INK PPT: Producing Proficient Presentations that Escalate Clients’ Businesses

The contemporary market has developed into a volatile battlefield, where challenges & risks are high, opportunities are low, and competition is relentless. Intrinsically, enterprises cannot afford to lose an inch of their ‘customer base’ territories and need to always stay at 100 percent efficiency to continue advancing ahead & growing their business. With time, presentations have started playing a pivotal role in how effective marketing, one-to-one interaction and communication is done, and professional presentation design services have become sine-qua-non for winning contracts & tenders to escalate business.

Typically, in the midst of this crowded space we call market, a plethora of presentation firms exist that just redesign/fit the contents in some pre-prepared templates and send it across. Evidently, these presentations being generic & readymade, fail to create long lasting impressions and lead to loss of business opportunities.

Insights that Lead to Intelligent Ideations
Identifying this vast void, Aayush Jain, Founder & Presentation Consultant, INK PPT, ideated the firm in 2015 to help people present better via delivering accurately tailored presentations precisely curated for clients’ cause – making business interactions engaging & generating more businesses. INK PPT offers six key aspects of presentations, including Consulting (Story, Delivery, and Audience), Service (Design, Revamp), Solutions (Interactive Content, Digital Signage & Device Based), Technology (Productivity Tools, Cloud Libraries, Holographic), Training and Handouts. Developed leveraging an amalgam of intelligence, in-depth research, ground reality and popular technologies including PowerPoint Presentations, Keynotes, & Google Slides, INK PPT delivers company profile, product launch presentations, training
material, management keynote, CEO vision presentation, and sales & marketing concept presentation to create long-lasting impact and escalate clients’ business. Every organization with an employee size of more than 2000 people makes nearly 50+ presentations to different stakeholders every day through trainings, sales, marketing, reviews and PR. If all these presentations can be made better, it can change the course of growth for an organization.

INK PPT acquires valuable feedbacks, which it incorporates to enhance its training modules, that in turn produce extremely efficient & learned team

Quality Without Compromise
Delivering over 45,000 slides a year, INK PPT works with over 25 global clients including India’s biggest security service providers, the largest consumer electronics brand, top three mobile companies and three out of the top five automotive players in the country! INK PPT’s excellence is attributed to its five-step development process – Understanding the client business, competitor research & industry; Brainstorming, story boarding & mind mapping; Defining the basics & creative research; Messaging, copy writing & story building; and Design, delivery, 50 Points QC & feedback. The process is further enhanced using customer feedbacks and internal team feedbacks to exceed the standards expected by the global behemoths.

INK PPT acquires valuable feedbacks, which it incorporates to enhance its training modules, that in turn produce extremely efficient & learned team. It is through relevant trainings, industrial exposure, and investment in latest tools & technologies that the firm ensures their pinnacle performance. Thus, it is able to skillfully untangle Gordian knots like time bound deliverables, fresh perspective of virtualization, quantum of work & unique solutions. Intrinsically, delighted by the value & impact delivered by the firm, its first time customers convert into its regular customers.

Already catering to clients in nine countries (including US, Germany, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Australia), INK PPT is strategically focused on expanding its reach to international markets for better business development. Growing at an astounding rate of 200 percent YOY, the company looks forward to take a greater leap in the time to come.