Architude Proudly: For Sustainable And Affordable Infrastructures

Vijaya Durga Koppisetti,Founder & CEOIndia has embarked on massive infrastructure development to cater to the growing number of people who intend to live a better lifestyle. Consequently, there is a need to adopt Building information Modelling (BIM) process for efficient and faster execution of projects in the lines of several developed countries. India is expected to have a population of 1.4 billion by 2025, surpassing China. This will call for more food, housing and public transport. Apart from building new infrastructure, the existing ones need to be refurbished and buildings, bridges, railways need to be constructed to last long.

With sustainability as its trademark, Hyderabad headquartered Architude Proudly, is renowned for its rapid, easy and cost effective implementation of green solutions that foster sustainability in the construction industry, thereby reducing its Carbon foot print. Riding on the new age technologies, Architude Proudly develops products and services that make green buildings more affordable, accessible and easily maintainable. The firm is focused on catering to the Indian projects. Given the customization needs of the Indian consumer, Architude Proudly offers tailor-made solutions to every client's specific needs. Most importantly, the firm designs and develops processes and products that are suited to the Indian projects and the infrastructure is sensitive to surroundings.

"Although we provide KPO services to various clients abroad, our focus is to make BIM widely prevalent in India. Architude strongly believes that BIM is one of the best solutions to the problems Indian Infrastructure sector is facing", says Vijaya Durga Koppisetti, CEO.

Architude's products are designed and operated on the concept of Design thinking. In order to align their services around the notion of customer centricity, Architude sticks strictly to design thinking. The firm meticulously follows its operations to check whether clients' requirements are fulfilled in entirety. This is also one of the main reasons why Architude has a 100 percent customer retention rate. "We have prioritized building credibility before everything", adds Vijaya.

World Class Services
Architude aims to deliver BIM Management successfully on entire construction projects with involvement in the tender sage and managing BIM for the clients throughout the construction process, and utilizing BIM model for delivering facilities management system for the project owner or developer. The firm completes projects by contacting and working closely with the construction companies bidding on major building projects and making contacts with the project owners for offering its excellent facilities management systems.

Architude deals with their clients by producing detailed BIM documentation for ensuring all clients are clear on their expectations and deliverables. Vijaya says, "All documentations for ensuring that stakeholders are adopting processes, adhering to standards, and using software consistently are completed with the documentation, which include Among the high quality documentation that we produce are software standards manuals, best-practice guidelines, company procedures, and BIM implementation and management plans. We work with our clients to incorporate project-wide best practices for modelling and documentation, mapping out processes, managing tasks, documenting setups and implementing quality control procedures to minimise risk and produce high-quality outcomes."

To disseminate and distribute their knowledge and experience further still, Architude also take full advantage of social and online media to deliver free BIM content for anyone to consume. They are also delivering industry-leading BIM training, not based on software but on BIM management and processes. Boasting the cream of Australia's crop of BIM-accredited trainers, these BIM Management courses, complemented by Architude's BIM software training for products including Autodesk Revit and Navis works, allow burgeoning new architects to gain valuable experience and knowledge from a leader in the BIM industry.

One of Architude's most notable successes in this booming industry came through a partnership with the National Cancer Institute of Malaysia. As well as cementing Architude's reputation on an international scale, paving the way for further deals across Southeast Asia, this partnership also highlights the efficiency and strong work ethics that BIM implementation can offer.

Architude further defines itself through
cutting-edge technologies to enhance their work and emphasizes on the innovation that comes through BIM practices. "Our team of technical experts are required align knowledge with the latest technologies in the industry. For example, we are developing visualisation and Virtual Reality services that will enable an interactive virtual experience inside the virtual building before construction begins. We are also at the leading edge of both UAV (drone) and 3d scanning technologies, integrating these technologies into the BIM workflow to deliver improved quality control with outstanding results for our clients," states Vijaya.

Offering such a complete turn-key solution from BIM documentation, through construction and into facilities management, has enabled Architude to carve its distinctive presence in Southeast Asia, with expanding consistency, which has grown to reflect the increased demands of clients.

Many BIM service providers deliver 3D modelling and clash detection capabilities. To recognise the value in BIM, Architude assists right from the beginning of the project, producing the required documentation, assisting in the tender process, maintaining the model right through construction and using the BIM model for Facilities Management, all handing over a complete Facilities Management system for ongoing maintenance and management of the building.

