JDB Creations: Enlivening Events Beyond Imagination with Excellent Execution

J. Devanand Balaji, CEOAbreast of delivering innovative themes, classy designs, intelligent directions, and skillful execution at considerable costs without compromising the quality, there is a spontaneous factor that up heaves an event from mere success to extraordinary, which is tough to measure, sometimes hard to find, and often difficult to define. Precisely, this embraces the story of JDB Creations – an event management and integrated marketing company. Bootstrapped & marshaled by J. DevanandBalaji (CEO) – a passionate demand generation specialist who grips the company with his two decades spanning experience in the business, JDB has come a long way to become one of India’s leading event management organizations, promising 100 percent success rate in all its campaigns.

Acting as a one-stop-shop for demand generation and brand building, today, JDB builds brands through offering whatever service it takes, ranging from Conceptualization to Designing (web/graphic), Event Production, Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, Proximity Marketing and Small & Large Scale Printing. In addition, it also offers Liquor distribution and channel management (Liquor Marketing) with a strong focus on the brand & competitive market trends. Always keeping an ace in the hole, JDB’s meticulous planning strategy that further strengthens with backup plans A, B & C keeps not only the failure away, but also ensures a grand success of all the events – meeting every predefined target. It’s not surprising that the entity has spread its production capabilities beyond pan Asia to several countries like Africa, Mauritius, Europe, Belize and Seychelles within a year ofits establishment.

Not Having a ‘Model’ Being the Model

Headquartered in Bangalore and having offices in Mauritius, Kampala & Qatar, JDB is best known for its tailor-making capabilities and spontaneous factors that suit the brand & requirement, and bring additional benefits. A few years ago, the pan India distributors of Olympus Camera met with these tremendous capabilities when they entailed to dispose a huge stock of analogue cameras as people had already adapted to digital cameras. JDB came up with a simple, but powerful idea – to utilize the heritage of Olympus, and auction the cameras at a start bid of Rs.600. The event at Bangalore Central attracted a huge crowd, and eventually they managed to sell all the analog cameras within two days. Wonder how many companies bring such a success out of now here!

“We believe that the ‘quality’ is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution and it also represents the wise choice of many alternatives,” asserts Devanand. Providing plethora of alternatives for its clients including innovative promotional ideas to
concerts, exhibitions, workshops, tech-fests, trade shows, festival events and many more, JDB plans and delivers valuable experiences constantly by minimizing costs and maximizing the deliverance, which makes it a king in the realm and a brand to rely upon to get that exotic stress-free experience imbued with artistic strokes.

JDB is best known for its tailor-making capabilities and spontaneous factors that suit the brand & requirement, and bring additional benefits

“Our mantra is, don't ever have a mantra,” adds Devanand. Nevertheless, the success of an event management company is undoubtedly the agility of its workforce. And when it comes to JDB, it is comprised of no employees, but a bunch of passionate people who find happiness in building brands, and delivering innovative advertising, marketing & communication solutions through creative & aggressive strategies. In other words, they have only one mission– to generate demand for your product or service. Having a tremendous amount of organization & communication skills, background knowledge of multifarious events, an efficient network of reliable contacts and most importantly, an open mind to endure last minute changes, team JDB leaves no stone unturned. “We believe in creating an experience that stays, bearing in mind that the first impressions last. To ensure that every event is a grand success regardless of its scale, we on-board a tailor-made approach and only use the right techniques,” asserts Devanand.

The Success Path

Though no one can deny the fact that creativity as a solo doesn’t change any game,to ensure the cost arbitrage and ascertain that the event is encrusted in terms of every aspect, right after its inception, JDB invested a huge chunk of time & money in constructing a team that comprises of experienced professionals who are specialized in visualizing concepts, budget planning, execution and organizing events. Success of that mission eventually opened a yellow-brick-road for the company. Cut to the present, in order to keep the team’s motivation levels consistently on the rise, Devanand has made them stakeholders of JDB. And on free days, he also conducts sessions inside the office, centered on various topics concerned with event management, where the team not only learn things abreast of the latest trends, but also enjoy themselves as an extended family.

Over the years, the immense know-how of team JDB has played an instrumental role in company expanding its production capabilities to overseas, as they take care of the entire visa processing formalities, know what impacts where and don’t need a second opinion in on-boarding the fastest roads to get permissions from international legal bodies while conducting an event overseas. On the flip side, the company sets its customers free from the regulatory stress by dedicating a team to acquire legal permissions from the Police Department, Fire Station, Local Municipality and Noise Pollution Department, and paying
entertainment taxes for all tickets prior to every single event. “There is no shortcut to become stable other than ensuring the regulatory compliances without fail,” adds Devanand.

Adhering to all the regulatory standards, within shut-eye time, the company has well-built a customer ecosystem that includes prestigious organizations such as Ingersoll Rand, Delphi, Reliance Jio, Connoisseur Electronics, ibus Networks and many more. He says, “The success of our events is tracked by the testimonials given by our clients after each event. With regard to failure, we haven’t done at least one so far, and in fact, there is no room for errors and failures in the event management business unless its force majeure”. Though, in case of postponing or cancellation of events, JDB ascertains that the announcements are done in all the public media, embedded with the precise information of place & time for ticket refund, if an event is cancelled.

Meaning it While Offering

Today, almost every Event Management company advertises with ‘end-to-end demand generation’ banners, even though the ‘ends’ are often decided by them. In most of the cases, additional charges show up from accounting to printing, since your partner outsources the process. Needless to say, invoice gets many promotions. JDB vaccinates this uncertainty with its sister concern –Prismhue Prints, offering high quality print solutions to meet your marketing and visual challenges. With a team having more than 20 years of experience, JDB’s print production studio is adept in creating anything from large quality prints to specific customized prints & signs, including conventional to modern signage banners, and vehicle & building wraps.

Along with blueprints to explore many other industries like travel, JDB is looking forward to raise funds in the near future to move closer to its next goal – becoming nothing less than the best Corporate Event Management Company in the realm. Recently, the company had disrupted the travel industry through another venture from the group – Bourne Reach, which offers a wide range of aesthetic destinations in India (also mapping some of the exotic and mind-blowing International destinations), with a variety of automobiles to choose from (including motorcycles, cars, jeeps, SUVs and off-roaders), if you do not have your own. “All trips will be accompanied by a Pilot and roadside assistance along with paramedical assistance on road. It’s not just about the tripping, it’s tripping done right,” concludes Devanand.

Key Management:
J. DevanandBalaji, CEO

Being in the event management business for the past 18 years, Devanand is an expert in handling operations ranging from Conceptualization to Designing, PR activities, Production, Marketing, and Client Servicing.


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Offices: Bangalore (Headquarter), Mauritius, Kampala & Qatar

Clients:Ingersoll Rand, Delphi, Reliance Jio, Connoisseur Electronics, ibus Networks, and many more