Aarkay Signs: Dictating Professionalism, Quality & Innovation to the Signage Industry

Rakesh Kingar,Founder & Managing Director
Rakesh Kingar
Founder & Managing Director
Corporate signage are the brand identity of any organization. It is as essential to create enduring signage as it is to have an attractive brand logo. Be it Google, Yahoo, Intel, Microsoft or any among that breed, we will never fail to recognize their colorful, arresting brand logos, even in the interim of our day dreams. We have known them backwards and forwards from the 2D era! Have you ever wondered about the magic behind their brand-logos looking extremely alluring even in the 3D & digital avatars without losing the old world charm? Well, in India, there is a common signage company that helps them mold into the new era of signage. The Indian ‘signage factory’, Aarkay Signs - a team of award winning designers & manufacturers with more than two decades of experience - has been that vital partner manufacturing & installing those alluring & well-known new age signage for companies across various portfolios and PAN India, including the elite club like TCS, IBM, Motorola, Cognizant, 3M, Infosys, Cisco, Ericsson, Wipro & many more including the above mentioned companies.

It's indeed a simple rationale. As it belongs to the rarest of breeds in signage industry that keenly focuses on utmost professionalism & innovation, and being well - known for building trust through intact quality & meeting deadlines, Aarkay, one of the largest supplier of signages to all Software companies in India, has intrinsically won the market competition by becoming the preferred custom signage vendor for many leading organizations regardless of the size - most of them being repeat clients over the past two decades. The industry’s budding organizations have a bucket load of lessons to learn from the way this experienced contender maneuvers its aforementioned edge & highly skilled resources to not only win customers time and again, but also create the butterfly effect through references.

"consistently delivering its promises well on time, and taking pride in its client-relationships, Aarkay has managed to preserve these sentiments among its customers all along"

For instance, right after commissioning & installing the first signage for Infosys, Aarkay immediately bagged the orders for their various facilities in Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Hyderabad and so on! Interestingly, the company echoed the same sequence of events with other giants like TCS and Oracle, while simultaneously ensuring the decades-strong associations with its customers like Motorola are alive. Lend your ears to Dinesh Raghavan, Sr. Operations Manager, Motorola, who divulges one of the oldest, but interesting testimonials. He says, “It’s with great pleasure that I invite you (Aarkay Signs) to the official inauguration of our facility here in Keonics City, Bangalore on March 20, 1994 at 7:00 PM. I am very proud of the fact that you have been a part of this facilitation process and your dedication and commitment to this process has been instrumental in making this a world-class facility. You have managed to deliver a facility to Motorola that we can all be proud of”.

By consistently delivering its promises well on time, and taking pride in its client-relationships, Aarkay has managed to preserve these sentiments among its customers all along and that's exactly where its success begins.
Well, it’s not surprising that Aarkay is recommended by top-layer Architects in the town like Rathi Associates, RSP Architects, Thomas Associates and DWP Architects, alongside multinational project management companies like JLL, CBRE, Synergy Property Development, Cushman & Wakefield, Knight Frank and many others.

An Amazing Anecdote
The whole story of Aarkay is quite interesting with its overwhelming client relationships, constant innovation, and grit. Having had a humble beginning as Foundry in the late 80s with a 3000 sq. ft. facility at Peenya Industrial area (Bangalore), the company rediscovered its purpose while accomplishing its first order, which was channeled by the architect, BH Rathi(Rathi Associates) for Birla 3M. The 'wow' factor in project was magnetic enough to bring a new world of turnkey signage orders from HP, Motorola, IBM and others. There was no looking back since then.

The company over the years has unerringly chose the yellow brick road, and thrived by leaps & bounds to build its current state-of-the-art facility spanning across 12,000 sq. ft., which is well equipped to manufacture any kind of signage (like Backlit, Frontlit, Reflective, Pylons, and Unipoles). Today, Aarkay's comprehensive international standard offerings that range from Safety Signs, External & Internal Signs, and Reception Signs to wall graphics, glass graphics and even designing the fleet with custom graphics are an undeniable proposition for aspirant future-mega-corps that look forward to growing big. It understands their objectives prior to making the first move. Be it any segment ranging from Corporate, Retail, Residential, Hospitality, and Educational to Healthcare, Aarkay caters with attention to every detail. It even facilitates world-class designs, thanks to its warm associations with top-notch designers like Vitruvia, 4D, and Tata Elxsi

