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Pallavi Tiwari,Director
Pallavi Tiwari,Director

According to“India Used Car Market by Vehicle Type, By Sector, By Sales Channel, By Fuel Type, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2012 – 2022”,the Indian used car market is projected to reach over $ 66 billion by 2022, on the back of growing population and rising urbanization in the country. Owing to their affordability and improved after sales services, there has been a huge inclination of consumers towards purchasing used cars. While the market is driven by the rising internet penetration with people going online to purchase smallest and biggest things, buying car online is still a rare event for most. Driven by this gap, Pallavi Tiwari, a car enthusiast since young age, took a leap and launched Buy Cars Online – an initiative to organize the existing set up and bring transparency to the customers in the auto segment ensuring the lowest cost of the vehicle. “Cars have been my passion since I was 10 years’ old. Soon, understanding everything about cars became my hobby, however, buying my own car has not been a great experience. In today’s internet era, we shop almost each and everything over internet. Being so passionate about cars, I thought about why not to BUY CARS ONLINE and address various pain points of the customers in buying their dream car. This realization led us into establishing Sanansh Automobile India Pvt Ltd and launch Buy Cars Online - a one-stop-solution for every needs related to cars,” says Pallavi Tiwari, Director, Buy Cars Online.

Helping Customers Buy their Dream Cars in One Click!
Today’s automobile industry is very fragmented and there is an urgent need for the market to be organized in order to deliver the best to its customers. The most challenging part amongst this has been letting the customer know about the benefits of buying cars online and winning their trust. “Usually, when you buy a car you have to involve in lengthy price negotiations on sales, rely on dealer finance options, consider the only available source of information that is salesman’s suggestions and purchase extra services that would probably end up in paying thousands more. Launched with the objective of avoiding all these unnecessary intricacies in car purchase, Buy Cars Online is a dedicated multi-brand online showroom for new and old cars that offers seamless experience for car buyers. Today, the customers not only trust Buy Cars Online for the car purchase but also get happy to buy their cars through us,” adds Pallavi.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Buy Cars Online is recognized for addressing various pain points of customers, ranging from getting the best deals to buying cars with minimum down payment and getting the loan at best IRR with first-class solutions, Buy Cars
Online aims to bring transparency to the customers in the automobilesegment ensuring the lowest cost of the vehicle.“At Buy Cars Online, we help our customers by resolving various unresolved problems and painful processes which they come across while buying a car. We get almost everything done for our customers, right from understanding the need till the doorstep delivery of the vehicle. Buy Cars Online provides services like suggesting the best car, checking the car availability at multiple dealerships, negotiating with the dealers to get the best deals and the best discounts (highest in the market and much better than dealers) coupled with end-to-end finance, insurance (upto 70 percent discount) and RTO solutions (best rates in the market), which saves a lot of time, money and energy of our customers,” quotes Pallavi Tiwari, Director, Sanansh Automobile India.

"Driven by women entrepreneurship, Buy Cars Online blends unique concept and passion for cars to deliver great customer satisfaction and an innovation in this segment across the globe."

Driven by two visionary women entrepreneurs, Pallavi Tiwari and Sarita Jha, Buy Cars Online has completely transformed the car buying process into an amazing experience. Founders’shrewd business move, expertise and perseverance promoted this one-of-a-kind start-up to become a game changer in the automobile industry. Allowing many people to enjoy the simplicity of buying a car on a single click, Buy Cars Online also provides loan calculator to check EMI for preferred cars and the options for refer the car to friends and family members and register yourself to sell your cars.

Pallavi shares,“Our customers can get the benefit to be updated about the latest information on cars and automobile industry through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. Our brand’s wide range of services comprise: Buy a new car online at the best price, Doorstep delivery of cars, Test drive of cars, Sell your car through our portal, Buy a pre-owned car through our portal, Hot deals on cars and services, Car Finance, Car Accessories, Car Insurance, Car Exchange and RTO Services. In a nutshell, Buy Cars Online portal brings a unique concept and passion for cars which is able to render a great customer satisfaction and innovation in the automobile industry across the globe.”

Blending Unique Concept and Passion for Cars with Customer Satisfaction
Set up in early 2017, Buy Cars Online is leading an impressive and steady growth in the market by creating a milestone of selling cars worth INR 40 Million in less than one year of operation. Growing into a 12 personnel establishment, company’s revenue growth almost doubled in last three months. Good work culture coupled with maintaining good relations with its partners and dealers has ensured continuous growth of the organization. “Buy Cars Online has completely simplified the car buying process into an amazing experience; buying a car with just on a single
click is definitely be a game changer in the automobile industry. At Buy Cars Online, we follow a culture wherein each and every person counts. Our skilled teams of professionals believe in team spirit, company’s mission, its values, ethics, expectations, and goals and work unanimously to meet the customers’ requirements. We continuously engage with our customers and value their relationships with us. By providing the best offers and services we not just win their trust but also ensure that we get more and more leads,” utters Pallavi.

Driven by women entrepreneurship,Buy Cars Online blends unique concept and passion for cars to deliver great customer satisfaction and an innovation in this segment across the globe. Signing out by delineating the future roadmap of the firm, Pallavi Tiwari, Director, Buy Cars Online says, “By keeping this work culture forward, we also wish to scale up our operations to Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi in coming 6-9 months. We have a very strong dealer network, and our financing and insurance options help us offer the lowest cost of car ownership to our customers. Our team is constantly striving to get updated with latest technologies and industry trends. And, right now, we are working on release 2.0 for our web portal, which will further simplify the car buying process for our customers. Our Android and IOS App is expected to be launched in next 2-3 months to connect better with customers.”

One-Stop-Solution Addressing all Car related needs :
• Pre-Negotiated On-Road Price: Ensuring Transparent Pricing, Best Offers without visiting multiple dealers and upto10 percent off on new cars.
• Complete Automobile Solutions under One Roof: Buy Cars Online is a multi -brand online car showroom providing complete automobile solutions to customers under one roof. You can Buy a New Car at the Best Price, Sell Car, Buy Used Car, Search New Car, Get Car Test Drive, Book Car Exchange, Hot Deals on Cars, Get Car Insurance, Car Loan, Buy Car on Lease, Get Car Accessories at Discount, Get RTO Services and Door Step Delivery.
• Personal Customer Advisor: The firm ensures brand neutral car advise and suggests best car within budget by allocating personal advisor to all its customers

Key features about www. portal:
a) Allows searching new cars online
b) Enables checking the price, specification and rating of the cars
c) Compares various cars as per your wish list, preference and budget
d) Gets the best quote on one’s dream car
e) Allows Booking or Buying Cars Online on a single click
f) Refers the car to your friends and family members
g) Loan calculator to check EMI for your preferred cars
h) Allows Easy Registration to sell your cars
i) Keeps updated about cars and auto mobile industry through social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Google plus