Ascott Transindia: Pioneers Of Many Initiatives In Corporate Employee Transport Services

Wasim Shaikh, Managing Director

Wasim Shaikh

Managing Director

It is the year 2000. While the world grapples with the dot com bubble burst, the era of BPO, KPO and IT is dawning on India. Among many allied services that started to come up for these industries, for the first time, the need for employee transport services is gaining traction, and Ascott Trans India is at the right place, at the right time. Ascott Trans has been providing top-quality corporate services since 1999. “Our first client was Infosys when they started their first campus in Pune", says Wasim Shaikh, Managing Director of Ascott Trans India. He further adds, “We were the first to provide a range of services starting with the IT, BPO, and KPO sectors, specializing in car fleet employee transportation. We began to have a much stronger client portfolio as years surpassed".

Today, the company hosts 500 fully insured cars and buses. Client requirement is paramount for Ascott Trans and it doesn’t shy away from diversifying its fleets be its ambulance service, buses, luxury cars, and vans for local and outstation services for client needs. By enabling client-oriented services the company has established a brand that delivers all needs in a creative manner.

For instance, in the post lockdown world, when corporates have adopted a hybrid model of work, Ascott Trans has enhanced its services. During the lockdown, there was less demand due to work from home scenario and some of the transport service providers perished, however, Ascott Trans managed to stay afloat and bid it's time for normalcy to resume. Now, when the corporates have started calling the employees back to the offices, the company
is committed to delivering as per the client requirements, whether two days a week or three days a week.

Employee safety is another aspect that Ascott Trans is focussed on, especially in the current scenario. Regular audits and compliance ensure that vehicles are in top class condition. The company performs fortnight checks on the basics and statutory documents. Cleanliness and maintenance of vehicles, medical and breathalyzers test for chauffeurs, surprise checks on vehicles, and expert supervision of vehicles till they reach their destination are some of the basics that Ascott Trans follows for its entire fleet.

We want to provide the best experiences for all customer needs in transporting, by revolutionizing the industry, with a supreme employee environment and creative thinking

When a client shares employee data with the company, it prepares an entire plan from routing to billing. Here the company has partnered with a couple of software solution providers to offer a complete transport solution to the client. And sometimes the company contacts OEMs to modify vehicles as per the client's requirement. For example, when a software company wished to provide AC transport services to its employees, Ascott Trans India approached Tata Motors to customize buses. The OEM delivered 50 modified buses in six months and the project started, making Ascott Trans the first company to offer AC buses for employee transport.

That’s the kind of benchmark Ascott Trans has created in the market, with a good mileage policy. “We want to provide the best experiences for all customer needs in transporting, by revolutionizing the industry, with a supreme employee environment and creative thinking", says Shaikh. Ascott Trans India was one of the first companies to contribute towards making employee transport an organized sector. In the coming months, Ascott Trans India is aiming to expand to major cities in India, especially the ones where they were forced to stop during COVID.