Atmecs: Endless Possibilities!!!

Raghu Bandreddi,Vice President - Projects

It’s about time! We’re finally starting to harvest the fruits of the latest technology trends with a mountain of use cases where they actually fit. Take chatbot for instance; the breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing & Sentiment Analytics are shattering the barriers in the service industry, making inroads into the internal processes & training assistance realms. Sure! The trajectory is very promising, but the mess hasn’t been untangled entirely for the layman to get their hands on these technologies yet. With more and more organizations seeking to exploit these technologies to create a competitive advantage, the demand for highly specialized professionals akin to AI/ML engineers has hit an all-time high.

This explains why even some tech organizations seek the R&D prowess of companies that claim to be the experts in such bleeding-edge areas. But tragically, in 2018, many AI-enabled automation projects failed to yield expected ROI and some didn’t even go beyond the prototype phase. This was mainly caused by the decision to automate the wrong processes, lack of sense of purpose and obviously the drought of expertise (over 50,000 jobs in data science and machine learning lying vacant due to talent shortage). While the industry mostly looks for talent with five years of experience, the average experience of professionals in India is only around three years. Perfecting these aspects with its innovative mindset & experiential culture is what enabled Atmecs, a forward-looking software engineering company, adeptly solving its client’s critical business challenges, to truly shine in this space with successful project deliveries. “Our on-the-job training and critical live projects provide cutting-edge experience to our Atmecsians, making their one-year experience equal five years of industry experience,” asserts Sanjay Kumar Singh, Vice President – Engineering, Atmecs.

For the second time in the history of digital boom, a whopping 76 percent of organizations hope to embark on a significant transformation journey towards cognitive technologies in the next couple of years, confirms a study. Standing at the crest of this innovation wave, Atmecs over the past two years has been successfully moving clients to the faster lane through automation, adoption of leading-edge integrated development platforms, CI/CD, DevOps, Cloud & Big Data, by implementing bleeding-edge technologies like AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, Chatbots & Blockchain. But what bumps it a notch above the handful of futuristic organizations possessing expertise in these technologies is its brilliance in pinpointing the precise use case that would unfurl the utmost potential of these technologies by experimenting them on its internal delivery system.

A Company with a Difference
Over the past five years, digitalization has grown to an extent where customers are too perplexed to identify their own problems. Resultantly, technology companies are expected to shoulder the additional responsibility of deciphering client’s business & challenges (present & future), and propose solutions that would move them to the next level. “Our habit of closely working with our clients enables us to gift them insights that will boost their revenue, customer satisfaction, and/or process efficiency,” adds Venkatesa Viswanathan Kailasam, Vice President – Delivery, Atmecs. For instance, during solution presentation, all the core technical leaders (mobile development, AI, Blockchain & others) participate in the meeting to showcase all the possibilities that can add value to the client’s solution. Records of cases where Atmecs has gone beyond the project to produce POCs with its own investment to solve the common challenges in client’s industry are found in abundance. “We establish seamless collaboration with clients’ teams by understanding the context of the engagement (to align with client’s end customers), cultural fitment (to communicate as per clients’ norms) and nature & priorities of people involved in the project (to extract the precise response),” asserts Velmurugan Kothandapani, Director – Engineering, Atmecs.

Instead of selling of-the-shelf solutions or offering simply what the client asks for, Atmecs has a unique approach to every client need/dilemma. It first comprehends clients’ requirements and then suggests solutions that meet real business needs like enhancing bottom & top line or customer satisfaction, at a pocket-friendly price. To ensure on-time delivery, the company uses agile methodology in its true sense. “We build quality into the product right from requirement gathering stage by defining & meeting a stringent set of criteria, rather than building a product and later testing its quality,” affirms Raghu Bandreddi, Vice President – Projects, Atmecs. This not just saves on cost, but also enables faster go-to-market.

Spurring an Automation Revolution with Security as the Bottom Line
Today, a lot of innovative applications & software delivery methodologies are followed, but QA lags way behind in the digitalization race. To establish testing as a continuous software, Atmecs formed a small group of futuristic thinkers who continuously mentor Atmecsians and make them aware of the impact their contribution will have on the history of test automation. To further accelerate this process, Atmecs built Falcon, a unified automation platform which addresses functional, data, mobile & API testing, informs the product health trend, and gives indicators to help take a better decision. With a company-wide integrated reporting dashboard, Falcon acts as an automation accelerator that integrates well with the organizations’ complete product organizations’ complete product development ecosystem, as well as
with different tools available in the market. In future, Atmecs targets to solve engineering problems by bringing-in AI as the brain & ML as the emotion into its automation framework. This will enable Falcon to write scripts automatically and bridge the gap between the domain knowledge & decision-making process.

