Geotech Geospatial : A Trailblazer Leading With Innovation In High-Quality GIS Solutions

 RaviKumar Veeramani,   Founder & MDThe global GIS-based solutions market is anticipated to reach a $14.5 billion value by 2025. The sector’s growth, within India and worldwide can be attributed to factors such as infrastructure development, growth of domains like transportation, communications, dominance of electric vehicles, solar energy resources, and climate change initiatives. With the growth and advancement of these sectors, the demand for GIS solutions providers is also increasing. The past decade has seen a sharp rise in the demand for these services and with advancements in technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, AI, ML, data analysis, and predictive modeling capabilities, it is expected to continue rising.

One of the top service providers within this segment, Geotech Geospatial, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 27001:2022 certified GIS software solutions firm with over two decades of experience in the industry stands out as a promising partner within this highly competitive sector. Offering a broad spectrum of GIS and remote sensing data services, Geotech enables its clients to leverage spatial and imagery data.

Gamut of Services

GIS solutions’ applicability across sectors like agriculture, urban planning, disaster management, and environmental management, among others makes it a widely in-demand service. Moreover, its capability to be integrated with complementary technologies like big data analytics, internet and mobile technology, VR, and remote sensing makes it even more suitable for diverse clients. Geotech caters to the unique needs of these distinct kinds of clients through its vast core service range.

“At Geotech, we offer a range of GIS and remote sensing data services to help our clients make the most of their spatial and imagery data. Our core GIS services include Data Collection and Management, Spatial Analysis, Web Mapping, Geocoding, Data Conversion and Migration, and Image Processing. We also help our clients to acquire geospatial data products in addition to the Geospatial and Visual data analytics software”, shares RaviKumar Veeramani, Founder and MD, Geotech Geospatial.

For the past decade, Geotech has played a pivotal role in providing comprehensive GIS services to leading governmental as well as non-governmental organizations. Some of the key areas of application to which Geotech extends its services include agriculture and horti-culture, for which the firm handles services like farm information, crop acreage, storage facility mapping, and disease mapping. Another sector that Geotech serves is urban and regional planning under which the company’s solutions cover services like transportation infra-structure mapping, site selection and planning, and smart-city-related services.

For the environment and forestry sectors, Geotech covers services like mapping forest status, geo tagging, and information systems. Within the realm of utilities and telecommunication Geotech offers solutions for drainage, building, and road footprint extraction. Geotech also handles solutions for natural disasters and geohazards, offering solutions like risk-zone and hazard assessment and property evaluation, along with covering the water and mineral resources sector for which it offers exploration and resources information solutions. Lastly, the company also extends ground and drone-based surveys which cover UAV based services, and topographic and cadastral surveys.
“Our success behind all our endeavors is attributable to our diverse teams, which are led by seasoned professionals, who possess the skills and expertise needed to manage a large team of skilled people in various domains of geospatial applications. The Sales Division is headed by A.H. Suresh Doss, Director, Sales who has nearly 25 years of experience in Geospatial software and products, and the Services Division is headed by Dr.S.Sanjeevi, the Chief Technical Officer with expertise in applications of Geospatial technology in earth resources exploration and management, natural disaster management, environmental applications, and image processing and analysis. Moreover, all the personnel are very well-versed in field-based and lab-based tasks related to geospatial services. Each one of them is quality conscious and bears in mind the needs of the clients”, adds RaviKumar Veeramani.

Unique Features

Thriving in this highly competitive industry is no easy feat, but Geotech has achieved this by carving out a unique niche that sets it apart from other players in the industry. A primary contributor to Geotech’s distinctive position in the industry is its set of certi-fications that align with the highest standards of quality for specific processes, activities, and procedures that businesses need to develop, execute, and maintain, alongside data security management.

“We stand out in the market because quality is our mantra. At Geotech, we are keen on maintaining high standards in our products, outputs, and project reports. There is always a rigorous QC component in place, when ever a project is being executed. Our long-term relationships with clients are based on trust and reliability which is purely an outcome of our concern about quality”, further shares RaviKumar Veeramani.

Beyond the certifications, the Geotech team’s expertise in the domain and collaborative spirit are also standout qualities that enable the company to offer an unmatched quality of services across all of its bespoke software solutions which have been expertly designed by seasoned techno-crats that are passionate about geospatial technology.

GIS solutions’ applicability across sectors like agriculture, urban plan-ning, disaster management & environ-mental management, among others, makes it a widely in-demand service

Geotech’s client-centric approach to customer engagement and solution delivery is also what attracts clients towards the firm. Focusing on the unique needs of various clients, the firm meticulously addresses their preferences to deliver customized services that resolve their problems. Proactive and prompt services are a basic benchmark at Geotech from initial consultation to the completion of projects.

Innovation rings deep within Geotech’s ethos, and the firm prides itself on introducing innovative solutions that incorporate ML or the recent concepts of DBMS. Dedicated to innovation, the company strives to design and develop solutions that address the evolving challenges that hamper the industry’s growth. This innovative bent has not only earned the company a range of accolades but is the reason behind Geotech’s favorable position with prominent governmental and private entities.

Future Roadmap

Since its inception, Geotech has grown exponentially achieving a bouquet of milestones that mark its excellence. The company’s strategic partnership with all leading Geospatial Platforms is one such mile-stone. Geotech’s strategic MoU with Anna University and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University for the exchange of domain expertise in the areas of the geospatial segment is another key milestone that has propelled the firm to strive for greater heights.

With a remarkable history supporting it, the company has curated an ambitious future roadmap focused on innovation, diversification, and market expansion along with talent development and client-centricity. Aspiring to diversify its services, the firm is finding ways to offer its solutions to a wider range of industries and applications like drone mapping, hyperspectral remote sensing, AI, and ML-based appli-cations.

On the front of global expansion, the company, having already penetrated the markets of Singapore and Mexico, is targeting the Middle Eastern and African markets next. For this expansion, it is striving to establish local partnerships. Since collaborations and strategic partnerships have been a key contributor to the firm’s expansion plans, it is tapping further into this domain, seeking MoUs with universities, domain experts, research institutions, and governmental agencies.

“We strongly believe in strategic partnerships that enable us to provide efficient and cost-effective geospatial solutions to our clients. We seek such collaborations primarily to find innovative geospatial solutions and for best practice sharing. We believe that in addition to knowledge exchange, MoUs with Universities and Colleges foster talent development, thus preparing the next generation of professionals for the geospatial industry”, lastly shares RaviKumar Veeramani. Through this holistic future roadmap, Geotech aims to emerge as an industry leader in the next few years and innovate solutions that spur the industry’s growth.