Ahana Systems & Solutions: The Lock, Stock and Barrel of Everything Cloud

Vivek Hegde,Founder Director & CEO

Ahana’s technology and consultancy services offer infrastructure management, digital transformation, education services and capacity augmentation with a specific focus in the area of Datacenter and Cloud, Databases, Data Warehousing and ETL’s, SAP BI, Analytics and Dashboards, Robotic Process Automation, ARCHIBUS, Application Development and specific Business Solutions. Managing cloud adoption seems to be one of companies’ top priorities and it will maintain its status as a priority in the next few years too.

Though more and more organizations are aligning with cloud options, not every organization is ready with all the answers. Careful analysis will need to be done and best approach decision like Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect & Rebuild needs to be considered. As a cloud-managed service provider, Bengaluru based Ahana Systems and Solutions helps organizations to make their strategic decisions and successful migration to cloud.

Budget-Friendly Cloud Managed Services
Migrating to cloud technologies is a step every enterprise should and would take to fulfill its evergrowing business demands in a cost-effective way. Ahana provides expert consulting services that make the cloud migration smooth and hassle-free. Most of the customers are looking to embark on cloud journey but there are critical factors, like can any of their environment be migrated to cloud or does it make a good value proposition to be on cloud rather than on-premises and many more. This is where cloud migration service providers like Ahana come to clients’ assistance. The company offers cloud infrastructure services that include assessment, design, configuration and implementation to help complete the cloud journey successfully.

“We work with the clients to understand their environment, see what can be migrated towards cloud and then a detailed cloud platform design will be made along with a clear cutover and failback plan in case of any failures”, says Vivek Hegde, Founder Director & CEO, Ahana Systems and Solutions. The company also helps understand with approximate costing on OPEX so the client can take an informed decision if cloud is right for them and if it makes sense to move from CAPEX to OPEX model. Also, Ahana’s clients have the benefit to do a POC run before the client can get comfortable with the cloud environment so that they can make an informed decision.

While every organization is vouching for Cloud to grow their business, it is highly likely that cloud will benefit every business in some form or the other. With such changing trends in cloud adoption, Ahana is also aligning its services around cloud. The company is investing in gearing up its team capabilities around cloud and has witnessed some good growth and case studies. Ahana is partnered with some of the strategic cloud OEM’s like Microsoft, Amazon, Digital Ocean and
NetMagic and constantly building teams around these technologies. Ahana Systems & Solutions is committed to grow in the cloud tech services market and be a partner of choice for the companies which are making strategic decisions to explore cloud platforms and solutions.

Ahana provides expert consulting services that make the cloud migration smooth and hassle-free

Currently in cloud space Ahana has many projects running, Migration of Infra and DB from Colo DC to Azure platform, Migration of email services from Zimbra to Office365, ASR Cloud DR Services for an On Prem DC, Migration of lower end workloads to Digital Ocean, to name a few.

Customer First Approach
Though Cloud brings a momentous opportunity to accelerate business through their ability to quickly scale, allows being agile with resources and providing new opportunities for collaboration, most customers who are looking to embark on a cloud journey expect few essential particulars from any managed cloud service provider. Can any of their environments be migrated to Cloud; Does it make a good value proposition to be on cloud rather than on-premises; and If yes to cloud, then which cloud and roadmap for migration to cloud; these are the preliminary questions customers usually ask and Ahana is well positioned to answer these questions and enable the customers to take strategic decisions. Customers are particularly concerned about the sensitive data that resides in the cloud and must be protected. As an IT Infrastructure Support Service Provider, Ahana has always dealt with data and therefore understands the importance of Data Confidentiality and Data Security. Now with cloud coming into picture, the data has moved from on prem infra onto public cloud infra. With this shift in where the data is located, the impetus on data security is one notch more. “We give at most importance to Data Security, so whenever our consultants are designing cloud infra this is one aspect that gets carefully thought about, whether its Perimeter Firewalls, VPC’s, VPN’s, DMZ’s, VNET peering or GTM/Load Balancers etc that we are putting in place”, illustrates Vivek.

Established in 2008, Ahana has been operating for last 10 plus years and has provided consultancy and support services for more than 75 plus clients from various business domains like BFSI, Media, Manufacturing, Energy, Government, etc. Ahana as a company has been focused in the area of IT Infra and digital transformation for some years now. As the market trends are changing, the company is also strategically aligning itself with some of the disruptive technologies and platforms, and in IT Infra Services, Cloud and Security are the key. Moreover, the company is also investing in development of right team with right skill sets so that Ahana can provide their customer the finest services in the cloud.

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