Cloud has proved its worth beyond cost reduction and is being a major catalyst in increasing business agility and democratization of innovation. Forecasting that cloud platforms can provide a gateway to powerful AI tools in 2014 itself, Atmecs laid a strong foundation in terms of infrastructure that encompasses not only cloud and more than 3648 GB of RAM memory to facilitate its people to explore avenues like data crunching, but also cutting-edge equipment like Microsoft HoloLens, Facebook Oculus Rift, Emotiv EPOC+, Meta AR Headset and more. Atmecs eliminates security concerns with proper governance of information security models and well laid-out procedures that are verified regularly, even though many of its teams work on customer’s environment connecting via VPN and MPLS network.

Humble, Hungry & Smart Atmecsians
At the heart of all these ground-breaking products and culture of partnership lies the greatest asset of the organization – its passionate employees. In a time when the basic development skills don’t cut it anymore, a software developer’s ‘willingness to learn’ tops the chart of hiring strategy in technology organizations with a whopping 44.55 percent votes, reveals a recent research. Weaving its culture around this phenomenon since its inception in 2013, Atmecs has been hiring such people and instilling an open learning mindset in them. “Rather than narrowing down one’s future career path & learning skills (as an engineer or developer), we encourage everyone to pursue their passion and make everyone feel entitled to prepare for the future technologies,” states Sanjay.

A clear manifestation of this is its labs, which are open for all employees, because the company firmly believes that innovation shouldn’t be constrained within a small circle as a 9-5 job for selected people. If the duty doesn’t align with one’s passion, the company provides the infrastructure, environment & equipment, and connects them with the right mentors, like-minded people building Proof of Concepts (POCs), BD teams & events – all one has to do is put the extra effort to drive one’s passion to make the professional gearshift. This burning passion enables Atmecsians to stretch beyond their job description, always deliver at high level of quality, and continuously upgrade their skill.

As a binding principle, being humble runs in the organization’s vein. Whether it’s one self, the CEO or even the security guards, respect flows across without any boundary. Rather than confusing its employees by defining too many values that are too difficult to remember, Atmecs carves these three core values – be humble, hungry & smart, deep in their hearts – a crucial strategy that over 62 percent of executives believe to contribute to an organization’s success.

Handholding Atmecsians towards Greater Success
Success is an amalgamation of greater responsibilities delivered with great perfection, persistence, and patience. Post deep introspecting the current increasing project failures, the imbalance between technical and communication skills can be blamed. Our tech-savvy younger generation is in a hurry to write codes, but lacks the basic communication skill to convey project status or the risks associated to the clients, which is the culprit behind 60 percent of project failures. Atmecs has a unique approach to solving this issue. It has processes in place to minimize risk on time and coaches its people on risk & change management with a hands-on training approach. The company vests keen importance on enlightening them regarding where their role fits in the bigger picture of software development lifecycle, hence are always encouraged asking the right questions at the right time to the right audience. Every new joiner walks through the entire lifecycle of a purposefully chosen complex project post a three-month long training and witnesses how their seniors innovate to solve the problem with enjoyment & dedication. This helps them gain first-hand experience while learning the nuances and problem-solving methodologies from the very beginning, making their base strong.

On a Different League
A startup usually reaches the growth plateau in less than five years, and undergoes a massive transformation post this stabilization. Many companies can’t move beyond this as the risk of dreaming revolutionary ideas to initialize the transformation goes to hibernate. “But that’s what keeps your company in a different league,” explains Sanjay.

Ravi Velagapudi (Founder & President) always believed in this ability of taking risk to dream big and do big. Hence, he established Atmecs in early 2014 and brought innovative-minds with self-manageable technical abilities together to address customers’ need for engineering capabilities. Post burning the mid-night oil for four years, it now has several successful use cases and POCs, possesses 500+ well-trained resources, customer references & a better infrastructure, which are always expanding. To further ensure hockey stick growth trajectory, Atmecs has established a process leadership with project managers who always repeat their past successes. In next five years, the company aims to renew the energy by empowering dreamers who generate disruptive ideas, while maintaining its differentiation as an engineering company.

