ABCN Manufacturing: One-Stop Solution Provider For State-Of-The-Art Vehicles

Arjun Bafna,Managing Director

Arjun Bafna

Managing Director

With the domestic demand for automobiles expanding year on year, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have entered into the rapidly expanding market of auto components. Although large enterprises with a foreign and technical collaboration with foreign companies have still maintained a major share of critical components, the SMEs have also evolved tremendously over the years. With a GDP forecast of 7.5 percent till 2020, the country could be surging well ahead of other fast-growing large economies. And, undoubtedly, India, along with its automotive and auto component manufacturing industries, is on a steady upward trajectory.

Having delivered over 2500 vehicles with a hundred percent customer satisfaction, ABCN Manufacturing has become a leading commercial vehicle body builder offering a one-step solution for body customization on all types of chassis from all the brands right from TATA, Eicher, Bharat Benz, AMW, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and a lot more. Today, ABCN provides bodybuilding services for various transport vehicles and specializes in top-class custom tuning of vehicles, allowing you to create individuality reflecting your personality, as it offers exclusive body kits, the highest level of interior upgrading, specially made carbon wheels, valve exhaust systems and performance enhancements.

"Having commenced our operations in 2014, we take pride in being a forward integration of Bafna Motors which is one of the best Commercial Vehicle Dealers in India. Bafna Motors has been a TATA Commercial vehicle dealer since 1960, holding the highest market share of TATA in the Maharashtra region. With ABCN Manufacturing, we aspire to give our customers an end-to-end solution from Bafna Motors. Our customers purchase Chassis from Bafna Motors which is in turn transferred to ABCN Manufacturing for bodybuilding, tailor-made the way our customers prefer, as per their specifications and requirements", speaks Pratik Sonthalia, Director, ABCN Manufacturing Pvt Ltd.

Driven by Customer-centric Approach
Headquartered in Mumbai, ABCN Manufacturing deals with industry's top vendors like Jindal, Essar, and TATA for exclusive Steel Plates and Paints that deal with Asian PPG/Esdee. With the firm's expertise lying in water testing facilities to ensure leakage-proof final goods, ABCN gives credence to absolute perfection and quality.

ABCN Manufacturing has now become a renowned name in the industry offering High-quality in Steel Sheets, Welding Services and Steel Pipes to manufacture Strong Frames. Elaborating further, Pratik shares, "There are in fact two types of steels: the commercial steel which is imported from Asian countries like China or Vietnam; however, we use the steel imported from Japan, from European countries and from the US. When it comes to quality checkup and on-time delivery, we, at ABCN Manufacturing have an exceptional team on the forefront."

In the vehicle bodybuilding industry, most customers face delay of products since their EMI begins from day one along with the bodybuilders consuming extra time to manufacture the trucks. "So, at ABCN Manufacturing our mission is to ensure that we deliver our services on time be it in the delivery of vehicles or products." Adding further, Pratik mentions, "We make tippers and containers on TATA Ace. So, what we do is, we manufacture products, maintain them safely in stock, and once the customer buys an Ace, they will get the readymade body which they can start using from day one."

Availability of ready to use stock, on-time
delivery and one-stop solutions for everything are key factors that magnets most customers to ABCN Manufacturing. "We are quite different from our competitors in the market, the cost-beneficial being number one. At ABCN, customers will get a complete solution and being bodybuilders, we provide about 18 months warranty to all the customers", says Pratik.

Backed by a Team of Enthusiasts
With its team of skilled professionals, ABCN Manufacturing has recently constructed a service van including a breakdown services van for Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC). "We bagged an order of 200 service vans from Tata Motors given by MSRTC. We are specialized in garbage tippers, having manufactured 5000 across Maharashtra alone. Coming to technology, we have the best CAD drawing team in our company for drawing or designing the parts and the vehicle as per the customer requirements. We also use our technology in testing the vehicles, given an example of a rain shower test indicating leakages in the vehicle if any, as this can incur an additional cost. So, when the customer picks up their vehicle, they may get it tested again for their satisfaction, using our technology", avers Pratik.

Pratik Sonthalia, Director

The state-of-the-art facility of ABCN Manufacturing employs highly-skilled personnel who continuously strive to provide all types of cabins, dry and refrigerated containers, and special purpose vehicles. ABCN maintains the highest levels of safety and efficiency, and uses stringent quality control standards to ensure best materials, and procedures utilized optimally. "The company's growth over the last two years has been beyond 300 percent and my teams of skilled professionals are looking forward to learning and growing in the same", contributes Pratik.

Bafna Motors has been a TATA Commercial vehicle dealer since 1960, holding the highest market share of TATA in the Maharashtra region

With India's rapidly growing auto industry, the commercial vehicle industry is bound to grow not just in India but also in Africa where a lot of export of commercial vehicles is happening from India. Positive about this notion, Pratik Sonthalia is looking forward positively towards a prosperous future. Driven by Quality, cost-efficacy and Timely Delivery, for the years to come, ABCN Manufacturing looks forward to opening a branch and a manufacturing unit in Dubai, as well as in Eastern India like in Calcutta or North-East states like Assam or Guwahati.

Arjun Bafna, a Man with a Vision
Bafna Group and Bafna Motors have been a notable entity in the Indian automobile industry for more than 60 years now and they are an important dealer of Tata motors in the country. A renowned name, Bafna Group has been led by many industry stalwarts and the recent addition to this list is 27-year-old Arjun Bafna. Having completed his Masters of Business Administration from the prestigious Columbia Business School, Arjun started working for his ultimate aim of becoming a global businessman leading a prestigious business conglomerate. Having been appointed as the MD of the famous Bafna Motors, Arjun has been relentlessly pushing both his and his company's limits to the edges. With his smart and innovative policies, the company has been growing leaps and bounds and has cemented its position in the Indian automobile industry. "I am confident that with our pan-India network of operations, we can clock annual sales of 15,000 vehicles by the end of 2020 and I foresee our business integrating with the commercial vehicles industry which will be an added thrust for our future growth", avers Arjun.

Being at the helm of such a huge and widespread company can be too much for many professionals but rather than being folded under the pressure, Arjun is enjoying and it seems like this added pressure is driving him from within. When looking at his career graph and growth scale one can clearly see that he has been constantly developing and innovating to tackle the challenges and at the end of the day he can definitely have a positive impact on a business irrespective of the circumstances. With his sights clearly set on achieving his dream of being the youngest Indian billionaire at the age of 30, Arjun and Bafna Motors is Zeroing in on their target of being the epitome of the automobile industry in India. Still not satisfied with his results, Arjun and his team are gearing up for a major overhaul and recently under the leadership of Arjun, Bafna Motors has signed a 10 million dollar deal with Shapoorji Pallonji in Odisha.

With Arjun steering the firm to success, even the sky is not the limit for Bafna motors and has collaborated with American Motorcycle Company, Harley Davidson. When many people of his age are still trying to get a job and get settled in life, it is clear that Arjun has taken the less trodden path which has eventually made him a better than the average Indian businessman who is still searching for his opportunity grow and develop. If one thinks he is going to stop any time soon well think again because he is planning to be in the list of the top 10 richest people in India at the age of 60.