Esythink: Piecing it together for Teachers and Schools

The abilities and quality of the teacher is the most important in school factor related to students’ academic success, and low income students benefit most when taught by skilled teachers. No different than other sectors, strategic recruitment in the education sector is critical to identify candidates who are likely to succeed. Strategic recruitment increases overall teacher quality, reduces shortages and turnover, and minimizes the need for additional training. At the same time, teacher too find it difficult to find jobs in schools and colleges. A very polished and experienced teacher may lag behind in the technology driven recruitment industry. While conducting a survey in December 2015, Mannu Jha identified this gap between schools & teachers and determined to bridge the gap by building a platform that brings together the two parties for common good.

Esythink is combining all the components together for the greater good of the society and mankind. We are a common junction where teachers, school, and parents come together and choose their compatibles. In this way, we are not only facilitating the best opportunity for teachers to grab their career goals but also giving an optimal chance to school to get the most competent and potential workforce in the form of a teacher who not only frames the future of the country but also the very institution also.

Unlike consultants who compel stakeholders like Teachers to go through a number channels before actually landing the desired job, Esythink platform gives the utmost transparency and visibility for the teachers. The platform has a number of reputed schools registered on it, which allows the schools to create their own panels for assessment. The panel can be made to ask the candidates relevant questions pertaining to the subject the teacher is required for. The
Mannu Jha ,  CEO & Founder

Teachers on the other hand can directly access the directory of schools, type in their requirements like location, subjects and age group to teach, and scroll through the options presented by platform. “Our platform’s accuracy to show only relevant and filtered results based on the user’s requirement, is unparalleled”, says Mannu Jha, Founder & CEO.

Esythink is combining all the components together for the greater good of the society and mankind

Esythink is currently focusing on top 100 cities for partnering with schools, which Mannu considers to be level 1. Only after having on boarded 10000 schools in this level, will Esythink focus in other cities. So far, there are 2500 plus schools already registered with the Esythink platform. More so, the schools are not charged for registration, instead they are allowed to use a plethora of features free of cost. This is solely to serve Mannu’s vision to work with schools in a collaborative way for the greater good of the education system. Features like feedback system, and discussion forums are also added to serve both the sides. Facilitating a seamless schoolteacher relationship, Esythink helps the entire reviewing, hiring, switching, reporting of teachers and schools. This very strongly makes visibility a key USP for Esythink.

Having built such a dynamic and seamless portal, Mannu seeks his real earning through placed teachers and sorted schools to educate children. Given his endeavor to further enhance his portal, the CEO intends to bring in more of AI to further perfect Esythink.