Mobikon: Enabling Restaurants to Make Customers Elated

Samir Khadepaun,CEO & Founder

Samir Khadepaun

CEO & Founder

An elated customer is the secret sauce to a successful business. And when it is about taste buds, this means a lot more. In this social-media age, one unhappy customer may lead to multiple bad reviews throughout various platforms leading to declining popularity of the brand. Hence it is more than paramount to understand customers’ feedback and work to get the loose-ends fixed quickly. The advent of a dashboard is a sigh of relief for restaurants as it provides wealth of information at their fingertips for entire restaurant management and ultimately better customer engagement. India-based start-upMobi conacts as a one-stop-shop that bestows restaurants with a single dashboard to engage with customers across mobile, social, web and in-store (currently over 150,000 customer feedback in-store every month).

As a leading SaaS-based customer engagement & analytics platform, and a global provider of hosted platform services, the venture facilitates restaurateurs with automated feedback & marketing systems, detailed customer profiling & engagement, customer relationship management (CRM), online reservation, real-time reporting, targeted campaigns that drive ROI and many more. Riding high on success, Mobikon is associated with more than 700 brands spanning 3100+ outlets across eight countries of Asia and Middle East.

Mobikon is associated with more than 700 brands spanning 3100+ outlets across eight countries of Asia & Middle East

User-friendly Platform
Today social media is a driving force in the restaurant industry as majority of people check out a restaurant website or browse their online reviews before stepping into it. Mobikon’s CRM captures online reviews from various portals like Zomato, Facebook, Google & others, and assists restaurants to build a comparison matrix based on their customer feedbacks received through online, social media and in-store.Further more, the company assists large restaurants (having multiple outlets) with a big KISOK to track their customer feedbacks (based on outlet location, city and country) and help them to generate automated real-time reports, thereby maintaining proper communication between management and staffs.

every order (feedback, offer detail & redemption, table reservation), market place for restaurant engagement & marketing applications (partner & future app are available), automated marketing campaigns (automatically connect with clients based on credit points, preferences, transactions and nature of feedback), new footfalls, customer behaviour, patterns, preferences and detailed reporting, enabling clients to have a better insight of customers in order to increase repeat visits, encourage higher spend and impact overall brand equity. Going forward, the platform guides clients to build customized CRM, perform sentiment analysis, send negative service /food alerts to relevant departments, analyze future of brand, track server performance in
customer service department, perform location or table based analysis and run various customer loyalty programs (based on number of visits, age, expenditure) to create attractive offers. “We have introduced a new age loyalty program, which concentrates more on customer journey than just points or transaction,” says Samir Khadepaun, CEO & Founder, Mobikon.

Moving Forward
High on security, the platform stores encrypted data and provides limited access rights (based on outlet) to the customer database. The global presence (Singapore, Manila, Malaysia, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Dubai) of Mobikon enables its employees to understand different cultures, new trends& markets, and manage it accordingly. With the revenue growth of 200 percent last year, Mobikon is all geared up to introduce IoT, enter two new markets (Australia & U.K),and increase its workforce to 150by end of this FY. The company is also expecting a growth of 200-240 percent by end of this year.

Key Management:
Samir Khadepaun, Founder & CEO
A Pune and Monash University graduate in computers, Samir is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about Mobile Technologies, SaaS-based product solutions, Start-Ups in Hospitality, Retail and e-Commerce.

Services: Mobikon is a leading customer engagement and analytics platform for restaurants. Its offerings, namely, mEngage, mHub, mNow and mReach help brands effectively build & analyse detailed customer profiles, track their experiences and refine their operations & functioning for a better end customer experience.

Branches: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, & Manila