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Why do we often refer to creations of mind as brain-babies? A probable rationale is that just like in the case of children, Intellectual Property (IP) embeds a social responsibility to protect & thrive it towards ameliorating the prosperity of the society. The obligation of protecting IP rights (IPR)lucidly stands well above building a lucrative business. But people, organizations, and often times the dedicated IPR companies fail to comprehend the dynamics of securing IPs, and confine their actions to performing the ‘postal service’ of IPR applications without any homework & follow up, which eventually drives to severe infringement lawsuits, when the applications get abandoned and any other organization protects the similar IP.

Bappaditya Saha & V Rajesh, Partner
Bappaditya Saha, Partner
V Rajesh, Partner

Over the years, the problem statement has flared up in magnitude to an extent where the Indian Trade Marks Registry (TMR)lately initiated a disposal drive and abandoned close to 300,000 trademark applications in default of responses to the examination reports & queries! The ‘brain-babies’ indubitably deserve a better treatment. This has been the thought-process which led to the inception of Bizrights IP Partners LLP (ISO 9001: 2015 certified)- a Hyderabad-based IPR specialist which on-boards an amazingly detailed approach in the provision of comprehensive professional services related to IPs, especially Trademarks (including well known trademark), Patents, Copyrights, and Industrial Designs. It takes care of your complete IPR related works in almost all parts of the world.

Recognizing the Best Version of Your IP
As a novel venture from a pack of passionate industry experts & attorneys with global exposure marshaled by a couple of seasoned IPR experts - V Rajesh & Bappaditya Saha (Partners) who possess over two decades of National & International experience across 4000+ brands and thousands of applications, Bizrights IP came into existence in 1st February 2017. Backed up by immense experience & know how, the firm’s dedicated & detailed approach, wherein it directly gets down to brass tacks and frequently follows up the process to respond to examiners’ queries and update clients in every 15 days (before 10th of every month), right away made an impact in the industry, which hitherto was used to the aforementioned ‘postal service’. It’s quite appreciable the way it delves deep into its clients’ request, scrutinizes the IP by ensuring information security, and eventually surges up with valuable information to underpin the application. This intrinsically makes a significant difference in the end result.

“For instance, we garner the complete history of a brand and analyze. We establish the strength of the brand along with the supportive documents with intact information, and file it in advance. Thus the examiners experience exceptional clarity and they refrain themselves from raising an objection. This approach reposes the chances of accepting our application on a higher note,” elucidates Rajesh.

Well, this gets way better. During the Patent process, besides global patent ability search which corroborates the novelty, Bizrights’s industry-experts who boast of at least a decade of multiple domain experience, conduct thorough researches on the clients’ IP (after signing an NDA) based on their requirement. In turn, they (experts) take the clients for an impeccable ride along the chances of getting approval and need for alterations imbued with providing an idea of
existing IP model and step-by-step guidance with respect to any thing from present & future prospects of their IP. Bizrights IP invests noteworthy efforts to make the complex process look surprisingly easy. “We help our clients to bring about the best version of an application. We subsequently file the provisional application to secure the date, and thus buy more time for them to file the complete application,” adjoins Aditya.

"It’s quite appreciable the way Bizrights delves deep into its clients’ request, scrutinizes the IP by ensuring information security, and eventually surges up with valuable information to underpin the application"

Most importantly, the end-to-end management model combined with its detailed pre-processing approach and the extra element of perspicuity in the application considerably aid in company’s endeavors to reduce the time delays of IP registration. Indeed, while the process of registering a trademark customarily takes 18 to 36 months’ time, Bizrights IP impressively processes the application within six to eight months if there is no objection.

Creating Success Stories
Having a hold of all the aces, Bizrights IP within 16 months from its inception has filed more than 600 IPR applications on behalf of 250+ national & international clients with a whopping 85 percent success rate. The firm today takes pride in its esteemed clientele which includes, but not limited to organizations like Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited, Karachi Bakery, Shri Ganesha Global Gulal Private Limited, Makuta Effects Private Limited (which had done the VFX for Movies like Baahubali), Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, AP 24X7 News Channel, Indian Schools Premiere League & Rotomaker LLC (VFX Sourcing Partners for Movies and Shows like Marvel’s Deadpool & Spiderman, DC Wonder Woman, Fast and the Furious, Game of Thrones and many more).

