DGS Group: One Of The Most Trusted Landscape Project Completers

Shri Dudhnath G. Shukla,FounderWith limited availability of open land parcels across Mumbai, redevelopment space is the ideal opportunity for major developers in Mumbai. DGS Group, one of the trusted names in the Mumbai real estate space has been successfully delivering redevelopment projects across Mumbai over the past few decades.

As said by the Group's founder Mr. Dudhnath G. Shukla, Housing redevelopment refers to the process of reconstruction of a residential premise by demolition of the existing structure and construction of a new one as per approvals from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). A redevelopment project, under the right circumstances can be a good win-win situation for both the residents and the builder. For the residents, it is a chance to get a new home, without having to compromise on their neighbourhood, and other surrounding elements that are familiar to them. Along with this, through redevelopment, residents also gain access to a new set of amenities like gym, club house and updated security systems, which previously may have been unavailable in their complex. It also gives the builder a new project to extend their portfolio, and in most cases, the new projects that are built can be sold by them, thereby increasing revenue.

Redevelopment projects can be extremely tricky, as there are multiple aspects that one has to be vigilant about. Trust is an extremely important factor in this transaction, considering these projects involve the life-savings of many individuals. Some of the elements that one should pay attention to during redevelopment are the quality of the redevelopment project as well as the experience of the builder executing the redevelopment project.

DGS Group is the trusted name for redevelopment projects as it carries a rich inheritance of over 11 years, based on the trust and conviction of their clients. The group is one of Mumbai's leading real estate companies known for its timely completions of multiple projects coupled with sturdy plans and layout innovation offering the organization an edge over its competitors. Challenging the standard requires extraordinary mental fortitude and unprecedented conviction. DGS has constantly supported very diverse thinking with regards to spaces and that is the reason why customers today perceive DGS Group as one of Mumbai's premium builders & developers, highlighted among the leading brands in the city. The Group is also known for its employee- friendly and professional working environment, as mentioned by the founder Mr. Dudhnath Shukla.

DGS Group-Builders & Developers holds a track record of developing 25 lacs sqft. in a short span. With the primary focus on building quality housing within budget, they have 17 Lacs sqft of ongoing development and 40 Lacs sqft of upcoming development, all in the affordable housing segment across the western suburbs; making them the Emerging Developers of Mumbai in 2017.

COVID-19 compelled the masses to relook at their homes, housing societies and aspire for a better future. This uncertainty of immediate future has also triggered people to rethink about investing or owning a residence in Mumbai projects where they can have all the required amenities close to their home, helping them avoid unnecessary travel. While many real estate companies are struggling to deliver their projects in time during the lockdown period, DGS group has been successfully delivering their promises as their Sheetal Tapovan project in Malad, East bearing RERA no. P51800011437 nears possession. The project also features
multiple amenities like club-house, gym, banquet hall, library/ cyber library, terrace garden, senior citizen area among others.

As complete lockdown was imposed across Mumbai towards the last week of March, real estate companies faced an uphill task retaining the daily wage workers and progressing with the daily construction activities. Comparatively, DGS Group achieved a phenomenal milestone by not only retaining all of their 250 + workers and construction staff, during the uncertain times of the pandemic, but also successfully completed the construction of the project in record time. Once the lockdown was imposed by the government, the team quickly took multiple measures to fulfil all the necessary requirements of the labour at the labour camp.

All the essential services were provided to the construction staff right from 3 meals per day and doctor supervision to sanitized rooms and safe work environment. Further, there were 3-4 supervisors to guide and assist these concerned workers all throughout the lockdown, making sure all their requirements were fulfilled in time. The doctors were also conducting regular check-ups at the labour camp for the well-being of the workers and to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Thanks to these efforts of the doctors, not even a single worker fell ill during this period, neither a single case of coronavirus was detected. The group highly appreciates the efforts of the BMC officials and local police staff, who offered on ground support throughout the pandemic on a day to day basis.

DGS Group is the trusted name for redevelopment projects as it carries a rich inheritance of over 11 years, based on the trust and conviction of their clients

The commitment of the management team and the civil staff led by Mr. Saroj Vishwakarmahelped DGS group achieve the delivery timelines they had promised to the flat owners. The sheer determination of the staff throughout this pandemic speaks volumes about the commitment of the team in delivering the promises. They went out of their way to get things done and the fact that they put in extra efforts day-in day-out is absolutely commendable. Even as the construction activity recommenced gradually, project delays of anywhere between 4 to 6 months at the least is expected for all the projects across Mumbai. Also because of the monsoon season and heavy rains over the past 2 months, many construction activities specifically the exterior work like plaster and paint were affected leading to further delays. But thanks to the consistent efforts of the hard working civil team and their innovative approach to execute the various tasks, the group with over 11 years of experience has been able to deliver projects in time. The team led by Head engineer Saroj Vishwakarma along with site engineers Anand Tiwari, Nishat Ahmed, Intezar Khan, Snehal Bijve with supervisor Arvind Shukla and support of 250+ workers, helped the group successfully construct the Malad project and begin delivery in time.

Since the incorporation of the company, the group served their customers and business associates with total honesty and integrity with a commitment to sustainable development. They are also committed to the idea of offering quality homes on time that are value for money with no hidden costs whatsoever. The group's philosophy is to make its customers self-reliant so that they can live all their dreams, aspirations and ambitions to its full potential. The satisfaction of the exclusive clientele is always at the forefront of their teams' passionate work. The group's pioneer landmark in the realty industry is due these commitments towards customer, quality of buildings, affordability and other USPs of the projects.

DGS group was born with the vision to create high quality projects, integrated townships and lifestyle patterns that provides more than just spaces to live and operate out of. Considering the fact that customers invest their lifelong savings into buying their dream home, the group makes sure to deliver superior quality homes that last a lifetime. To be specific, for the Sheetal Tapovan project bearing RERA no. P51800011437, third party quality checks were conducted for all the project materials at regular intervals to ensure superior quality of the construction. The project was built with high quality RCC strength construction technique. From building materials to finishing touches, everything has been carefully chosen to complement the quality of life at the project. These strict construction guidelines followed by the civil team, enables the customers to be rest assured of the project quality, thereby helping the group to gain customer trust.

As the adverse effects of the pandemic are already being felt across the world, COVID-19's impact on the real estate sector has been the worst with sales coming to a grinding halt across the world, forcing monetary agencies to slash growth forecasts for the industry across the world. While the real estate sector reaped the benefits of Demonetization, RERA act and GST over the past few years, since it was introduced by the government. The positive impact on the overall industry helped revive the customer confidence while completely eradicating the obstacles faced by the home buyers.

The group's focus and commitment has been, and continues to be, hinged on the pillars of affordable housing, sustainable development and quality homes. The secret behind their thriving success has always been the USP's of their projects like the amenities, location, affordability, timely completion, infrastructure and design. With the focus on providing housing for all at an affordable price while offering world-class amenities, DGS group is on the path to become one of the leading real estate firms in Mumbai.