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Girish Laathar,CEO & Founder

Girish Laathar

CEO & Founder

It was that eureka moment when Girish Laathar,an electrical engineer quit his core job in power generation to build a business from scratch;it was easier said than done. Following his pursuit, things went down very quickly and Girish was in desperate need of a job. “I was some how referred by a close friend to switch in SEO industry rather trying other things,” mentions Girish, CEO & Founder, Epic Websoft Techno Solutions (EWTS).

Without thinking twice about it, he later joined the firm. “In the first three days of my job, I read so much about SEO that I got fascinated again to build my start-up,” says Girish, enthusiastically. Thereafter, he worked twice or thrice than a normal employee to learn and implement the process. It took him three years to get into a position where he could actually quit from an employee life and enter the entrepreneurial quest.

Explaining the core reason behind his decision, he says,“It was sad to notice a lot of big SEO agencies following the same redundant processes to serve its clients across different verticals, rather than creating a proper strategy for better online marketing solutions. Therefore, EWTS was started to break down
the shackles and optimize websites with their exact need dedicatedly.”

Beginning of an Epic Journey
On February 9th2015, mustering a team of three people, Epic Websoft Techno Solutions officially began its journey as aSEO firm. Since then the company has grown to a team of more than 15+ full-time employees and around 5+ virtual employees from different countries.

Smitten by on-time project delivery methods, the company has recently tied-up with a decade old UK-based digital marketing agency to take the business to whole new level

In a short span of time, the company has carved a niche in the space by serving a lot of big clients across the globe and some funded start-ups from Silicon Valley, California like In turn Inc and other giants like Draglet (Crypto currency Development Agency) from Germany and many more. The company has delivered more than 120+ successful campaigns to their 40+ clients and agencies from the US and 35+ UK clients by bringing them on top of their searches. Excited Girish emphasizing the growth, says, “The key success for an SEO company is client retention and we are just doing that."

Reverse Engineering Strategies to Boost Businesses
Competition being fierce in the
space at the moment, EWTS brings out the best from its team to deliver impeccable results to its clients. "The route to success is to create a solid strategy by implementing reverse engineering cases for client’s top-notch competitors and in their niche. And, once you deliver good results just like you promise – things become really easy to move forward,” says Girish.

Today, the company has become an integral part of many of its client's success stories. Also, they are working for clients in Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany, Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Italy. In Jan 2016, during a Startup India program organized by PMO, the company was invited by the Ministry of external affairs to attend the event, where 1500 companies were selected to attend the event out of 2 lakh entries.

Smitten by on-time project delivery methods, the company has recently tied-up with a decade old UK-based digital marketing agency to take the business to whole new level. Narrating the future roadmap, Girish says, “Moving further in the same direction. We are working with another US-based tech start-up to move forward and create more opportunity in web development sector. Especially, big web applications and Android/IOS mobile applications.”

He further mentions,“We have already set-up a team for App store optimization (ASO's)and currently in a phase of creation of a particular team that works on strategy for Rain Brain-based search queries.”