Arctic Innovation Consulting Solutions: Simplifying Patent & Trademark Matrix with IP Excellence & Innovative Assistance

Govind Kedia,   Managing Director

Govind Kedia

Managing Director

Intellectual Property Rights have long been associated with pharmaceutical companies trying to protect their novel drug discoveries. But given the fast pace at which innovations are occurring in varied industries of electronics, software, automobiles, defense, and military, patent protection is becoming a contemporary trend for all industries. Upsurge of startups with highly patentable innovative ideas presents a growing need for focused legal aid with country specific strategic framework to avoid biggest IPR pitfalls. 2013 founded Arctic Innovation Consulting Solutions stands tall as a leading IP service firm that understands both business and IPR, and specializes in developing patent, trademark, copyright, and design portfolios for its clients. The Noida based firm has granted over 2500 IPRs since its inception and has a global reach in Cambridge, London, and Poland for its unparalleled services.

Headed by Govind Kedia(Managing Director), Arctic’s core competence lies in its team of 70+IP professionals, including attorneys, patent agents, lawyers, engineers, and subject matter experts who deploy utmost expertise in aiding complex problems. These experts work in collaboration with 200+ Startups, SMEs, Fortune 500 corporates, and established
law firms and provide best quality consulting advice through their know how and responsiveness.

Our highly qualified internal IT team is developing another software to help our clients in developing pre emptive strategy for threats against their mark

Securing Uniqueness with Intelligence
What makes Arctic outshine the competitive curve is its excellence in understanding client’s IP needs and formulating innovative IP strategies for business and brand value growth while ensuring quality turnkey project delivery. Right from idea generation to grant and post grant management, IP protection from infringers and finally commercialization, the firm works on all aspects of IP asset’s lifecycle in various jurisdictions (India, EU, UK, and U.S.). Arctic offers variety of services that include searches, drafting, filing, prosecution, deadline & docket management, innovation workshops, litigation support, office action handling, and business research, amongst others, for complex technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR and others. Govind credits the principle of inhouse transparency for personnel motivation, translating into annual revenue growth in double digits.

Arctic leverages state-of-the-art analytics suits, IP management software and technologies for IP process building and securing stability throughout.
The firm’s partnership with Aalbun network effectuates its focus on technological interventions for project management tools and online communication tools. The company is investing in building efficient process and automation for better customer experience. When asked about in-house innovations, Govind states, “Our highly qualified internal IT team is developing another software to help our clients in developing preemptive strategy for threats against their mark”.

Endless Support with Strategic Benefits
Understanding the commercial criticality of IP assets, Arctic assures complete confidentiality and works as per a mutually agreed non disclosure agreement with the client. As stated by Govind, “We act as an extension of our clients’ own team, an in-house IP department for startups, assisting them in strategizing, decision making, implementing, filing, and prosecuting IP filings”. Hence is the firm’s prestigious portfolio with clients belonging to diverse such as including biotech, medicine, gaming portal, cosmetics, automobiles, and many more. Additionally, Arctic renders critical IPR strategies to leading FMCG companies as well as startups, totally valued over $4 billion.

Employing a high quality business model with low overheads and proven quality control measures, Arctic offers critical support to startups and SMEs, and generates cost effective business focused IPR portfolios. Govind asserts, “Arctic has always worked, and continues to strive towards getting the end client a real value and return on their IPR”.