The Exceptional Culture
Atmecs isn’t just the house of powerful minds, but a power-packed work culture as well. A Deloitte survey reveals that a staggering 94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees feel that a distinct workplace culture makes the employees feel valued, keep them motivated and is ultimately vital to
business success. And one when enters Atmecs, they can feel this distinct culture from the white walls that provide scope for its employees to paint their own colour of innovation, perseverance & ideas, besides giving them a peace of mind, to the glass conference rooms that speak of transparency. In fact, Atmecs’ office environment always exudes an energetic ambience, radiating a common theme – a magic (innovation) is about to happen.

Even its logo was created with multiple colours & soft corners to reflect its diversity (has people from 21 states), willingness to adapt, and flexibility towards wielding its processes as a tool to help customers, and not hinder them. Whenever the company opens a new centre, Raghu devises initiatives to infuse Atmecs’ culture & best practices at its very foundation. This ensures that its value, culture & methodologies are consistent across the geography.

Always keeping its people on their toes, the company conducts hackathons, hosts programs like Tech-Talk (hones its employees’ presentation skills by emboldening them to share their knowledge in a safe place and improving it with senior’s review), Mastermind (brings together like-minded people passionate about similar technologies and makes them experts in that area), and events for specific technologies like bots as well. “Atmecs also sponsors an independent meet-up group that invites everyone in the industry (including students) via to share their experience & thoughts on a specific topic,” says Bhanu Prakash Reddy Mokkala, Associate Director, Atmecs. Taking a different route from the age-old industry traditions of theoretical leadership training programs, Atmecs plans to bring-in established NLP coaches providing training programs on human mind & behaviour.

The Joy of Giving
The company collaborates with many reputed academic centres, including BITS Pilani to help the students understand the industry and contributes to open-source platforms like Nexial – a revolutionary technology Atmecs built for the benefit of the whole entertainment industry. Strongly believing in staying connected to the roots and giving back to the society, it associates with various initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity, National Breast Cancer Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust.

Standing tall on the foundation of humanity, Atmecs as a family has sponsored over 500 operations of needy patients via its tie-up with Sankara Eye Foundation on behalf of its employees. Each employee is provided a certificate of appreciation for their contribution. This has encouraged them to even sponsor such operations in the name of their family members, which they feel proud of.

Geared up for Atmecs 2.0
Evolving from being a pure IT geek to playing a business-centric role (performing end-user centric IT implementations), Atmecs over the past three quarters has been providing transformative solutions to customers, utilizing insights based on their research & analysis, and aims to further chisel its functional knowledge. It also desires to metamorphose into a performance-driven organization by imbibing progressive thoughts at each level.

The company that’s spreading its wings in Europe also plans to open two more offices in the U.S. Anticipating that its prowess in upcoming technologies is the magnetizer that would attract its newer set of customers, Atmecs has recently established an office in Bangalore to acquire talents with core technology product development expertise. “75 percent of our concentration will be on development engineering, automation, and infrastructure – our core engineering service areas, and the rest on innovation,” explains Sanjay.

With such tremendous efforts that Atmecs is putting into creating excellence, it can be rightly said that the ‘possibilities are endless’ for clients, employees and every other stakeholder.

Key Management:
Raghu Bandreddi, Vice President –Projects
Leveraging his 27+ years of experience in building & running large software engineering teams in India & U.S, Raghu defines the processesto streamline the entire delivery.

Venkatesa Viswanathan Kailasam, Vice President – Delivery
Boasting a 27+ years long professional career, Vishy excels at managing large accounts in transitioning projects & operations to offshore & increasing productivity

Sanjay Kumar Singh, Vice President – Engineering
Possessing over 20+ years of experience in the field, Sanjay follows the principle of ‘lead by example’ to build passionate technical teams.

Harish L Nankani, Senior Director – Engineering
A technologist with more than 17 years of experience in the software industry, Harish has transformed theengineering quality process.

Velmurugan Kothandapani, Director – Engineering
A technology visionary with vast expertise, Vels is passionate about building world-class innovation teams and a continuous testing ecosystem.

Bhanu Prakash Reddy Mokkala, Associate Director
An energetic, self-motivated team leader with a proactive attitude having 20+ years of rich IT experience across locations, cultures & technologies.

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