BookSquirrel Publication: A Platform Empowering Aspiring Authors To Showcase Their Talent

Ashutosh Das,FounderIn India, books are being regarded as an important medium for the development and promotion of human values; they are also the catalysts behind the advancement of a nation. Ranked amongst the top seven publishing nations in the world, India has more than 19,000 publishers, 22 major languages written in 13 different scripts and over 720 dialects. In a country where every other week sees a new `best seller', a lot of talented authors and co-authors still struggle with the aspect of publishing their content at reputed publishing houses. Bridging this gap in the industry is BookSquirrel Publication, a name renowned for providing a platform to published and unpublished authors/writers to publish their contents, stories and poetries.

One of India's trusted publishing houses, Indore based BookSquirrel Publication is celebrated for simplifying the process of publishing books. The firm offers affordable and customized packages to clients infused with top-notch quality, which gives it an edge over its competitors. Besides these solo packages, BookSquirrel presents zero investment packages for anthologies, which is a trending topic in the publishing industry today. "At BookSquirrel Publication, we vest major focus on zero investment projects which attract a compiler to compile an Anthology. This not only provides them the experience or enhances their skills, but also helps them grow economically. Secondly, our most important USP is the solo packages in which now we are enabling the customize option as well based on the clients' budget. We also try to enhance people's choices in the case of record winning Anthologies and ensure that they are provided with better platforms to showcase their ideas", says Ashutosh Das, Founder, BookSquirrel Publication.

Giving Wings To A Writer's Dream
A brand renowned for walking the talk with its customer's, BookSquirrel Publication provides writers with premium quality book publication and book distribution services throughout all networks, whether it may be online or offline along, with Premium Designed Covers and Book Formatting. With a vision to meet the needs of its clients, the publishing house handles all the operations from end-to-end, right from publishing, designing, and proofreading to organizing the book.

Highlighting the end-to-end operations involved in publishing, Kshitij Gour, Co-Founder, BookSquirrel Publication, shares, "Anytime an author approaches us with a manuscript, we understand what they expect from us, how we can get the things done and then we discuss the idea with the compiler. Once the client is done with registering, we tend them to fill a contract that is properly based on the norms of publishing. Once a manuscript is submitted, the first thing we do is editing, then we carry-out formatting and eventually we do proofreading, which is indeed needed in every file irrespective of the writer. Only when all the steps are carefully carried-out we apply for an ISBN, and within 15 days, a launch is scheduled; or else if
the client wishes to launch it on a specific date, we do it as per them”.

BookSquirrel Publication is recognized amongst high quality book publishers offering the best packages to all the writers at very affordable prices. While the services are offered on Print on a Demand basis, the type of publications are inclusive of poetries, stories, magazines, quotations, novels, educational books and other write-ups. "At BookSquirrel Publication, we tend to provide elegant covers, whether it is a stock image or an illustrated one. The book sizes are also customizable, right from smallest possible printing size to the maximum, along with other features like Colour print or Black & White; Texture that includes Metallic, Antique, Maplitho and so on. Also, with client satisfaction being our top priority, we don't take any profit from the books' sales, i.e. we ensure 100 percent royalty," mentions Rubal Choudhary, Anthology Dept. Head., BookSquirrel Publication.

At the backend, BookSquirrel deploys Microsoft Word & Excel, Google Forms & Spreadsheet, Adobe Photoshop and other software to execute its publishing works. Most importantly, its main methodology is to maintain a good rapport with its clients throughout the process. BookSquirrel provides a congenial and environmental-friendly platform for its writers & literary agents, and also holds strong relationships with them to ensure smooth and hassle-free publishing.

At BookSquirrel publication, we vest major focus on zero investment projects which attract a compiler to compile an anthology

Constantly Motivated Towards Achieving New Heights
With its expert team comprising of Ashutosh (Founder) who holds the profound authority, control and decision making skills, along with Kshitij (Co-Founder), Rubal (Anthology Head), Ishani Agarwal (Project Head), Ronak Chavda (Cover Designer), Nikita Himani (Proofreader), Simrandeep Singh (Project Head), Taasneem (Promoter), Kinjal Desai (Promoter), Aayushi Turakhia (Challenge Head), Ananya Singh (Challenge Head), Aryan Verma (Formatter) and many more, BookSquirrel has come a long way since inception. Always a step ahead of its competitors, BookSquirrel constantly upgrades itself to match the latest industry trends and ensures to bring different themes and ideas of authors for compiling their books to fruition. Since the first day ­ 20th July 2019, BookSquirrel has witnessed phenomenal growth in its revenue and has engraved its expertise by unveiling first-of-its-kind concepts across the publishing industry of India.

The customer-centric approach of BookSquirrel has helped them capture the hearts of authors like Aryansh Arora (author of KIS KI SUNNE), Rushika Hathi (author of MAKE YOUR LIFE RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING), and many more. Their positive and happy testimonials further add to its excellence. Aryansh says, "In every book, I have seen the best things possible ­ fabulous cover design, good paper quality and nice printing. You have given a fantastic book delivery on the expected date and time, along with awesome certificates. Apart from that, your way of working is really appreciable". Furthermore, some of the unique books under the company's publication selected for world records are BLACK (Full Black Book under India Book of Records) and ORCHARD (Thinnest Book under Vajra Book of World Records). It also has KIS KI SUNNE, PICOBLE, AAINA, and many other books that are yet to hit the market.

”Always a step ahead of its competitors, BookSquirrel constantly upgrades itself to match the latest industry trends and ensures to bring different themes and ideas of authors for compiling their books to fruition”

Today, while the Covid-19 Pandemic has majorly impacted a lot of business sectors, BookSquirrel Publications is still determined to march ahead with more vigour and passion. "Due to the pandemic issues, it was obviously not easy for us to go with the flow, but we tried our best to overcome it. While we were aware of the fact that due to lockdown and declining economy, we will be facing compiler block, it did not happen exactly. Obviously, it was not like any other day of the year, but it did work. To overcome the challenges, we made our things clear from the very starting that we will be keeping the cover designs and manuscripts ready. Also, as we are completing our one year on 20th July, we have also planned a huge announcement for the day", adds Ashutosh.

Although a young firm, BookSquirrel Publications has already made its spot amongst the elite class of the industry. Believing in the notion of `Where there is a Will there's a Way', Ashutosh is optimistically looking forward to cashing-on new opportunities and growing by leaps and bounds in the years to come.