Koru UX Design: Problem Solving Approach for Effective UX Designs

Bansi Mehta, Founder & CEO

Bansi Mehta

Founder & CEO

With widespread consumerization of IT, end users of enterprise applications now expect a consumer grade UX, replete with smart dashboards that present access to the correct information, quickly. However, in today’s age of information overflow, product companies often face design challenges owing to versatile devices, multiple touchpoints and products with layers of functional complexities. Add to this mix, legacy enterprise applications that are built on old-school frameworks and building scalable, lean and effective UX designs become an uphill battle. Simplifying these roadblocks and helping product companies develop exceptional UX designs for enterprise applications is Koru UX Design. Undertaking a holistic user centric approach, the Pune headquartered firm conducts UX audits for enterprise applications service design, conceptualizes brand new products and designs UX/UI for legacy products.

Armed with a strong team of 40 passionate UX and UI professionals, Koru also specializes in objective based product overhauls aimed at improving productivity and addressing usability issues such as clunky interfaces & workflows. The company empowers clients to leverage design thinking for innovation, infuses design into their product development process and helps them scale their design capabilities. “The end user is the most critical stakeholder is any design process; therefore, while designing a workflow for an enterprise application, Koru first strives to understand the individual user journeys and subsequently crafts design solutions best suited for them,” explains Bansi Mehta, Founder & CEO, Koru UX Design. Having found an able leader in Bansi, who has a decade long experience in the field of UX, the Koru team has successfully
designed and delivered over 350 projects to a plethora of global clients from the healthcare, telecom, and finance sectors.

Functionality Focused Design
Companies often misconstrue UX design to be just about aesthetics; however, Koru focuses on the functionalities of a product. The firm follows a unique UX Design Methodology derived from the Design Council’s Double Diamond process, where focus remains on solving the right problem and solving the problem right. “Instead of looking at UX as a face lift for a product, we incorporate a problem-solving strategy which I believe has been our most distinguishing factor,” expounds Bansi.

Instead of looking at UX as a face lift for a product, we incorporate a problem solving strategy which I believe has been our most distinguishing factor

Spread over four phases research, synthesis, ideation, and design, the process is initiated by performing a UX audit of the client’s application in order to understand the nature of the problem, post which the team prioritizes the right areas to be incorporated while designing. With the help of lean UX methodologies, the company creates a strategy that entails process mapping, ecosystem definition, user research, and testing. Moving forward, the team creates strategic and functional designs that align with the user and client’s business goals. Working tirelessly to imbibe this methodology in the company’s culture, employees undergo regular training sessions pertaining to human centric design and empower designer.

Fuelling the Fire of Innovation
Koru believes that the true value of UX comes through constantly exercising the process, refining it along the way with new learnings, and collaborating with the team to achieve this. The team undergoes periodic ‘Show-and-Tell’ sessions, crossfunctional brainstorming sessions and workshops, which encourage knowledge sharing.

Staying in tune with the industry’s pulse, Koru is currently working on an offering that will amalgamate the power of AI, Robotic Process Automation and User Centric methodology to deliver maximum efficiency to businesses with a human touch. Working to constantly refine its offerings and methodologies to help enterprise applications innovate and realize the business value of design, the ambitious firm’s long term goal is to scale-up its team and become the world’s most preferred company for enterprise UX.

Key Management:
Bansi Mehta, Founder & CEO
Bansi founded Koru leveraging her decade long UX experience. An alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this self driven entrepreneur is all set to transform workforces through her exceptional offerings.

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