Omnia Digital: A Team of Growth Hackers

Shwetha Prasad, Founder & CEO,Santhosh Palavesh, Co-Founder & CMO

Shwetha Prasad, Founder & CEO

Santhosh Palavesh, Co-Founder & CMO

Digital realm has already assumed the driver seat of demand generation. The ‘advertising’ anecdotes of large corporates which are penned with abundant finance influx on a structured marketing channel resemble the feel-good movies that stand for their strong script base, while the successful ‘marketing’ (more precisely, market conquering) stories of startups & SMEs are analogous to Sci-fi movies that surprise us with novel innovations and futuristic concepts. In fact, there’s a massive difference between this ‘advertising’ and ‘marketing’. Unlike larger brands who can afford to advertise just as a branding exercise, startups and SMEs that usually don’t have massive marketing budgets need their marketing to impact their business, drive sales and generate revenues without any leakage.

Having the core business on the other hand to take care of, the aspirant future-megacorps exceedingly entail a marketing partner who can reflect their ethos and align with their growth trajectories. This is where Omnia Digital - a team of growth hackers, comes into play with its solitary goal of exploring the technology-based, sometimes unconventional avenues for growth, and in turn perfectly aligns with the clients’ (mostly startups and SMEs) cadaverous marketing spends by flexing the creative muscles big time and opting for inexpensive and innovative ways to grow their customer base.

A creativity-driven full service digital agency that offers every service from Content marketing to Digital Strategy & Execution, Campaign Management, and Insights & Analytics, Omnia helps level the playing fields for all organizations, makes marketing & advertising accessible to them irrespective of the size, and also ascertains that its less demanding to get the brands out in market. “We breathe lives into the marketing life cycles starting all the way from branding to their digital campaigns and then analyzing & enhancing. We also work with corporate companies, but having come from a background of building startups, it is energizing for me personally to be a part of startups’ entire journey and grow with them,” asserts Shwetha Prasad, Founder & CEO, Omnia Digital.

The Evolution
Omnia’s story is simultaneously the story of Shwetha - a young & exuberant entrepreneur. She says, “It all began once I finished my college degree; and two paths opened in front of me - either follow my dad’s footsteps & take up his business or make a name for myself on my own terms”. A go-getter who aspires
to become a role model for every young woman out there, Shwetha’s choice to pave her own path was quite predictable. She carved an unparalleled learning phase out of her two year stint at Tata Consultancy Services, post which she set off in pursuit of her passion & dreams, starting as a core team member in another startup and playing an integral role right from ideation to making it an organization with 100+ employees within just over a year. “A little after that, I moved to head the operations of a digital agency and I never thought that move would change my life and future, because I later partnered with founder of that agency to float Omnia,” she adds. She recognized the prodigious potential of the digital realm. Partnering with Santhosh Palavesh (Co-Founder & CMO) - a seasoned prodigy in digital tech and marketing with over eight years of experience, Shwetha incepted Omnia in 2016 with a vision to help companies set realistic goals by finding the perfect balance between brand awareness and sales; and the journey has just begun.

A creativity-driven full service digital agency that offers every service from Content marketing to Digital Strategy & Execution, Campaign Management, and Insights & Analytics, Omnia helps level the playing fields for all organizations

Like many other companies in the sector, Omnia today while riding on a yellow brick road also faces the challenges such as the dire need of explaining the demand generation life cycle to clients (which contains an entire gamut of parameters like driving traffic, analyzing it, conversions and click through rates), and setting realistic goals for campaigns. But the difference lies in the way it approaches these challenges and tackles it with out-of-the-box methodologies, which have no pre-defined shape, as it varies with each project and challenge.

Sharp as a Gun-Shot
A marketing & advertising agency with digital-innovation in its DNA, Omina’s efficient, brand specific and customized strategies cover everything from selecting the right platforms to audience & demographic segmentation, effective content placement, and analysis & enhancement. It leaves us amused with the way it switches on to ‘Sherlock Holmes’ mode to go an extra mile to understand the nature of client’s business & get into the minds of their audience, and eventually becomes the digital world’s equivalent of Suicide Squad’s Deadshot, tearing into the customers’ psyche and ensuring that they absorb the right message. While executing the strategies, it ascertains that the intensity of campaign is never diluted, owing thanks to the company’s proficient in-house creative teams who strive to ensure & maintain the originality & aesthetics of the brands, not to mention the
Insights & Analytics phase, which significantly aids in maintaining the relevance of campaigns. With a team of experts who live in and breathe data, Omnia ensures that the data is monitored, analyzed and managed before, during and at the end of each campaign to optimize efficiency and drive favorable business outcomes.

It is easy to get distracted by all the capabilities that digital landscape provides and it’s enticing to burn through cash on all the new software and tools that are available. But not with Omnia, as the company doesn’t believe in blindly banking on all the high-end tools without considering the necessity; in fact, for most of the parts, Omnian-experts pour over the data in multiple spreadsheets to really analyze what’s going on, which plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing optimization; though the company handles pretty much all of the available tools when required. “It’s all about adding value. I always urge the team to ask themselves if their content is adding value to the consumer. Nobody wants to talk to someone who’s talking only about themselves and this applies to branding as well. Digital media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk once said, ‘The Best Marketing Strategy Ever: CARE’, and that’s exactly what we do here at Omnia when we take on a client. We act as an extended part of their business,” adjoins Shwetha.

Time to Go Big
Today, even the trends of caring audience are changing, and needless to say, whoever fails to travel abreast of the industry trends is out of the picture. This is the logic behind Omnia constantly encouraging its team to set aside an hour every day for learning and researching the industry trends and this gets intensified with the sessions conducted by employees themselves. Even the founders get down to the ground and take sessions on latest technologies, trends and methods that can be implemented. In addition, Omnia also encourages its team members to sign up for courses and sessions, and the company is happy to foot the bill. “In the past year, we have grown consistently both in terms of revenue and clients base. Our future blueprints are quite simple; we are looking forward to expand our presence from Chennai and Bangalore to all other cities in the coming years,” concludes Shwetha.

Key Management:
Shwetha Prasad,Founder & CEO
A young and exuberant entrepreneur, Shwetha is highly skilled in Business Process, Operations Management, Communication, and Customer Relationship.

Santhosh Palavesh, Co-Founder & CMO
Having won 18+ entrepreneurial awards thus far, Santhosh is a young, but seasoned prodigy in digital tech and marketing with over eight years of experience.

• Content Marketing
• Digital Strategy & Execution
• Campaign Management
• Insights & Analytics

Headquarter: Chennai