Alliance Meditech: The Secret to Ascertain a Flawless Refurbishment Process

Sanjiv Goyal,  Managing Director

Sanjiv Goyal, Managing Director

‘Healthcare for all’ being the buzzword, India is gearing up to revamp our abysmal healthcare scenario in a way it can reach to the poorest citizens in the nooks & corners of the country. If these proposed healthcare reforms come into fruition, the country that is already in the second gear as the fourth largest market for medical devices in Asia, will witness a rapid acceleration and outgrow the estimated figures of $50 billion before 2025. The refurbished medical equipment sector, which currently contributes to nearly20 percent of the overall medical equipment sales, is expected to play a major role in realizing this universal healthcare mission. Needless to say, the refurbished segment offers the apparent cost/price advantage, which allows even a small-scale diagnostic centre in a tier-3 city to own a latest technology equipment and provide advanced treatment without spending a large amount of money (often helps save 40 percent of the cost vis-à-vis a brand-new equipment).

However, ensuring a flawless refurbishment process is no mean feat, as it demands immense knowledge. Established in 2010 by Sanjiv Goyal (Managing Director, Alliance Meditech), who has more than thirty-five years of experience in the Medical Equipment industry, Alliance Meditech, is one such firm possessing vast expertise in this area. “With a well-trained service team & ample stock of spare parts, we are striving our best to provide quality service at reasonable prices to installed base of GE refurbished CT scanners & GE installed base with best possible uptime often exceeding 95 percent uptime,” adds Sanjiv. Spearheaded by a highly experienced team of professionals having long presence in diagnostic imaging industry, its team has deep understanding of the needs of the clinicians as well as service providers. “We have invested in areas where normally service companies are unable to invest. We are one of the select few companies in India which provides such a broad range of support to service companies as well as end users at the same time,” avows Sanjiv.

The element that singles out Alliance Meditech as a trustworthy partner to rely on is the hefty investments the company has made in garnering a large stock of spares, which it replenishes continuously to ensure the availability of most of the parts in stock all the time. As a commitment to quality, this ISO 9001 certified company never lets its finger slip off from the market pulse, and constantly enhances its products’ reliability and the processes to identify & address the problems the market is going through.

Wide Array of Solutions
Understandably, the high value diagnostic imaging equipment forms the largest portion (36 percent) of the refurbished medical devices pie. Hence, over the years, Alliance Meditech has developed immense expertise in offering refurbished CT Scanners, CT X-Ray tubes, spare parts and after-sales service for imaging equipment like GE CT scanners. Striving to cover every angle in the segment to make the servicing process of CT Scanner easy and cost effective, the company supports clinicians & service companies for service of CT Scanners, replacement parts & CT X-Ray tubes, and training of engineers on newer models.

The company is no novice in handling Digital X-Ray upgrades, High Frequency X-Ray generators, mammography systems and C-Arm
systems either. In fact, Alliance Meditech is the first (and perhaps the only) independent company in the Indian X-Ray components market to be involved in the tube loading business. The company has established a highly sophisticated tube load station in collaboration with Varian Medical Systems, a renowned U.S. based manufacturer of X-Ray tubes & OEM supplier catering to customers worldwide. Utilizing inserts and parts sourced from Varian, Alliance Meditech assembles a wide range of CT tubes following the procedures laid out by Varian, with care and precision as abroad and offers tubes with the same warranties asimported tubes. Additionally, customers can get their warranty problems resolved locally instead of shipping tubes abroad for warranty replacement. “We are stocking a wide range of popular X-Ray tubes for CT Scanners in our inventory to ensure quick delivery and shorter turnaround downtime,” adds Sanjiv.

"The prime mission of Alliance Meditech revolves around creating an atmosphere for development of a high-quality all-India sales & service network to provide a dependable and cost-effective alternative to Indian imaging community"

Having invested in large stock of spare parts for GE CT scanners, Alliance Meditech has more than 3,000 spare parts for CT Scanners in its stock, which includes GE Sytec Series, GE Hispeed Series, GE Light speed Series and GE Bright speed series. “We are constantly adding more variety of parts to our stock. When we don’t have a part in stock, we leverage the relationship we have been nurturing with several international companies to find the parts from these suppliers. We do our best to meet our customer’s requirements to the best possible extent,”proclaims Sanjiv.

