I TECH Advance Inspect Services: Offering Next Generation NDT Services with Digitalization & Semi Automation Facility

Chintan Gajera, Managing Partner

Chintan Gajera

Managing Partner

Until a few years ago, Non-Destructive testing (NDT) meant the process of examining components and products for quality defects without having to take them apart or destroy them. That’s still the case today, but the utilization of cognitive sensor systems, combination of various technologies and intelligent monitoring has amplified the scope of applications for nondestructive testing. With stakes being sky high, NDT players are facing huge demand for advanced inspection methods and definitive results.

Building on the huge potential of the evolutionary NDT market is "I TECH Advance Inspection Services" that has been continuously introducing value added NDT services to tackle future challanges. The Rajkot based firm has not only moved one step ahead towards digitalization by crafting a special digitizing/film Scanning Facility, but also established the Automatic Film processing facility for large quantities of radiographic Films with no compromise in quality. With these two major highlights, the venture seeks to offer perfect NDT testing services to customers in optimum cost & time along with technical expertise.

This expert organization has

We make all things & processes transparent and technically comfortable for our customers in every sense and tend to provide every services requested by them

developed a vast roster of services such as radiography, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant & magnetic particle testing, radiographic film digitalization and casting upgradation for casting components. To offer such a vivid variety of services under a single roof, I TECH owes thanks to its distinct systems & processes and talent pool with diverse & deep rooted experience. Prior to any project, its highly qualified team (ASNT & ISO 9712 certified personnel) conducts feasibility studies to understand the quality requirements and pair each component with the right Testing techniques. Unlike others, these experts not just keep intouch with clients post services and try to clear all their doubt related to testing, but also interact with their third party inspection agencies(if necessary). In fact, the team leaves no stone unturned to make clients satisfied & happy. “We make all things & processes transparent and technically comfortable for our customers in every sense and tend to provide every services requested by them,” avers Chintan Gajera, Managing Partner, I TECH Advance Inspect Services.

Staying Ahead
As a pioneer among NDT companies in the digital age, I TECH is committed to render the highest quality inspection services
with accurate data indeed having aligned to digitalization & automation, I TECH allows customers to independently access soft copy of Radiography Reports & digitized film from company’s database by just logging in into the portal with their specific user name & password. The company has incorporated automated processing for Radiography films, which results in much better quality & consistency, in its state-of-the-art laboratory with reduced testing lead time. “We are the only in Gujarat who provide NDT Film digitalization facility to our customers that enable them to communicate with their clients worldwide,” adds Chintan.

Keeping in mind the customer's needs if casting found defected after performing NDT services, the ISO 9001:2015 & Bhabha Atomic Research Center approved company has gone extra miles to furnish value added facilities like casting upgradation system (95-99 percent success rate) wherein its qualified radiography welder removes defects and fill-up the welding using the same parent material for investment castings. Experts from I TECH, even assists their clients to establish their inhouse NDT facility, work instruction & process flow completely free of cost. It is these aforementioned robust technologies, unmatched technical expertise & processes that empower I TECH to save customer’s resources, costs & time as well as their time too. Looking to achieve maximum global outreach and serviceability to its clients, I TECH is now in the process of a major expansion of its operations. Steadily growing at 25 percent from past two consecutive years,the firm also aims to fully digitalized its radiography testing service.