bookings open 24x7, 5K Car Care has ensured that the customers will never turn back unanswered. One might wonder with all such innovation in the car cleaning process involving various chemicals, the environment might get affected. However, most of the products used by the firm are organic. A separate R&D team comprising people who work on the field are dedicated to survey & identify customers' pain points. Again, there is another R&D team to develop a solution to customers'pain points in collabo ration with the lab team. All these teams are comprised of unemployed individuals who have been picked and trained for skill development.

"With innovation & solution at the centre of everything we do, we have essentially transformed this unorganized sector into an organized one. We have added a wing to the automotive sector by organizing this car detailing segment", says Dr. Karthick.

Success Stories From Customers & Society
One of the most interesting customer success stories is that a customer has become one of 5K's franchise owners. Given 5K Car Care's promise to deliver the car as good as new, one customer who had a rat problem inside her car, was so impressed by 5K Network's service that she went on to become an owner.

Over the years, 5K Network has evolved to become, not just a company, but a habitat of noble initiatives right from satisfying customers by giving value for money, but fulfilling its responsibilities towards the environment and society. 5K plants & nurtures 5000 trees every year, and resorts to only organic products in their services. At the same time, staying true to their primary objective of brining employment, 5K Network also has an auto detailing college and programme that has been approved by central government and gives free education with a promise of 100% employment.

Future Endeavors
With 100 plus branches, 5knetwork is teamed up with an average of 1500+ employees and each of its competence is fully insured and licensed. With 15 lakhs happy customers, 5k Car Care is now counting towards achieving two crores happy customers before 2025.