Architude studies the backward and forward linkages of every project thoroughly rather than viewing it as an isolated situation

"Many BIM service providers have information on the services they can deliver, but very few have the actual experience of Architude BIM Services. We have successfully delivered projects throughout the Asia Pacific region, delivering outstanding results for our clients," explains Vijaya. This is indicative of the growing popularity of BIM practices across the globe. Vijaya also said that BIM has been mandated in some governments around the world, including Singapore and the UK. Architude expects this trend will continue and BIM will become a requirement on the majority of major construction projects around the world. This is creating a need for construction companies to partner with a professional organisation who can deliver the BIM component of a project, assist them with winning the tender and delivering BIM, allowing them to focus on physical construction.

Bridging The Gap In The BIM Adoption
The market for BIM services is still in its nascent stage in India and only a handful of service providers have really understood the way to make BIM widely accepted. Speaking on the same, the CEO says, "There are still many lags in the industry to adopt BIM in a fully-fledged manner. There are many dots yet to be joined. Hence, our services are broadly based. However, we are primarily working in the residential and civic infrastructure segments. We are currently in the process of identifying the dots in the system, and we will connect the dots eventually. One other reason that customers have revisited Architude foe their projects, is the approach. Architude studies the backward and forward linkages of every project thoroughly rather than viewing it as an isolated situation. It enables the Architude team in providing holistic solutions. The team updates the project progress on a daily basis. Architude also has a strong feedback mechanism which helps to quickly adjust their own work styles according to client's.

Though gradually, BIM technology is rapidly catching-up a trend in the Indian construction segment and the opportunities are only boosting the industry's growth. Elaborating on the scenario, Vijaya says that all the BIM data currently available is western centric. A service provider cannot use that data for Indian projects due to practical difficulties. When one talks about 360 degrees services, that data that is irrelevant to ground situation is of no good. In fact the resulting discrepancies will discourage people from using BIM. Thus, Architude is working towards developing original content and also indigenous BIM standards.

BIM education in India is also inclined to train students for outsourced projects of foreign countries but not for Indian projects. To bridge the gap, Architude is providing customized workforce augmentation services for various infrastructure companies. The augmentation plan changes with the nature of the operations in the organization.

“Architude deals with their clients by producing detailed BIM documentation for ensuring all clients are clear on their expectations and deliverables”

Quintessential Services That Are Affordable
Among Architude's plethora of services, one is Building Design Management Services. Form and function are two elements that are present in the planning process of every project that Architude takes on. Building something pretty is easy, but the real challenge lies in optimizing both the beauty and the functionality of newly designed structures. This service contributes to the over arching goal of the architect, who aims to improve lives through smart design. Architude makes it possible by conducting a series of analysis in various design phases to proceed to the next design phase. The analysis aids in arriving at well-grounded outcome based decisions rather than merely being predictive. Via its Building Information Modelling, Architude offers improved building design by integrating the full documentation of the project. The service also enables information streamlining and integrated workflow. Architude also facilitates building information management in the form of parametric data in a collaborative model, collection of accurate data along the project life cycle, predictive models, and proactive decision making. As the building is designed, it can be checked to ensure that the structure conforms to any code requirements instead and make changes to correct problems while they can still be corrected inexpensively.

Architude was started to provide affordable but quality services. Carrying forward its slogan, `SUSTAINABLE IS AFFORDABLE', Architude Proudly embeds it in its core belief. The CEO says, "Anything that is sustainable must be affordable. Whereas, what we see is in real is quite the opposite". Along the same lines, Architude decided to leverage new age technologies to make construction more sensitive to surroundings and cost effective. BIM is one such technology that helps in this process and Architude is inclined to enable Indian construction industry to reap the benefits of the same.

In order to promote use of BIM for sustainable constructions, Architudeis developing a product called CONTROL Z, with a motto of undoing climate change. "It is scheduled to launch this March. Control Z will act as a one stop hub for anybody who is looking for a sustainable solution for their construction project. It is a place where one can not only understand the concept sustainable construction but also take steps to design, build and operate a sustainable construction. We are very excited about the impact it's going to create," concludes Vijaya.