FDI LABS: Assiting With Digital Forensics Support Service to Public and Private Sectors

Mr. Saravanan Sankaran,CEODigital forensic service is nowadays a commonly used application for investigating, analyzing, gathering, and preserving pieces of evidence from a computing device to present in a court of law. The necessity of digital forensics and IT security is now in demand in both the public and private sectors. IP rights protection is also one of the major areas of concern as industrial espionage prevention and data theft are playing a major role in any

“FDI Labs Will Be Your Indispensable Partner In Digitral Evidence Acquisition And In Providing Support For A Zero Vulnerability Digital Atmosphere”

organizational growth. Therefore, the market for digital forensics and cybersecurity is growing to be a multi billion dollar industry and a few companies or labs stand out to be authentic in assisting an investigation to find its way. FDI Labs is a unit of Indian Office Automation and Technologies Pvt.Ltd., headquartered in Chennai offers digital forensic support services for its private clients and major law enforcement agencies across the country. The company supports both private and public entities on vulnerability assistance and penetration abstinence when it comes to financial misconduct within the organization, or from unauthorized third party intrusion.

Technological Implementations:
Following the industry standards, FDI Labs can unearth data from any kind of device and platform whether it being a physical media or
cloud. It mostly serves the government agencies with expertise in data acquisition, faster incident response, quick data analysis turnaround time, and administrative compatibility along with document compliance. With an efficient development team that develops tools indigenously, the lab carries out critical investigative processes with ease. This includes a fast search algorithm to identify the assessor's information and mobile app for integrated cyber security. A forensic guideline and SOP checklist monitor for field examiners are in the development process which will be launched soon. The rest of the resources are also well versed in the acquisition, extraction, and analysis of digital data with all the latest tools for examining the data on any kind of device orplatform when it comes to digital evidence handling.

With Challenging Cases And Working On A Searchor Abreach, The Total Experience Gathered Over The Years Has Helped FDI Labs To Continue Working On Several Projects

Technical updates are also done daily in FDI Labs in internal sessions when views and knowledge are shared either on logical or technical data analysis. It guides all internal resources through the latest tools available in the market and prepares case studies through which the entire organization is kept well informed about every individual's success and skills. It also assists in training by providing guest lectures for experienced as well as intern IRS and revenue officials for NADT(National Academy of Direct Taxes), Nagpur.

Overcoming Challenges
With challenging cases and working on a searchor abreach, the total experience gathered over the years has helped FDI Labs to continue working on several projects. It works along with its clients to provide them with appropriate digital pieces of evidence which are fit for a healthy legal representation. Through technical expertise and intuitive search mechanisms, it helps its clients to meet their vital requirements by providing results on spot.

Achievements And Future:
Marking some significant progress during tough times, FDI Labs' revenue has grown to 50 million INR since 2019. Having a plan to grow as one of the top digital forensic and cybersecurity expert companies in pan India, it also aspires to be a dependable partner in establishing world class digital forensics and cybersecurity lab for all agencies it is working with. It also desires to create a digital forensic training hub in all parts of the country with selective highly skilled fresh manpower from prestigious institutions across India.