Digitoonz: Reinventing the Old-World Charm of 2D Animations

Vikas Kumar, Founder & CEO
Vikas Kumar, Founder & CEO

It’s enthralling the way animation makes fantasy one of our greatest friends regardless of the age and language barriers. Sergio Revuelta, a Spanish businessman, was finally home after a tiring day at the office, thinking just about being in the arms of Morpheus. But the aesthetic sight of Ivana, his three-year old daughter reacting to the anime characters of a 2D animation series on TV - ‘Mirette Investigates’- swiftly took Sergio away from his business thoughts and lethargy.

While spending time with the little one watching TV, something that struck in Sergio’s mind was the old-world-charm manifested by the anime characters of the show. As we live in a world of action-packed high-end visual effects, it takes a great deal for any 2D TV show to attract the eyeballs of millions of kids around the world like Ivana. The developer of Mirette Investigates, 'Digitoonz' makes this herculean task look ridiculously easy, owing thanks to its highly talented artists who preserve the charm of traditional animation to reserve a space inside the viewers’ heart.

Besides Mirette Investigates, this world-class Animation Studio based out of Noida, Digitoonz, within a decade from its inception has already clinched a handful of famous 2D & 3D Animated TV Series & Feature Films under its belt, including SuperHillCool which received many international awards, and ‘Niko and the Sword of Light’, which is rated 7.9 in IMDB. Ever since its inception in 2009, it has been quite prudent the way the company has equipped its studio, which today spans across 15000 sq.ft., to make it a complete brand offering everything from Toon Boom Harmony Animations to Clean up/Ink & Paint, Game Design & Development, Lighting, Rendering & Compositing, Pre & Post-production, Harmony Rig, and TV Commercials.

Creating What You Imagine
It’s Digitoonz’s ability to create what we imagine that steals our mind. Scrutinizing this ability probes us into an underlying fact that it’s not about mere hypothesize but the company’s belief that nothing can replace the feel of traditional animation and it is never going to be out of the trend. The company develops its creations around this belief, which drives them into effusing the old world charm even while keeping abreast of the cutting-edge platforms like Toon Boom Harmony and Cintiq. In other words, Digitoonz bestows the sense of traditional vintage animations that
occupy a significant space in our childhood memories in a much better & quality way.

"We provide services from pre-production to post-production, which brings-in a whole new world of benefits to the clients in terms of less back & forth and time taken"

“Most of our artists boast of a traditional animation background, as in their early times they used to work on Lightbox which makes them confidence to opt for 2D over 3D. This confidence amalgamates with their expertise in trendy platforms like Harmony to make us one of the most preferred destinations of clients who look for quality 2D outputs,” asserts Vikas Kumar, Founder & CEO, Digitoonz. He sounds extremely happy about his time-tested team that simultaneously knows what client wants and audience are looking forward to.

The Real Artists Creating Brain Babies
Clients always crave for a developer who can decipher their concept bit-by-bit, add some creativity to the recipe, and develop something that pleases the eyes and mind of audience, where communication & transparency are of paramount importance. Gripping a strong team structured with enough supervisors & managers to effectively marshal each department and ensure real-time communication with clients at every stage, Digitoonz commits itself to this requirement, not to mention its strictly time-bound schedules. Quality is just a natural outcome of this meticulous approach.

It gets way better. Vikas adds, “We provide services from pre-production to post-production, which brings-in a whole new world of benefits to the clients in terms of less back & forth and time taken”. Digitoonz further augments its value proposition by applying a significant focus on IP creation; Misha the Purple Cat, Wild Weeds, SuperHillcool, and Petal People being a few among its award-winning brain babies. The genuine artists of the company have played an instrumental role in this monumental achievement.

Whenever a new opportunity knocks door, Digitoonzians welcome with an open heart and work hard on the requirement, even if the conditions are unfamiliar on a developer standpoint. In truth, adapting to Harmony platform from the Flash platform itself was a result of such a brave act. Vikas explains, “When we were offered the project ‘Mirette Investigates’, adaption to a new technology was inevitable, while our time window for the same was extremely short. But our key animators took it as a challenge and made that transformation possible to finish the project with extreme quality. We were appreciated by the client big time”. The hard work from Digitoonzians paid-off, as Mirette Investigates made the company a renowned
studio in the global animation industry. He adds, “Galaxi Taxi was another project that taught us to plan & track the projects meticulously, alongside acquainting our team with creating a feel of traditional animation by using rigged characters that boosts productivity”.

With a workforce that has innovation & creativity in its DNA, Digitoonz continues to evolve and grow. A crucial aspect of this process is constant training sessions centered on wall art, sketching, acting, origami, clay modeling, dancing, and appreciably more. To time and again reinvent itself with fresh thoughts and out-of-the-box ideas, the company manifests affinity in recruiting fresh talent directly from colleges & art institutes, and grooming them in alignment with the requirements, while also providing a friendly work milieu. The same line of thought accounts for encouraging them to learn new technologies even from outside the premises.

With an excellent growth graph,the company is well on its way to expand its footprint across the world by continuously strengthening its portfolio

PariTV – The Next Step Forward
Digitoonz today reaps the harvest of the young blood circulation, as it’s all set to launch its own YouTube channel & animation series – PariTV, which is a unique Kids’ Entertainment initiative. PariTV will provide playful means to kids in an interactive & fun-filled way of learning, and is anticipated to be a predominant step towards thriving imagination & creativity in kids. Of late, the company has also joined hands with a publisher of comics-characters from India & UK.

“All departments of our in-house are busy setting up our new IP. They work in great synergy to achieve our goal of leaving signature & footprint in Kids’ Entertainment, as well as the gaming industry,” concludes Vikas. With an excellent growth graph, the company is well on its way to expand its footprint across the world by continuously strengthening its portfolio. Undoubtedly, such level of hard work and dedication will take Digitoonz to the arenas they admire in mind.

Key Management:
Vikas Kumar, Founder & CEO
Syed Nadim Akhtar, Co-Founder

Offices: New Delhi (Headquarter), U.S. & UK

• Toon Boom Harmony Animation
• 2D Animation
• Clean-up/Ink & Paint
• CGI Animation
• Lighting, Rendering & Compositing
• Game Design & Development
• Pre-production
• Harmony Rig
• TV Commercial