Asia Risk Management Institute: Offering Customized Training & Certifications to Develop Risk & Crisis-Ready Professionals

 Marc Ronez, Chief Risk Strategist & Knowledge Leader

Marc Ronez

Chief Risk Strategist & Knowledge Leader

With global trends leading us into an always more VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world economy, the lack of risk management practices maturity in many industry sectors in India is posing an ever growing challenge. Thus, regulators and business experts call for businesses to adopt appropriate Enterprise Risks Management(ERM) policies in order to match international standards and be able to continue to compete in the global marketplace. To address this need, Asia Risk Management Institute(ARiMI), a Singapore based Professional Learning Institute, has developed knowledge and competencies development training solutions that nurture a risk-aware, ethical and crisis-ready corporate workforce, capable of building effective Risk Management Control System and Culture in their organizations.

Setup by recognized risk management experts, Marc Ronez & Professor Er in 2003, ARiMI is the pioneer and leading professional development institute created to answer the need for effective professional education and certifications for governance, risk, crisis and sustainability management in Asia. Since then, Marc has been designing effective learning solutions covering all the relevant risk areas and practices in a comprehensive, structured and learners friendly way, also using the latest IoT/AI technologies to enhance learning of professionals across industries, from finance, healthcare to telecommunications, consulting firms to government ministries and universities. Marc avers, “ARiMI develops leaders and managers with the risk management competencies needed to build Risk Smart organisations, supporting sustainable growth and profitability”.
ARiMI’s programs cover all relevant risk management regulations and standards to provide a wider perspective on risk. Unlike other certifiers, its overarching Risk & Value Model based curriculum guides the trainee to become effective decision-makers, wise risk-takers and astute crisis managers by identifying every risk within the context of the organization business model, also familiarizing them with various risk-management frameworks and methodologies, thereby allowing them to choose, apply and customize as per the specific needs of their organizations. This holistic, business focused, practical and experiential learning approach explains why ARiMI’s certifications have earned the reputation of being an important quality label, providing an authoritative, impartial and reliable wayfor graduates to have their competencies recognized and gain a competitive edge in their careers.

ARiMI develops leaders and managers with the risk management competencies needed to build Risk Smart organisations, supporting sustainable growth and profitability

ARiMI’s Certifications offer two complementary learning streams (Certified Professional Risk Manager & Certified Enterprise-wide Risk Manager) focusing on people and organizational capabilities, respectively. Each learning stream is further subdivided into two sets of master classes, all based on ARiMI professional competency LECP model: Risk Leaders, Experts, Champions and Professionals, which is used to assess gapsand the effectiveness of the organization’s employees in delivering their risk management responsibilities.

Savvy Delivery Methods
For immediate workplace application, ARiMI’s programs follow a problem-solving approach based on practical applications of risk management by using real-life business example, scenario and case studies. The programs have a balanced mix of presentations, interactive case studies, group discussions, games, field visits, surveys and exercises with clear focus on real risk management issues in an Asian context. ARiMI has also adopted advanced technologies like computer software, video screening, digital recording, online feedback, chat groups, forums and quizzes to increase the effectiveness of training for the participants.

Marc says, “We keep monitoring our industry environment, gather feedbacks to update our courses and make adjustments whenever appropriate”. Beside certification, ARiMI also offers customized learning solutions, risk consulting services, conducts research & surveys, and participate/organizes conferences.

Marc concludes, “As we have established a strong recognition with many organizations sending participants from all across the globe to attend our programs in Singapore, our plan is now to bring our programs to them in key locations around Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe”.