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Abhay Tripathi,  Head – Business Development & Marketing

Abhay Tripathi

Head – Business Development & Marketing

The testing that doesn’t damage the tested product, or Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a lot older concept than you might think. While the ‘non-destructive’ test with naked eyes is probably as old as mankind, a relatable form of today’s NDT was developed in 1895, when German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen first invented the X-ray. After more than a centuryand several industrial revolutions, the NDT today constitutes a niche, robust industry with astonishing diversification in techniques. Data from MarketsandMarkets suggests that the global NDT & inspection market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.24 percent till 2024 (to hit $12.6 billion); thanks to the government’s stringent regulations on public safety & product quality, and automation & robotics outrage. The ever-growing adoption of IoT devices and the rising need for assessing the health of aging assets also propel the industry’s growth.

There in fact is a flip side to this saga. While the NDT industry rapidly widens its aperture, service providers are feeling the heat to offer maximum diversification –from magnetic testing to ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, and significantly more – and thus cover an even bigger range of use cases. In truth, hardly a handful of companies can encrust over the entire spectrum. Shining even among those few is Gulachi Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (GEPL) – one of the commanders of NDT industry,offering sophisticated industrial services to suit a wide horizon of use cases across the industry verticals. An ISO 9001:2015, UKAS, and NABCB certified company, GEPL’s services cover inspection & NDT activities, including Establishment & Evaluation of NDT Methodologies & Solutions, Execution of NDT Projects, Training & Certification of NDT Personnel, Consultancy & NDT Level-III Services, Health Assessment, Residual Life Assessment (RLA), Integrity Management, Tube Cleaning, and many more.

Everything under One Roof
“It takes wisdom, capacity and a lot of expertise to see customers’ requirements from a whole new perspective and offer advanced and exclusive solutions. For instance, we are the only company in India that provides Ultrasonic Examination of Tube-to-Tube Sheet Weld Joints. As such, our capability also includes the latest global techniques like Automated Corrosion Mapping – on the surface and under insulation,” asserts Abhay Tripathi, the recently appointed Business Development Manager of GEPL. Abhay’s words make great sense, since the companies that render NDT services like Leak Testing and Tube Inspection, and Mechanical Services like Mechanical Tube Cleaning (to clean the choked tubes) are as scarce as hens’ teeth in India. To add to its inclusiveness, GEPL also offers demanding services like Scaffolding & Approach, Surface Preparation, Hydro Jetting, Pre & Post Inspection activities followed by Reliability
Assessment, Health Assessment, and Residual Life Assessment, which are the major activities inspections for plant shutdown, ensuring that its customers are never in need to knock another door.

GEPL’s Team Stringently Adheres To A Well devised Safety Policy, Which Is Strictly Compliant With The National & International Safety Rules & Regulations

To offer such a vivid variety of services under a single roof, GEPL owes thanks to its talent pool with diverse and deep rooted experience. The company is equipped with a dedicated & multidisciplined group of highly trained & experienced manpower. Indeed, having already aligned its inhouse to provide NDT Personnel across the world with Training & Certification programs, the company intrinsically helps its own recruitment & training process. All they have to do is instill the hand-picked talents with GEPL’s six core values: Happy Thoughts, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Fairness, and (Customer) Care. The company believes that these values, along with constant training with regards to upcoming technologies & future of the industry, account for the consistent quality of its deliverables. “Our team makes dedicated efforts to bring-forth continual improvements in our processes & Quality Management System in order to enhance customer satisfaction,” adjoins Abhay.

A State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
The expert team, which is armored with an inventory of modern equipment back-lifted by cutting-edge technologies, pilots diverse NDT-missions for a prestigious customer-ecosystem across the field of Automobiles, Medical, Oil Refineries & Petrochemicals, Gas Processing Plants & Facilities, Pipelines, Power Plants, Processing & Chemical Plants, and Manufacturing. GEPL’s state-of-the-art lab incorporates mock-ups and a variety of reference samples to simulate test object and test conditions. Further consolidating the excellence in the backend is its R&D unit, which focuses on improving the quality & economics of inspection & testing. It is this robust R&D infrastructure that helps GEPL to develop inspection solutions & techniques for special, sophisticated requirements of its clients. It even invites clients to the lab and allows them to make suggestions, making it an interactive process.

In truth, beyond the infrastructure, GEPL’s team stringently adheres to a well-devised safety policy, which is strictly compliant with the national & international safety rules & regulations. Furthermore, safety policy not only mandates the use of adequate safety gears, but also enjoins to follow the health & safety protocols applicable at customer’s place. Abhay adds, “Well-being & safety of our people, society, environment, and industry is our prime concern. To ensure fool-proof execution every time we step-out, we promote safety practices in all our training sessions and encourage employees to follow them”.

Accelerating Further
Having had a humble beginning, based out of Ghaziabad in 2002, GEPL over the years has maintained a steady growth rate, adding a couple of sister-concerns
en route – Moxie Material Testing & Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd. (offerings include Destructive Testing) and GES (Engineering Services). It has also marked its presence in the Middle East. Although, in the last couple of years, with its services further expanding to plant shutdown inspections and related activities, the company today records an exceptional growth rate. While the turnover has doubled during this period, the headcount grew around three times– from 30 people in the yesteryear to 100+ people today.

Given GEPL’s plan to go beyond offering mere inspection services for plant shutdown, and onboard comprehensive plant shutdown projects, maintaining the same pace of growth for the next few years is well on. The company anticipates revenue of around Rs.6.5-7 crore for the next financial year and plans to explode its employee count to 200. “Our motto is quite simple. When a client is on-board, they should not knock any other door. Going forward, we would like to hand pick professionals from diverse backgrounds, especially from Fertilizers & Chemicals, Oil & Gas and Power Plants,” concludes Abhay.

Key Management:
Abhay Tripathi, Head – Business Development & Marketing
Joined GEPL in 2015 as a Asst. Marketing Manager, Abhay heavily leveraged his experience to steer the company forward with great responsibility. In 2018, he was appointed as the Head– Business Development & Marketing. He is a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) who possesses priceless experience of working across the industries like Oil & Energy, Food & Beverage, Fertilizers & Chemicals, and Power Sectors.

R.N.Tripathi, NDT Level-III & MD
Amitendra Tripathi, NDT Level-III & Head–Execution Research & Development

Gulachi Engineers in Spotlight:

•One of the commanders of NDT industry, offering sophisticated industrial services to suit a wide horizon of use cases across the industry verticals

•An ISO 9001:2015 UKAS, NABCB certified company

•Offers latest global NDT techniques like Automated Corrosion Mapping – on the surface and under insulation, Mechanical Tube Cleaning.

•Boasts of strict Quality Assurance & Safety Policy

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment:2002

Offices:Ghaziabad, India (Headquarter)& Bhaushar, Oman

•Establishment & Evaluation of NDT Methodologies & Solutions
•Execution of NDT Projects
•Training & Certification of NDT Personnel
•Consultancy & NDT Level-III Services
•Health Assessment
•Residual Life Assessment (RLA)
•Integrity Management
•Tube Cleaning
•Shutdown Management