" Aarkay has intrinsically won the market competition by becoming the preferred custom signage vendor for many leading organizations regardless of the size "

Uncompromised Quality
“Our highly skilled workforce with 12-15 years of experience & in-house experts who are highly flexible to work late night enable us to fulfill demanding projects designer chalks up – on site, while huge investments in cutting edge machines bring in the pace & precision,” asserts Rakesh Kingar, Founder & Managing Director, Aarkay Signs. He continues, “This edge is propelled through a research-driven approach and high levels of QC. We also associate with a couple of structural engineers to check the stability and work done, ascertaining that our signage withstand any weather condition”. Moreover, Aarkay's raw material collection radars are restricted to reputed brands (like Vinyls from 3M/Avery and Leds from LT /Samsung), imported-quality acrylics, and stainless steels of higher grades (304/316) with certificates. Many a times, to ensure utmost client satisfaction, this client-centric company has provided higher grade materials even though it exceeds the client’s budget. “As we focus on our bottom line more than our top line, we ensure this quality is delivered in a competitive price,” Rakesh adjoins.

A Bright Future
Post the 2D & 3D era of signage, there is a novel epoch in the making, which will be well beyond mere digital signage. So as it successfully did in the past couple of decades, Aarkay today is all set to embrace this new realm as well, and it is busy up-skilling its workforce by guiding them through trade fairs and training programs. In the process, it leverages the digital advantage to the fullest, starting from curating knowledge through webinars & videos to connecting them through digital
platforms like Zoho,, and WhatsApp.

These aspects collectively help its workforce to remain on the same page, while adapting to the industry 2.0 that boasts of LED walls, IoT enabled signage, futuristic machineries, and much more. As these new concepts are already boiling up, Aarkay is all set to fly high with brand new design concepts and well-devised expansion blueprints, aiming 20 percent growth year after year.

Key Management:
Rakesh Kingar, Founder & Managing Director
An industry veteran, Rakesh has always been the favorite of his customers. Having incepted the company in 1989, he grew along with the company under the mentorship of NK Rao to become one of the prominent & most trusted names in the industry.

Office: Bangalore
• Safety Signs
• External & Internal Signs
• Reception Signs
• Wall Graphics
• Glass Graphics
• Fleet Graphics

Awards & Recognition:
• KLN Award from Governor of Karnataka for First Generation Entrepreneur
• Quality Recognition Award from Governor of Andhra Pradesh
• International Award for 'Leaders in Quality – 2005' from Actualidad - Spain

Clients Talk:
“Over the last few years, Standard Chartered Bank has been on the aggressive growth path and has established itself as one of the premier banking institutions in the country and abroad. We believe, this success would not have been possible without the invaluable services of its ‘partners' namely YOU. We thank you for your contribution in making us what we are today and look forward to your continued quality services. We believe that our association with you will help the bank achieve greatest height,” ~ Ajoy Kapoor, Regional Head, Standard Chartered Bank

“I want to place on record my sincere thanks for your able support and cooperation. The spirit of accommodation and teamwork was all permeating and despite the demanding requirements of the event, you and your staff did to the occasion tremendously well. The overall feedback from all guests were most favorable and ITPL‘s overall reputation has been enhanced through good teamwork and professionalism,” ~ S.Thiagarajan Dominic Christy, Manager – Operations, ITPL

“We recently set up our facility in Whitefield, for which we required outdoor signage. Mr. Rakesh and his team Aarkay Signs were referred by previous customers with glowing references. Our requirements of quality, price, timeliness and most importantly, safety, were met efficiently in the highest turn-around time. There was absolutely no gap between what we were promised and what was delivered to us and that is what made the most impressionable impact,” ~ Chandramouli, CFO, Symphony AI, India

“For our state of the art facility, we wanted high aesthetics in our display. Aarkay Designs' highly capable team delivered a very qualitative service in the shortest time period possible, which is unheard of amongst the other vendors,” ~ Chetan Shah, Founder & Managing Director, Soul Diagnostics

“After reaching out to several vendors, we got in touch with Mr. Rakesh and his team at Aarkay Designs who helped us out with our requirement in a highly economic package of quality, timeliness, feasibility and efficiency, “ ~ M. Bhaskar, Director, TUV, Rheinland