Ensuring Rigorous Testing via Hi-tech Infrastructure
The root cause of Alliance Meditech’s success lies in its well-designed custom-built staging and storage facility sprawling across 30,000 sq.ft in Bhopal. The six test bays complete with X-Ray protection & air-conditioning where six machines can be staged simultaneously. All machines procured by Alliance Meditech are checked & tested thoroughly and all deficiencies are rectified to ensure that every function in the equipment is working properly and meets OEM specifications. Every equipment undergoes a rigorous testing process spanning around 100 man-hours. Once the testing is completed, the equipment is cleaned, cosmetics condition is restored to look like new, after which it is packed and is ready for shipment to the customer site. “The whole process takes 8-10 working days. A meticulous testing and refurbishing process means that the chance for any problems during installation at customer site is extremely rare, not to mention the fact that it helps in faster installation as well as fewer breakdowns after installation,” delineates Sanjiv.

Alliance Meditech has invested in a state-of-the-art PCB repair facility, equipped with Automated Test Equipment’s like in circuit IC tester for PCBs fault finding, reballing system for Microprocessor soldering, SMD work stations and many other test and repair tools for repair of all kinds of PCBs. Its highly experienced PCB repair team ensures that the company is capable of repairing a wide variety of parts and constantly restock its inventory with critical parts. All of its parts are tested on working CT machines which have been specially installed just to test parts after repair to check its functionality. In fact, Alliance Meditech tests these parts for several days to ensure that they are reliable for use in the equipment. Unsurprisingly, all of its parts go out with 30 days warranty.

Apart from dealing directly, Alliance Meditech also nurtures a distribution network through
dealers, who are active in service of CT Scanners and other imaging equipment at different locations in India. The company handpicks its service associates based on their experience and competence in providing good after-sales service. “Wherever you are located, we can always recommend service partners who is near you to undertake,” affirms Sanjiv.

The Road Ahead
Keen on providing a bigger variety of solutions to its customers, Alliance Meditech is constantly adding more modalities to its line-up of equipment – new as well as refurbished. It will soon be enhancing its portfolio with the MRI Systems Permanent as well as SuperCon, Cath lab systems, Digital upgrades for Cath labs, Refurbished Ventilators and Bone Densitometry. The company is in the process of manufacturing latest X-Ray systems in collaboration with X-RAYSWISS, a Swiss company and will be producing most advanced High Frequency X-ray generators for local as well as export market.

The prime mission of Alliance Meditech revolves around creating an atmosphere for development of a high-quality all-India sales & service network to provide a dependable and cost-effective alternative to Indian imaging community. The company targets to bring latest and international quality radiology equipment from well-known international single product companies that don’t have presence in India. Alliance Meditech desires to be recognized as supplier for latest technology equipment, good after-sales service and quality replacement parts at economical prices for Medical Diagnostic Imaging equipment. Judging by its experience and expertise, the stone rolling only seems to grow big.

Key Management:
Sanjiv Goyal, Managing Director
Sanjiv holds 35 years of experience in the Medical Equipment industry. During the course of his career, he has held various designations at diverse well-known organizations in the industry and has interacted with several overseas suppliers. Besides managing medical equipment manufacturing activity, Sanjiv has been actively sourcing medical parts from foreign suppliers, negotiating with foreign principals and running diagnostic centre. It’s this experience, worldwide contacts and reputation that makes it possible for Alliance Meditech to arrange spares, tools and other requirements at a fraction of cost charged by the OEMs.

Alliance Meditech in Spotlight:
•One of the select few companies in India to provide a broad range of support to service companies as well as end users
•The first (and perhaps the only) independent company in the Indian X-Ray components market to be involved in the tube loading business
•Possessing a large stock of spares and continuously replenishing the inventory to ensure the availability of most of the parts in stock all the time
•A large team of engineers providing after sales service support all over India
•A large team of engineers focusing on backroom support service in our facility at Bhopal

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