Incepbio: New Age Reliable Testing Solutions

Ambarish M. Ghali & Prashanth S. Hugar,Founders & DirectorsKeeping in tune with the healthy living wave that has engulfed the western world, today’s India is also becoming increasingly health conscious. People are taking a keen interest in being mindful about what they put in their bodies. Unfortunately owing to lack of awareness and regulations, safety of the food and water in India is still an undermined and ignored subject. “The food and beverage testing industry has been run in a conventional way since ages,” says Ambarish M Ghali, Founder & CEO, Incepbio, a new age provider of water, food & hygiene and pharmaceuticals testing services. Having identified the need of the hour, the Bangalore headquartered company has been working tirelessly to come up with sustainable and affordable solutions to envisage a healthier planet. “Our strategy is to leverage current technology and infrastructure to revolutionize this segment of industry,” says Prashanth S. Hugar, Founder & CMO, IncepBio. Founded in 2016, the company has become a top-notch provider of analysis and testing services to various industries in a short span of time.

Tailor Made Testing Services
With pollution levels reaching all-time
high, the need to be careful about safety, quality and information of the food products being consumed has increased significantly. Incepbio assists clients with its tailor-made end-to-end testing solutions. The firm specializes in delivering diverse types of testing services including water testing, food testing and counsel to food and beverage producers. Equipped with highly experienced and credible food analysts for testing and post analysis consultation, Incepbio supports its clients with three broad categories of testing - microbiological testing, nutritional value testing and adulterant testing.

Incepbio specializes in delivering diverse types of testing services including water testing, food testing and counsel to food and beverage producers

The company assists its clients steer the quality, regulatory and safety aspects, to make sure their products sustain the best standards. Incepbio aids clients in implementing comprehensive quality and safety strategies, and attain conformity with local, national as well as international regulations. Atop, the company adheres to national and international standards and guidelines such as Indian Standards and FSSAI.

To understand the data more efficiently, Incepbio also focuses on leveraging current technologies such as data mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
This enables the team to design relevant products that can assure more safety to the food consumers.

Harbouring Credibility
At the very core of the food and beverage industry is credibility, and Incepbio works to harbour client trust to attain success in the industry. The company’s highly customer-centric services are rendered by a strong core team which has its roots in the pharmaceutical industry. The young organization also ensures that clients gain value for the money that they spend. “We understand that at the end of the day, it is about the affordable and sustainable solutions that a customer looks at, and that is what we provide” explains Ambarish.

To promote knowledge sharing and ideation, the company has adopted an open culture at the workplace where the exchange of ideas happens at all levels and all the time. Regular brain storming sessions are conducted wherein team members indulge in debates and knowledge sharing on diverse topics.

Armed with quality products and a strong work ethic, Incepbio has witnessed rapid growth since its very inception. Having won most of its clients through testimonials and word of mouth, the organization is now looking to capitalize on digital marketing and brand positioning to grow its reach. The firm is well on its way to position itself as a premier ‘Preventive Healthcare’ company with the focus to direct the customers towards leading a healthy and productive life through its testing solutions.