Globsi India Sourcing: Reshaping The Realm Of Global Sourcing Through Comprehensive & Value-Added Procurement Solutions

Ved. R. Tiwari ,Founder & CEO

Ved. R. Tiwari

Founder & CEO

With its improving infrastructure, robust economy, and skilled workers, India has taken on the mantle of the fastest-growing hub for sourcing among global businesses. The transformation is also expedited by conducive regulatory reforms and revolutionary initiatives like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Start-up India’. However, amidst the rapidly changing business world, one thing that has remained constant is the correlation between effective procurement and finding the highest quality materials from manufacturers or suppliers at a competitive cost.

But, in order to stand apart in the globalized world, which is fraught with supply and demand anomalies, businesses require the expertise of sourcing firms, which are highlighted by their depth of industry knowledge, experience, proven methodology, and credibility. Embodying the best of all the aforementioned qualities is GLOBSI India Sourcing, a distinguished enabler of global sourcing consultancy services and supply chain management. With value creation at the helm of its endeavors, GLOBSI India currently stands as a reliable, agile, and responsible company - three components that form not just its tagline but its core identity.

A Look into the Strengths
“We, at GLOBSI India, play an integral role in making sure that the customers get the best-available solutions from the best suppliers. We strive to enable seamless collaboration for mutual growth and help customers achieve sustainable and significant cost savings in enhancing their supply quality reliability”, explains Ved. R. Tiwari, the Founder and CEO of GLOBSI India. Donning the cap of the customer’s Asian purchasing office, GLOBSI India has emerged as a trustworthy partner for cost-effective global sourcing and procurement process improvement for global customers. “The savings may vary from project to project but generally are always in double digits, landed at your factory basis”, adds Ved.

"Globsi india continuously endeavors to foster long-term relationships with clients & prioritizes ethical & transparent practices, which are reflected in its processes & coordinated communication"

GLOBSI India is a partnership company led by Ved and like-minded business veterans - Dinesh Sinha (India) and Flavio Artico (EMEA) - along with a few associated partners in China, Korea, Italy, and the US. Possessing a pool of suppliers and a multitude of customizable materials, primarily from India, China, South Korea, and Vietnam, the company provides end-to-end sourcing solutions, covering direct and indirect materials, Capex, and services from a variety of industries, including automotive, industrial, manufacturing, bearing, construction, oil & gas, heavy engineering, and power.

The company focuses mainly on sourcing raw materials, including OCTG application products, single or dual-certified line pipes, steel, AI-brass, bronze, gearbox housing, plastic-molded, and rubber. Besides, GLOBSI India has also carved a niche in aiding NPD, PPAP, and APQP program management support, RFQ/RFI service support for exclusive projects, and, most notably, comprehensive supplier management services, encompassing scouting, auditing, negotiation, development, and approvals.

Leaving No Stone Unturned
GLOBSI India is highly acknowledged for its ability to respond swiftly and complete the commercial process quickly. One of the reasons for such efficiency is the company’s
strategic partnerships, internationally distributed leadership team, and huge network of suppliers. “Another vertical we specialize in is running customized procurement projects for many customers to drive process improvements, material cost reduction, waste elimination, and YOY quality and delivery performance improvement of key suppliers, and resolve perennial issues related to supply chain”, specifies Ved. Utilizing CFT approach, the company continuously endeavors to foster long-term relationships with clients and prioritizes ethical and transparent practices, which are reflected in its processes and coordinated communication.

“We engage with our customers since the beginning to ensure that their requirements are fully understood by us as well as by the suppliers”, specifies Ved. The process starts with curating a complete proposal according to the customer’s needs and data analysis, based on which the team of experts runs a feasibility study to hand-pick and recommend the right local as well as foreign suppliers, before initiating RFQ. The proposal consists of the business case, the volume of materials, the potential suppliers and their products, procurement strategies, and the quotation before and after the negotiation. Not just the sourcing project, but the customers are also educated about market trends that help them make informed decisions about the right steps and suppliers while being fully equipped to handle future market volatility.

These initiatives reflect our commitment to responsible business practices, social impact, & sustainable development, making a positive difference beyond our core consultancy services

Once the customers are aligned with the proposal, the QA team of GLOBSI India conducts an audit of the suppliers and the products and works closely with them to rectify the issues found in the audit. “With our expertise in data analysis, we present them with not only the issues but also the corrective measures”, adds Ved. The final report is submitted to the customers, who further release the PPAP for a small unit that undergoes metallurgical and other testing. The customers are also authorized to repeat the audit and trial orders or opt to order the series.

The most important aspect of all is that GLOBSI India rigorously monitors the supply functionalities for six months, and only after making sure that the customer has an error-free experience does the company hand over the products while equally stressing on ensuring IP and legal protection. The company also goes the extra mile in managing the supply chain of its customers, if required. “Overall, we are always committed to taking any critical action in order to provide foolproof solutions. For example, my partners and I do not mind visiting the suppliers in China to do the same process”, states Ved.

The excellence of GLOBSI India can also be attributed to its diverse team and employee-centric work culture. The company has ingrained a positive environment that promotes equal respect and opportunities for every employee to voice their opinions. In addition to valuing its stakeholders, customers, and employees, GLOBSI India holds equal responsibility towards uplifting society and hence invests in multiple CSR initiatives, covering activities like pro bono consultancy services, sustainable operations, mentorship, and skill sharing.

“Our 3-5 percent of company profit goes necessarily to CSR activities to empower smaller companies or individuals. These initiatives reflect our commitment to responsible business practices, social impact, and sustainable development, making a positive difference beyond our core consultancy services”, says Ved. The company also volunteers and partners with local communities, non-profit organizations, and community centers to impart education through multiple programs and skills development workshops.

Moving Up the Global Value Chain
“Our primary aim is that our seamless process should lead to our customers’ smiling faces”, proclaims Ved. Recording exponential growth since its inception, GLOBSI India caters to more than 20 customers, encompassing MNCs worldwide and leading distributors in the oil & gas sectors of the US and Europe. Explaining the roadmap further, Ved adds, “We have representation globally and are currently trading with our sister company and mostly the consultancies in the supply chain via GLOBSI. But slowly, we would like to go for a stronger trading vertical and add a manufacturing vertical by 2025”. Aiming to reach a stature of managing more than 10,000 crores of business within the next two years, the company seeks to foray into manufacturing domains and other geographical regions, which are relatively stronger than India, thereby adding a competitive edge to Indian suppliers.