Paymentz: Because Payments Need Not Be Complex Affair

Anupam Vassa,Director

Anupam Vassa


With increased digitization almost replacing the traditional banking methodologies, fintech has been witnessing a steep rise with respect the payment gateway solutions. Numerous gateway solution providers want to get it right. However, succeed in only achieving a part of it as per the customer’s requirements.

A part of Transact World Group, PAYMENTZ is a state-of-the-art white Payment gateway solutions and payment services company that offers online transactions between merchants and financial institutions. The idea that gave birth to PAYMENTZ was to establish a global online payment transaction platform that is not only easy to use but also enables frictionless transactions. PAYMENTZ aims to transform the money management affairs of online businesses by providing them with easy-flowing, user-friendly and most importantly, a secure interface.

Vassa Brothers’ Journey To Paymentz
Anupam Vassa and Amoolya Vassa are Mumbai-based entrepreneurs who have been leading their 1940 established Vassa Group’s family business. Vassa Brothers expanded their range of services to include domain registration, web hosting, website design, and application design in their portfolio. In 2004, the duo opened an office in Mumbai's Mindspace to support these services.

Vassa Brothers established Payment Gateway Solutions Private Limited in Mindspace Mumbai in 2008 to construct backend facilities & a technology backbone, and processing infrastructure for its global operations. In 2010, the Vassa brothers opened a data centre in Mumbai. The data centre complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a global industry standard for payment processing technology. Post that in 2011, the creators of Payment Gateway created a state-of-the-art integrated technological platform to support their aim of providing high quality global services.

Soon after, the Vassa Brothers opted to test the waters in the online payment business by establishing payment processing operations in London, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Malta, Lithuania and Nigeria, leveraging its Payment Gateway, technology, and IT capabilities. Transact World Limited was established in Hong Kong by Vassa Brothers to serve as the company's primary investment vehicle. In order to achieve its goal of becoming a major participant in the online payments business, the Group chose to establish a presence in London, the global centre for the Fintech industry. Vassa Brothers then founded Transact World Limited in London to spearhead their operations.

Sharing a piece of his mind about the persisting nature of transactions, Anupam Vassa, Director, PAYMENTZ says, “We have always been aware of the issues attributed with seamless online transactions. With more and more merchants and end users being connected to the online business, user-friendly and secure online transactions have been the need of the hour. From security issues to denied payments and many more, there are multiple problems that merchants and end users may face while using online payment route. This is where PAYMENTZ helps into building a user-friendly and secure white label payment gateway solution that keeps your money safe and payment processing smoother”.

Rich Product Portfolio For Diverse Industries
PAYMENTZ essentially provides end-to-end solutions and offers an eclectic range of products that include White Label Payment Gateway Solutions, White Label eWallet, White Label eVoucher, Merchant Onboarding System, In-flight Payment Acceptance System, Merchant Monitoring Tool and INVOIZR, which is an Invoicing solution. These solutions are not only cost effective but also offer a comprehensive range of services, giving PAYMENTZ’s customers an edge over the competition.

PAYMENTZ being a robust payment gateway platform offers a range of services that cater to various clients across industries. The payment gateway’s Boarding Manager, an efficient and time-saving tool, helps organizations to custom fill bank applications. This helps the organizations to save time and effort for this tedious task. This is one such tool that enables businesses
across industries to collect relevant data that is adaptable to specific markets and contracts for each payment type, as an alternative to individually applying for the same.

The INVOIZR is an invoicing solution, especially built for small businesses that help merchants to implement transactions of smaller amounts with a digital receipt or a digital fingerprint. Many countries now require transactions of smaller amounts through a digital receipt and this is where PAYMENTZ invoicing solution comes into play. INVOIZR is a proven useful tool in the post covid market and will be a preferred payment mode for Schools, Universities, Clubs, Doctors, Lawyers, Housing Societies and even small business like small stores, food carts, plumbers, Electricians etc.

In lieu of today’s online business and the current market scenario, payment gateway plays a crucial role in money management and helps in keeping the transaction process smooth and safe. A payment gateway provider needs to have a plethora of things in place like investing in the software development, being complaint with the security procedures, procurement of infrastructure and efficient manpower management. PAYMENTZ helps such payment gateway providers, with the IT infrastructure, and fulfil the security and compliance requirements, which in turn assist them in focusing on their sales strategy.

Value Added Turnkey Solutions – A Complete Approach
PAYMENTZ turnkey solutions are cost effective, offer end-to-end services and take care of after-sales service with a dedicated team of client servicing experts. The firm ensures that the customers are fully satisfied with the services, thereby ensuring seamless transaction process.

Besides these solutions, PAYMENTZ services are catered to the specific needs of the clients and merchants. Customer support gets equal focus at PAYMENTZ. Firstly, the platform ensures 100% safety and security. PAYMENTZ has PCI DSS L1 v3.2.1 compliant platform and products, which makes the firm reliable, credible, and trustworthy. PAYMENTZ esteemed clients, customers and their testimonials are proof of the credibility.

Amoolya Vassa, Director

More so, not just the products but also the teams form an integral part of PAYMENTZ pride. Every member has the expertise that has powerfully fuelled the entire solutions and services. Right from the tech team to sales and marketing, every individual has put in his or her best foot forward to help build turnkey solutions.

“We believe that nothing works without a great support team that ensures there are no hurdles or hiccups during the process. We have a dedicated support team that works relentlessly to address any issues that arise and offer swift solutions. Our key relationship managers are committed individuals for the key accounts and make sure that the clients are offered the right solutions, and nothing slips through the cracks”, adds Amoolya Vassa, Director, PAYMENTZ.

‘Comprehensivity’ In The Nature Of Solutions
With integrated payment channels taking centre stage, PAYMENTZ understands that the digital space calls for safe, secure and seamless transactions as well as data security. Several businesses across sectors are implementing integrated payments. To keep pace with the ongoing and upcoming business requirements, PAYMENTZ has an eclectic range of solutions that are specific to various requirements.

We have always been aware of the issues attributed with seamless online transactions. With more and more merchants and end users being connected to the online business, user friendly and secure online transactions have been the need of the hour

Whether the business is looking for an invoice generation tool, a custom auto-fill data tool or E-Wallet solution, we have it all. As introduced earlier, the INVOIZR tool is a highly efficient and smart invoicing solution that helps merchants to transact with internet, telephone and walk-in customers. Moreover, it can be installed on phones, which enables sharing the invoices with the customers through various communication channels such as e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype etc. PAYMENTZ also has something interesting for the in-flight passengers with the in-flight payment module or IFE-Pay. This solution lets merchants benefit from the payments made by the customers in the flight. It offers multiple card payment options while still on air. Whenever there’s internet connectivity on-board, IFE-Pay allows real-time payment processing and when there’s no connectivity, the tool goes through its heuristic risk assessment stage and approves or declines the payment.

Apart from the inhouse solutions, PAYMENTZ also has a dedicated customer support team that works relentlessly, 24x7x365, to offer turnkey solutions and services to the clientele.

Growing With The Customers’ Growth
The parent company, Transact World is building on its strategy and performance, and has created a network of offices around Europe that provide simple access to over 300 banks and Alternative payment methods around the world. Currently, Transact World Group is undertaking a restructuring effort in order to align its resources with strategy and expand its global footprint. With PAYMENTZ’s ability to strengthen the infrastructure required by the clients and customers, the need to spend on any other IT product or service is eliminated, thereby allowing clients to focus solely on their operations and sales functions. This also helps PAYMENTZ to be ahead of other white label payment gateway platforms as well as gives its clients a competitive edge.