Bizrights’ robust international network has played an instrumental role in this triumph, while catering to an array of industry-leading organizations with expansive global footprint. As the IPR application abroad has to be processed by a local attorney in the respective country, the firm has associated with top IP firms & leading attorneys in several countries like U.S., U.K, Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and across Middle East, Africa, and South America to provide its clients with a Christmas of benefits. For instance, it’s no rocket science that an attorney in the western and European countries charges in dollars and euros, which make it a huge expense for Indian organizations that approach them directly. But Bizrights IP offers complete IPR services in any country at a nominal charge by banking on its international associations. This efficacy not only bestows comfort to the large organizations, but also acts as an elixir to the startups with minimal financial backbone.

The company strongly recommends IPR protection for Indian companies, which envision a glittering future in different parts of the world, through International Filing routes such as Community Trademark(CTM), The Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT), The Madrid System, ARIPO, and directly filing in specific countries as per requirement. Driven by passion, Bizrights IP in fact has always been in the forefront of supporting innovation regardless of the business aspects. The major wedge of its clientele comprises potential startups, which Bizrighters call as future mega-corps. V.Rajesh adds, “It’s not just about business. We have genuine interest in guiding them with our knowledge, and thus securing their innovation, which will play a pivotal role in their way forward. We do not look forward to build any profit through them. In fact, for the sparkling breed of innovations, we don’t even charge them for our service, other than the basic patent filing expenses”.

The Innovative Approach – for Today & Tomorrow
"Bizrights’ robust international network has played an instrumental role in this triumph, while catering to an array of industry-leading organizations with expansive global footprint"

With such a generous mindset, Bizrights IP today accelerates towards its vision 2020, which includes blueprint to expand globally and grow five folds in people-strength. The company currently is home to a 20 people strong workforce, in addition to another 50+ employees spread across its five associate offices in different parts of the country. Nevertheless, Bizrights IP has a lucid perception of what it takes to drive smoothly along such a growth curve - continuous training & innovation, and it excels in both these aspects. While training is an ongoing scheduled process in the company, innovation is its eternal mantra. The future of IPR services industry is safe in the hands of organizations like Bizrights IP! Aditya adds, “Bizrights IP is all set to launch a full-fledged mobile app for its clients, which will bring IPR application and follow up process at their fingertips”.

Key Management:
V Rajesh, Partner
V.Rajesh is an experienced IPR Consultant. He has dedicated his life to offering sincere, focused and dedicated IPR solutions for the better part of his 20 years spanning career across which he has handled more than 4000+ brands for various companies in India & Abroad. Clients who have had one on one experience with Mr. Rajesh’s expertise have always been filled with immense delight.

Bappaditya Saha (Aditya), Partner
With over a decade of experience as an Intellectual Property Consultant, Certified Mediator, Engineer and a Serial Entrepreneur, Aditya has vast experience in the area of Intellectual Property Rights. His hands on experience with Researchers, Engineers, Portfolio Managers, IP Lawyers and Scientists enables him to work well with clients so as to get to know their actual need and give them a tailor made IP solution.

Offices: Hyderabad (headquarter), Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi & Kolkata.

Identify, Analyze, Strategize, Filing and Enforcement for
Industrial Design
Geographical Indication
Semiconductor Design

Clients Talk:
"We appreciate the dedication and utmost sincerity with which Bizrights IP Partner's team is handling our IP matters. Since the time of our association with them, they have supported us in various IP Applications and its processes for registration. We appreciate Bizrights IP's team for their in-depth knowledge of the subject and strategic approach towards every application."

- Aparna(Nagarjuna Fertilisers & Chemicals Limited)
“I am really impressed with the services of Bizrights IP Partners team which not only limits its support to the process of IP filing procedures but also goes a step ahead in giving constant follow-ups for our applications and quick responses relating to any of our query. The firm has always given accurate guidance for the protection of our brands. ”

- Rajesh Ramnani (Karachi Bakery)
“Our first interaction with Bizrights IP got off to a great start as we were able to get certain trademarks registered in record time. The efficiency and clarity provided by Bizrights IP has made them our sought-after IP advisors in Hyderabad, “

~ Makuta Effects Private Limited (VFX for Baahubali, Eega & Kaala)