ECO Recycling:Resource Recovery Through Responsible Recycling

Mr. Shashank Soni,CFO & Director

Mr. Shashank Soni

CFO & Director

Any waste management is a service to the Nature & Society, proper waste management in some parts of the World and other way round in the rest has the same adverse impact Globally. Air & Water does not flow as per the boundaries of the respective Nations but move around the Globe like a free bird. Polluted air & water in one or more countries, hampers health of every human being & other life, the level of impact may vary but for sure.

Whether e-waste collection & disposal is really a big challenge? When a few hundred companies can produce electrical & electronic devices which is eventually equal to the quantum of e-waste then why can’t a couple of thousand e-waste recycling facilities can collect & process this waste to Reproduce Natural Resources for onward consumption.As per my calculation, we just need 2000 Recycling Facilities Globally to process 25,000 MT each to address the entire quantum of e-waste generation of 50 million MT. And if you go by the recent announcement of a joint venture in India, this JV proposes to process 200,000 MT of e-waste per annum, in that case, we just need only 250 facilities globally.

I admit that there is something wrong in the above ideal model, otherwise how come most of the e-waste in the developed countries goes in to land fill and similarly most of the e-waste is being handled in a polluted manner in the developing countries? When I further analyzed, I found the following two reasons:

The Clarity: I Am Not Responsible For Recycling:
It is either Government or Producers or Recyclers are responsible.

The Concern: Why Do I Pay For Recycling?
It's the Government and/or Producers should pay for collection & recycling. We all need clean air, clean water & hygienic food and the funny part is, we keep paying for all these, which were literally available at no cost. Had we paid for the disposal of our wastes, there would not have been any need to pay for clean air & water!!If it sounds theoretical, please rethink.

If we talk more precisely about E-waste Generation, Collection & Extraction of all the ingredients from the present 3.2 million MT of e-waste generated annually in India, we may notice the following unique features Informal Methodologies are very deeply rooted in India, reach of informal workers is unmatched,their domain under standing is extensive, they just focus on monetary gains, caring for environment is not their cup of tea, they don't care of compliances, they strongly believe that they can't be uprooted, and they don't believe in skilling, integration & formalisation.

The above reasons drive 95 percent plus
e-waste to their door steps. Generators are also very happy, because they get higher price for their e-waste. Finally, both of them (buyer & seller) does not pay for environmental compliances & taxes.

The Efforts To Transform Technology Trash Trade In India:
•E-waste Management Rules became completely effective in 2018.
•Having globally accepted concept of Extended Producers' Responsibility.
•With Targets & Deposit Refund Scheme.
•Bulk Consumers are responsible to maintain records of e-waste generation & disposal.
•More than 400 entities registered with SPCBs, to provide one or all the services from collection till recycling.
•With an overall capacity of 10,00,000 MTPA to process.
•Quantum of e-waste collection increased almost 10 times in the last three years!
•Most of the e-waste is being collected by the participants serving to Producers.

ECORECO Is Committed To Keep Adopting The Best Global Practices To Meet ESG & SDG Objectives

A Lot Is Yet To Be Done:
•There is a need of Technical & Financial criteria for Dismantlers/ Recyclers, in absence of that SPCBs are unable to restrict permission to every applicant.
•Government to provide subsidized Land and Loan from SIDBI to the formal sector.
•Strict implementation of EPR Target & verification of supporting documents.
•Digitization of the collection/dismantling & recycling documentation Block Chain Technology may be used for the same, right from Production till Recycling.
•GST on purchase of e-waste should be equal to the finished goods sold by the recyclers, to avoid evasion by the Kabadies cess.
•To provide Recycling & Waste Management an Industry Status and provide Production Linked Incentives for E-Waste Recycling.

Eco Recycling Ltd(ECORECO)
India's first and leading professional E-waste Management Company that has set industry benchmarks time and again with its innovative and environment friendly disposal practices, provides an end to end seamlessly integrated solution for e-waste management to Multinational Companies(MNC),Indian Multinational Corporates(Indian MNC), Retailers, Bulk Consumers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Government Departments, Households, Educational Institutions and all other entities willing to discard their e-waste in an environment friendly manner. Ecoreco is being recognized as the leader and a 'go to' firm in the Indian e-waste management industry. Ecoreco has established market leadership through its innovative ideas, pan India reach, onsite services and seamless movement of e-waste from the door step of the client till the last ritual of the hazardous waste and that is the reason why customer says "Ecoreco Karwaya Kyai" (a synonym to e-waste recycling).

To meet the international standards and globally accepted best practices, Ecoreco imported technologies from US, Europe and Japan. It is equally proud to share that, Ecoreco has developed its in house technologies for recovery of Precious & Rare Earth Metals from the complicated e-waste also invented an awarded winning Recycling on Wheels Facilities for Data Destruction and Lamp Recycling for onsite and offsite services amongst other value added services. Today, Ecoreco boasts of a unique business model that has evolved to meet changing customer needs and regulatory requirements of India's e-waste management industry.