Elevatoz: Building Value Driven Relationships with Channel Partners

Bhaskar Venkataramasetty (Director Solutioning & Business Development), Sushma Prasanna, (Director Solutioning & Client Services), and Sudeep Kumar, (Director - Technology Solutions)<style>.profile-img-head-text{font-size: 15px;}</style>,Today the critical factors that determine the success or a failure of any organization are its ability to grow and remain profitable. To keep growing and remain profitable, it’s important to include channel partners and keep them engaged. However, it is observed that a well executed channel loyalty program motivates channel partner and company to collaborate in order to attain improved performance and achieve predefined goals. Bangalore based firm Elevatoz aids organization to engage with their channel partners in a very dynamic environment and enables them to sell better by delivering the best of all loyalty solutions.

The company was born out of three co founders’ Bhaskar Venkataramasetty (Director Solutioning & Business Development), Sushma Prasanna, (Director Solutioning & Client Services), and Sudeep Kumar, Director - Technology Solutions) desire and vision to provide holistic loyalty solutions and assist enterprises to built profitable relationships with their channel partners. Bringing their profound knowledge & domain expertise of over 50 +years collectively, the three passionate loyalty professionals has rustled up this firm as a full stack solution provider furnishing design to RoI including technology, management & reward strategy.

Along with fullfledge Channel Loyalty Solutions, this Bangalore based firm tenders Customer Loyalty Programs, and Employee Reward & Recognition and Reward fulfillment Solutions. “Unlike others, we not just formulate design & program management strategies in accordance with behavioral sciences and advanced analytics, but also build an exhaustive loyalty package containing channel partner segmentation, measuring of engagement consistently (high performers, at risk partners & incentive deserving partners),” explains Bhaskar. To match pace with this highly competitive era and achieve maximum market penetration, Elevatoz goes extra miles to review its services impact at client site time to time and performs all necessary activities (incentives, campaigns, and rewards) required to achieve the desired output within the promised timeline. The firm takes corrective actions based on the market study & analysis and ascertains that desire objectives are achieved.

Channel structure varies from industry to industry, and so does the behavior and needs of the channel partners. This is where Elevatoz expertise in designing customizable loyalty programs for various industry verticals comes in to play, that provides clients a deeper understanding of what will work for their channel & partners to enhance
overall business results. By embedding analytics based thinking into the DNA of their loyalty programs, enterprises can move away from merely offering points based earn and burn programs to offerings that can genuinely shift customer behavior. Throwing more light on this, Bhaskar explicates, “Customized solution is a thing of past, we are moving towards more personalized solution to create emotional connect between the brands and their stakeholders. More over, we build strategy that encompasses personalized touch points like targeted & transparent communication, data driven promotions, easy to use technology and impactful rewards”.

Customized solution is a thing of past, we are moving towards more personalized solution to create emotional connect between the brands and their stake holders

“What makes us unique is our core philosophy of automating & streamlining enterprises’rewards and recognition programs viz. easy-to-use & cloud based solution,” says Sudeep. It is this strategic anomaly that employees at workplace stay productive & engaged throughout the day. When it comes to furnishing rewards fulfillment solution, the company doesn’t leave any stone unturned and thus renders one of its kind plug & play catalogue(a bouquet of curated merchandize and experiences that is ready to use APIs). Emphasizing on security, the techsavy venture follows strict compliances & standardized practices for system (security patches, periodic review of activities and others), network (SSL security protocol) & application (ID & password protected & OTP) security, and ensuring quality services to clients, customers and their stake holders. “We have played a quintessential role in transforming the loyalty dynamics from a manual approach to new age automated solutions. We are in the midst of automating some of our backend processes to build efficiency and reduce cost of operations,” professes Sudeep.

People Centric Firm
Elevatoz is equipped to deliver channel loyalty through all type of touch points including mobile, app, web, SMS, calls & IVR. Different gamification techniques are deployed for engaging customers and instant & interactive customer feedback are sent to brands for their services. Alongside, the company upholds the right set of domain expert team who deploys complex business logics and program structures in the most convenient manner to deliver world class experience to channel partners. Keeping up with recent trends & technologies, this people -centric organization conducts frequent internal & external training for its resources, especially for new joinees, and encourages them to participate in various forum & events.

The company is currently serving 25+ brands in which 50 percent are using its full fledged channel loyalty services. Elevatoz is targeting to achieve 400 percent growth this FY while exploring new technologies like AI & Blockchain and productizing its services i.e. reducing lead time from 45 days to 30 days. With offices in Delhi, Hyderabad & Bangalore, the firm is looking forward to expand its footprint to Mumbai & Chennai as well. “We have the right set of tools, technologies & operational excellence along with the flexible architecture that helps us to deliver client budget friendly solutions and enhance customer experience & brand value, while keeping us ahead from our competitors,” concludes Sushma.

Key Management
Bhaskar Venkataramasetty, Director - Solutioning & Business Development
With over 16 years of experience in the domain, Bhaskar brings a comprehensive roster of expertise to the table of Elevatoz.

Sushma Prasanna, Director - Solutioning & Client Services
This passionate & energetic loyalty leader has led many critical projects for Fortune 500 clients including global clients.

Sudeep Kumar, Director - Technology Solutions
Having conceptualized and built loyalty platforms & solutions, Sudeep is recognized as one among the pioneers in loyalty technology, platform, and solutions.

Offices: Bangalore, Delhi & Hyderabad

Services: Channel Loyalty Solutions, Customer Loyalty, Employee Rewards & Recognitions and Reward Fulfilment