Do Systems Inc: Employing Right Tools to Deliver Right Solutions

Hari Kondlapudi, CEOToday, most web applications companies are building applications that do not scale or are very expensive to scale. A foundational, internetscale architecture is not given enough thought. Microservices based, loosely coupled architectures are rare to see and most tend to be monolithic applications. In a time when there are not many companies that can build truly scalable, high performance, internet scale web applications, Jayeesha Software is one such firm offering assistance at each stage of Software Development Life Cycle, right from business analysis and prototyping to development and deployment of your solution. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Jayeesha is recognized for building high performing and secure web applications using the latest technology frameworks like Mongo, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS.

Hari Kondlapudi, CEO of Jayeesha believes that funded, ambitious startups and small, medium enterprises can benefit from collaborating with competent, agile, flexible partners like Jayeesha. Highlighting on their services, Hari mentions, “At Jayeesha, we use frameworks that are easy to maintain and upgrade. We give the foundational architecture lot of thoughts before building interoperable applications that are easy to integrate with others as applications evolve. These and many other thoughtful considerations make the code-base cleaner and easier to maintain on long run. This results in reduced efforts on maintenance of the application. We use continuous integration and continuous delivery techniques which enable us to carry out
extensive quality check using automation tools well before it goes in the quality team and customer. We perform performance bench marking and top 10 OWSAP security checks right from day one of the development lifecycle.”

Jayeesha is a reflection of its founders who have over 30 years’ experience in software development, 20 years of working in USA with big companies like Motorola, Tellabs, FIS and work closely with the development team guiding, mentoring and helping them solve the challenges while the Engineering team at Jayeesha is cross-functional which work as agile teams and wear multiple hats. Being agile, Jayeesha works in a startup culture sharing the knowledge between the cross functional team. Unlike other software service companies, the firm believes in maintaining the reusable components used and tested in multiple applications and Jayeesha makes sure to use only relevant components during the development. “We reduce time to market by rapid prototyping and developing the application in smaller chunks that are ready for production deployment (Agile Scrum SDLC). We are using ‘reactnative’ in complement with ‘reactjs’ to cut down the cost for the customer when developing the mobile app along with the business web applications. Presently, we are also working on the PWA apps that are built on the‘reactjs stack’”, mentions Hari.

Jayeesha is recognized for building high performing and secure web applications using the latest technology frameworks like Mongo, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS

All the major clients of Jayeesha are funded, ambitious startups and small, medium enterprises, some of which are CSSI, Incor, Turvo, Xpertdox, INDIAMLS. Highly biased towards rapid development and iterative feedback integration, the firm takes an approach of building 20 percent of the features that contribute to the 80 percent value of the product. Adding to this, Hari says, “We work together to define the solution approach to the problem. We also conduct discovery workshops which help us deeply understand the customer problem statement. We like to get the application in the hands of beta users as soon as we possibly can because real feedback comes from real users.”

Marching ahead with a startup structure, it is easy for Jayeesha to deliver the MVP or product in a shorter time with very less overheads in time and cost. A renowned name, Jayeesha is very efficient in developing, technically complex, secure and highly scalable applications.The firm has proven experience in developing applications that handle millions of real-time transactions and concurrent users. Believing in using the right tools for the job, Jayeesha is constantly upgrading itself. The firm is currently working on next generation products in blockchain, social trading platform, video conferencing tool, and looks forward to more developments in future.