Genericplus Pharmacy: Inducing the Domestic Healthcare Front with Affordable Generic Drugs and Medical Facilities

Santosh Shedge,Director and Co-Founder

Santosh Shedge

Director and Co-Founder

In a bid to formulate budgeted healthcare a reality for Indian citizens, Pune-based Genericplus Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd. is on a mission to increase awareness of its affordable generic medicines backed by its network of retail franchises called, Genericplus Pharma. A division of Johnlee Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Genericplus Pharmacy takes at heart the Government's initiative of making affordable healthcare options available to all sections of the society."Amidst the highly exploitative healthcare sector in India, we intend to provide all healthcare solutions at 50-60 percent discounted rates to the citizens of the country," states Santosh Shedge, Director & Co-Founder, Genericplus Pharmacy.

As a leading generic medicine manufacturer, the company produces a wide range of 800 products without compromising on quality, packing, and at a very competitive market price. Genericplus Pharmacy is at the advantage of having the highest range of 1800 products available all under one roof,a feat as compared to other drug companies based in India. Elaborating its position, Shedge adds, "We manufacture our generic 800 products only from WHO-GMP certified manufacturing plants to ensure best and efficient results. We have maintained the same standards for the other 1000 products that are available in our product basket as well."

Genericplus Pharmacy's positioning as a manufacturer not just a trader with Johnlee Pharmaceuticals partnership, renders it to offer steep discounts at an average of 50-80 percent directly to its patients a revolutionary under taking in the prevalent domestic drug ecosystem.
Facilitating reasonable opportunities with comprehensive quality assistance
With regards to the company's retail opportunities with the Genericplus Pharma franchises, Girish Jain, Director, explains, "Ours is a FOFO model, where we do 100 percent management of our franchises right from shop selection to continuous medicine supply. We follow all the guidelines laid down by FDA for retail franchises, we have our own cloud-based online software, Genericplus Pharma ERP (complete business solution)to ensure complete management and one of the best supply chain management, we provide end-to-end support by the sales teams with monthly or fortnightly visits and ensure highest marginsto franchises." Furthermore, in keeping with its promise of overall affordable healthcare solutions, Genericplus Pharmacy franchise models can easily be undertaken at a comparatively lower cost range of INR seven eight lakhs approximately. Adding to its FOMO ambitions, Jain adds, "Atthe moment, Genericplus Pharmacy has 1000 franchises in Maharashtra and 100 franchises in Karnataka, which we intend to increase to a network of 2000 shortly."

Girish Jain, Director
Parallel to its retail initiatives, Genericplus Pharmacy has also undertaken a pioneering healthcare model called the `First Mile Clinic' wherein Health ATMs are installed to conduct an impressive number of 140 blood tests in a matter of several minutes. Catering to the local healthcare needs, the clinic provides economical healthcare solutions with doctors, paramedical staff, diagnostic tests, telemedicine facilities, and generic medicines, all under the same roof at 40-50 percent ach, Genericplus Pharmacy plans on taking this initiative to remote areas by setting up close to 5000 clinics across the four Indian states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh.

Genericplus Pharmacy Has Also Undertaken A Pioneering Healthcare Model Called The `First Mile Clinic' Wherein Health Atms Are Installed To Conduct An Impressive Number Of 140 Blood Tests In A Matter Of Several Minutes

In its mission of becoming the leading national drugstore chain, Genericplus Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd. since its inception, continues to lead the domestic pharmaceutical industry by delivering quality and affordable generic medicines driven in essence by a strong social sense of purpose.