Kissamago: Delivering Precision-Centric Language Services, on Time

Mateshwari Karnani,Founder & CEO

Mateshwari Karnani

Founder & CEO

An empowered woman is powerful beyond measure. Today, the depiction of such zealous self-vehemence of feminine character is no more restricted to the reel life. In her journey from a dreaming homemaker to filling the shoes of a successful entrepreneur running one of the industry’s leading language services companies, Mateshwari Karnani (Founder & CEO, Kissamago) has shredded several glass ceilings en route to portray an inspiring anecdote of self-empowerment. Indeed, in virtue of pioneering Transcription, Translation and Interpretation services under one concrete roof covering all Indian vernaculars through her Mumbai-based sisterhood franchise - Kissamago, Mateshwari opened the doors of empowerment for the many women who were treading the same path. Having created an energizing environment to foster home makers’ potential, Kissamago (est. 2000) today accomplishes solid client satisfaction, authenticity, quality, and on-time deliverables on Language Services worldwide.

The elementary nature of Kissamago facilitates work-from-home, wherein the tasks are delegated based on availability, mobility and the skill set of the individual, in order to ensure timely deliverables, thereby enabling its female associates (who constitute major wedge of its workforce) to fulfill their personal responsibilities while executing their professional ones with panache. No wonder this work-model has been accorded by Goldman Sachs-ISB for having the most unique and innovative business plan put in action for renowned industry big shots like HUL, Facebook, Instagram, and Tata Group of Companies, PR companies like MSL and 2020, Educational institutes such as SP Jain and the National Stock Exchange. Establishing trust through efficient and time bound delivery of assignments with utmost accuracy and professionalism, Kissamago has even assisted professors and students of Cambridge and Oxford Universities with their PhD theses.

Converting Challenges to Opportunities
So amidst an abundance of prevailing language services what has made Kissamago an industry leader in this field? With the hype in localisation and globalisation across the globe, there has been a significant upsurge in the need for real-time transliteration, transcription, translation and interpretation services, which requires immense knowledge, linguistic expertise and precision. Educing enormous potential for business opportunity in this challenge, with an impeccable women-centric team of about 300 language consultants, Kissamago proficiently bridges the gap engendered by multi-linguistic communication. It all starts with the company’s grand dedicated team-effort prior to employing a system of quality checks on client's requisites, thus inflicting 98 percent accuracy on its services with fastest turnaround time. More over, driven by 50+ linguistic interpretation experts, the company churns out quality content conveying the unerring meaning of the context alongside reducing the noises (leveraging high-end noise reduction technologies) in the subject matter, thus helping its clients in meticulous decision making based on the appropriate content for their business needs.
“The regional opportunities aredisparate and the demand for our type of services is scaling new heights. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I can't wait to dive deeper!” elucidates Mateshwari. Putting it in a nutshell, the team translates, transcribes or interprets all regional languages into English irrespective of whether it’s a file, a live interview or a live video conference. As the staff members are well-versed in breaking communication barriers caused by lack of comprehension, Kissamago encourages people to speak the language they are most comfortable with, while the company deploys services that allow others to understand them distinctly. In addition to its expertise over a decade in handling all the Indian languages, Kissamgo procures a vast network of translators covering a wide horizon of business sectors ranging from IT to manufacturing. . .

Educing enormous potential for business opportunity in this challenge,with an impeccable women-centric team of about 300 language consultants, Kissamago proficiently bridges the gap engendered by multi-linguistic communication

As the entire world has become one large marketplace with the globalization of communication, over the span of time Kissamago has not only equipped its functionalities with software that eliminates background noise and incoherent sounds in the recording audio, but it also incorporates high quality recording, enhanced files uploading and improved video to audio conversion solutions. With constant up-gradation aligned with constant monitoring by a team of linguistic experts, it ensures that its services are in tandem with the current requirements. Lend your ears to Yamini Thapa, Senior Manager, MSL GROUP, India who echoes her sentiments over Kissamago's transcription services for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - “Having worked with several transcription agencies in Delhi, I can safely say that English language is not an area of strength for many, but Mateshwari's Kissamago has silenced my fears and is thorough with its verbal and written skills”.

Empanelled with Innovation, Guided through Supervision
Empanelled to manage all sorts of issues/situations, Kissamago divides tasks diligently and deploys them to each team, or individuals who are able to execute a particular regional language effectively and efficiently. Therefore, any language barrier that appears before the client in terms of meaningful communication and creative expression is well handled by team-Kissamago with the highest professionalism. For instance, if the requirement is highly urgent, it assigns additional transcribers to the job immediately. While having such a prolonged clientele to look after, the possession of such level of flexibility empowers Mateshwari to say, “One of our key and most renowned clients is Hindustan Unilever Limited. On a daily basis, we handle at least 5 – 10 interpretations which take place at their offices”. Being a people driven company fostering the vitality of customer services, Kissamago makes long term relationships with its clients, accounting to the trust factor earned by enforcing a strict privacy policy, particularly
in personal & confidential business documents along with the excellent support team for all customers’ queries and concerns. Stringently adhering to privacy ethics, the team ensures the security and confidentiality of the personal details of every customer.

In the process of enabling its clients to track the progress and details of their respective orders, Kissamago in association with a team of students from California is simmering a first-of-its-kind App which would ascertain the approximate duration of delivery to the clients through live-tracking process. At the helm of developing an e-Learning program for freshers who are willing to pursue a career in this field, Mateshwari foresees having Kissamago’s curriculum introduced in eminent universities providing courses at the grass root level.

Despite being a women-centric enterprise, it does not shy away from employing men who the team believes to be well-suited to the Kissamago family. In order to imbibe the awareness and operation of the latest technologies in the on-going industry trends, the company conducts regular meetings, workshops & mock sessions every quarter for interpreters. Besides the highly synchronised team comprising of accountants, auditors, admins, consultants and a legal consociate, Kissamago has impeccable mentors having adroit eSpace acumen, graciously provided by the Indian School of Business post selection by Goldman Sachs for their CSR programs.

Exhibiting an amicable work culture across harmonious teamwork,strict confidentiality and utmost professionalism, Kissamago showcases a phenomenal surge in the revenue Year on Year. Sighting the tremendous growth in the legal market necessitating the most accurate translation services, the company has also ventured into legal transcription and interpretation services. As most corporations have video conferencing nationally and globally, Kissamago’s interpreters become invaluable prerequisite at such meetings. Envisioning enhancing its services further by recruiting more skilled personnel, and simplifying technologies for employees & clients, Kissamago firmly intends to extend its services to international demographics in the long haul.

Key Management:
Mateshwari Karnani,Founder & CEO
Be it responding to work emails at night or attending international clients at odd hours, Mateshwari is a self-driven, results-oriented and a people’s person who has single handedly spearheaded the business development of her organization and grown the team from 3 consultants to 300+ consultants.

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