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Aasit Shah,Founder&Managing Director

Aasit Shah

Founder&Managing Director

Aesthetic arts magically own a universal key to minds. It’s indeed a pride to live in a country like India where people worship lords like ‘Vishwakarma’, who according to Indian mythology is the god of innovation, style & creativity. Vishwakarma on demand molded exclusive architectures and even the mythological wonder-artifacts like Pushpaka Vimana (Lord Kubera’s aircraft, divulged in ‘Ramayana’) for Gods and Devas. But when it comes to the epoch we live in, there actually has never been such a creative artist who performs 'wonders' for the customers by molding exclusive & personalized artifacts of their taste. Even after thriving as a $64 billion worth business segment, the global art industry still banks on traditional sales-channels like retail showrooms and art exhibitions, and at the most, e-Commerce websites. Needless to say, the artifacts available are completely of the artist’s taste and don’t really reflect the ethos of customer, and even the dimensions & color combinations often fail to align with the customer’s setting, be it home, office or any other commercial establishment.

Hosting the Paradigm Shift
Introducing that long waited ‘Vishwakarma’ approach in the modern-day’s arts industry has been the success recipe for eQuinoxx Design Studio to emerge as the leader in Art & Design industry – best known for its unique artworks & path breaking designs. eQuinoxx is revolutionizing the world of arts with its breakthrough idea of creating custom & unique artworks for its clients from concept to creation, where the tailor-made artifact belongs exclusively to the client and is never reproduced. In fact, just like Vishwakarma’s creations, it remains the only exclusive piece in the world! Driven by innovation & creativity, eQuinoxx goes beyond the horizons and works on all kinds of traditional (brass, copper, bronze, marble & wood) as well as non-traditional materials (metal wires, paper, electronics, thermocol, acrylic among others) to create an aesthetic art-piece, which is unique in itself.

One thing that stands as tall as eQuinoxx’s creativity is the quality of its services, which is possible owing to the core values that are inherent to the firm: Honesty & Transparency, Ownership, Initiative, Leading from the front, Customer Focus, Teamwork, and Persistence. “These values are not mere words per se. We do implement them in all our projects and even otherwise. In fact, all our artists adhere to these values and this is what helps us deliver noteworthy results to our esteemed clientele,” adjoins Aasit Shah, Founder & Managing Director, eQuinoxx Group, who is an alumnus of University of Southern California (USC), US. An inspiration to the budding creative artists, Aasit through eQuinoxx today serves clients comprising of Residences, Offices, Malls, Restaurants, Schools, Banks and many more.

Few years back, world's first of its kind mall where everything that is sold is completely organic - The Change Initiative (TCI) Mall, Dubai met with these tremendous capabilities of eQuinoxx, when they entailed to promulgate their purpose of existence to the visitors - reducing carbon footprint. Taking a cue from this very
thought process, eQuinoxx enabled the mall to communicate with people through a number of awe-inspiring artworks that start influencing people right from the entrance in the form of a Bench imbued with a truly dazzling 'disintegrate in the air' effect, carved completely out of waste materials like rusted nuts and bolts. The excitement only gets bigger as we go inside; with the 22 feet tall abstract human sculpture made out of mirror pieces, and most importantly the focal point of the property - a unique and unprecedented wall art of Steve Jobs made out of thousands of electronic waste pieces such as CDs, AC vents, Laptop bags, Vacuum cleaners, remote controls, keyboards & many more. This is what eQuinoxx is all about: creating unique experiences by combining its creativity with client’s ideologies.

One thing that stands as tall as eQuinoxx’s creativity is the quality of its services, which is possible owing to the core values that are inherent to the firm

A Leader Making his Works Count
eQuinoxx’s story originally takes us back to December 2008 when Aasit came back to his home country after working with Adobe Systems & eBay with a zest to 'create', and he created eQuinoxx. The ‘Icon of Gujarat’ (as the media calls him) has come a long way from the Vice President’s seat of USC’s Computer Science Graduate Organization (CSGO) to become the Chairman (Marketing & Communication) of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Youth Wing), winning several awards & recognition en route including facilitations from the honorable Prime Minister of India - Narendra Modi, Gujarat Education Minister - Bhupendra Sinh Chudasma, Ahmedabad Commissioner of Police - A. K. Singh and also from other prominent celebrities like John Abraham, Tisca Chopra, Dwarkeshlalji Maharaj & Gaur Gopal Prabhu. In addition, many well-known institutions in the country such as Nirma School of Management, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management, United World Business School, and B.K School of Management today leverage on Aasit’s insights & experience as an incomparable & trendsetting global entrepreneur from India.

Under Aasit’s aegis, and with matchless contributions from the award winning artist with immense talent Kalpesh Khale (Creative Head, eQuinoxx), eQuinoxx over the past decade has become an alpha in education & production of Art, Design & Animation. Besides exclusive art installations (including Sculptures, Paintings, Thermocol Models, Clay Models, Graphic Art and much more), and offering comprehensive Branding & Design solutions (from Logo Designs to Creative Marketing Solutions Online & Offline and even Election Campaigning), eQuinoxx also offers its clients an Ambitious Entertainment Platform - eQuinoxx Motion Pictures. Commenced by rendering comprehensive digital-art services encrusting 2D/3D Animation,Short Films, Ad Films, Feature Films, VFX/Post-Production (including Editing, Compositing, Rendering & Visual Effects), eQuinoxx Motion Pictures today acts as a sound production house, which currently looks forward to the world-wide release of several exciting Movies & TV shows in the coming years.

The Mission to Nurture Creativity
eQuinoxx’s immense academiccontributions in many of the aforementioned fortes on the other hand have been priceless; offering Degree,
Diploma and Certificate programs. Focusing on high-end Creative Arts training for budding artists, ‘eQuinoxx Creative Academy’ offers courses on advance sketching, caricatures, comics, logo designing, digital painting, canvas painting, clay modeling, thermocol modeling, creative crafts, and graffiti art. “The courses throw light on three predominant aspects: Technical, Creative & Digital, so that the budding artists can ace in their creative careers,” adjoins Aasit. eQuinoxx Creative Arts Academy is Gujarat’s largest creative academy winning many national awards, and is the only Canon, Wacom and Adobe Certified Training academy.

eQuinoxx Creative Academy also occupies a unique position in Animation Film training with a focus on providing high end media and entertainment training programs in Animation, Visual Effects, Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Advertising and Photography. In the process of making high-quality short films in the classroom, eQuinoxxers acquire not just requisite skills and experiences, but also the expertise, which can immediately be put to use when they join the professional world. Hence, when confronted with the challenge of managing work and time in the industry, the young graduates can quickly rely on the decision-making capability acquired while dealing with challenging situations in team projects.

Offering Degree, Diploma and Certificate programs, eQuinoxx Creative Academy today in fact is a national award winning academy. Aasit adds, "We bank on our expertise to provide the world with talented & creative professionals, who will be the go-getters of tomorrow and host the next paradigm shift in the industry". While making sure that its clients will savor impeccable art design services, eQuinoxx is well on its mission to nurture and groom creativity.

Key Management:
Aasit Shah, Founder& Managing Director
Aasit has always liked leading from the front. He has come a long way leading as a General Secretary in School Vice President at USC in Computer Science Graduate Organization to the Chairman (Marketing & Communication) of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Youth Wing) and has several Awards and Recognition in his name.

Kalpesh Khale, Creative Head
Kalpesh is an award winning artist with immense talent. It is his hard work and perfectionist attitude that has taken eQuinoxx to new heights. Kalpesh leads the team of artists'working for the firm and has worked on numerous renowned national and international projects using his innovative approach.

• (High End Custom Artworks)
• Branding, Design & Advertising
• Animation & Films
• VFX/Post-Production
• eQuinoxx Creative Arts Academy

Awards & Recognition:
• Felicitated by Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
• Felicitated by Honorable Education Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasma
• Felicitated by Ahmedabad Commissioner of Police Shri A. K. Singh
• Awarded by Divya Bhaskar as one of the top "Young Turk/GenNExt Entrepreneur" of Gujarat
• eQuinoxx Creative Academy awarded as ‘Top Creative Academy’ by Sandesh
• eQuinoxx Creative Academy awarded as “Education Icon” by Times of India
• eQuinoxx Business Case Study Done By Asia’s No.1 Management School IIM-Ahmedabad