Proye Design: Functional Designs with a Heart & Soul

 Moumita N M,    Founder & Brand Strategist

Moumita NM, Founder& Brand Strategist

They say, first impression is the last impression; while the adage applies to every aspect of life, it holds especially true for the business world. Often times all it takes is a business card, a store’s display window, or a website’s home page for consumers to make up their mind about a brand. This only goes to prove that aesthetics play a key role in business. In today’s age of stiff market competition, it is pertinent for a business to lay emphasis on its visual appeal in order to distinguish itself. More than being just about the appreciation of beauty, aesthetics help draw consumer attention and influences their behaviour. However, cultivating a strong brand image through functional design is easier said than done as the process activity requires a creative eye, storytelling abilities and various other skills that are hard to come across. Helping businesses harness the hidden potential of strategic design to elevate their business is Proye Design, a Bangalore-based provider of 360-degree design solutions.

“Any design becomes a good design when it adds value to a business and helps earn more revenue. Therefore we are focused on rendering strategy driven designs to our clients,” explains Moumita N M, Founder & Brand Strategist, Proye Design. Unlike other firms that render cookie cutter design solutions, Proye Design functions as a true problem solver and builds its services around unravelling the various business challenges faced by its clients. The multidisciplinary team works as an extension of its clients’ team and handles each project with a great amount of responsibility.

Be it a start-up or an established organization, be it at the ideation stage or an overhaul of a brand’s image, the young design firm has proven capabilities to handle every project with élan. Having worked on a plethora of projects in the FMCG, publications, human resources, luxury products, IT, security, banking, insurance, real estate, transportation, big data, social and healthcare sector, the creative powerhouse has acquired a proven track record of aiding clients in transforming their businesses through functional design. Functioning from a cosy studio nestled in Bangalore, Proye Design has gradually become one of the most sought after design studios in India.

Sprinting to Fast Forward Design Process
A creative pursuit, design often touches every different aspect of business. Requiring harmony of thought, often times, companies suffer from having different design studios taking care of different design needs of a firm which ultimately leads to a disconnect in the brand story. In order to help clients maintain a cohesive design palate, Proye Design has built an expansive roster of services that include brand management,brand positioning, marketing, corporate gifting, product packaging, UX & UI design, website design, application design, animation, architecture & interior, and retail experience design. Additionally, the operations team also renders management solutions to clients making the entire process an all-encompassing and holistic one.

Proye Design adopts a unique sprint design process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. Through the five day express process, the team shortcuts the endless-debate cycle and compresses months of time
into a single week. The sprint gives a superpower that can fast-forward into the future to see the finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments. “Through this process we collaborate with all the main business stakeholders and focus on key problems. Taking into account user needs and technology capabilities, we prioritise design solutions,” explains Moumita. The process also helps clients acquire new technological capabilities such as Data Analytics, ML and Automation.

"Taking into account user needs and technology capabilities, we prioritise design solutions"

Design Services for Every Stage of Development
Founded in 2014, Proye Design has so far successfully delivered a wide variety of projects for clients across sectors. Irrespective of what point of development a business is at, the firm possesses the knowledge and expertise to get the company off the ground and onto a path of success. For companies stuck at the ideation stage, the firm maps out a business plan and marketing strategy to help clearly define its vision and goals. On the other hand, if a firm has already sorted out its documentation, Proye Design can jump straight into the creative work to bring the start-up to life. “Depending on what the client is looking to achieve, we can create branding (such as a logo, brand-book, business cards), website, advertising and much more. Anything that we can’t accommodate in-house can be completed by one of our trusty partners,” saya Moumita.

Capable of working on projects at different capacities, Proye Design has not only transformed various startups, but also conducted large scale projects. For instance, the firm designed an entire event for Basva Samiti in 2017. The large scale event, which was a book launch, was attended by various national and international delegates. Having designed the entire event right from the logo, animation to its mobile application, Proye Design successfully showcased its vast capabilities. “The Indian market is promising for Design. The key challenge is serving for vernacular users with low bandwidth connectivity. Our main users are located in two tier cities and we would be solving problems for them. This segment is very interesting with unique culture, language and mindsets. We have unique design and research methodologies to focus on this segment,” asserts Moumita.

Data Driven User Centric Designs
Creative pursuits are subjective rather than being objective, therefore no two project requirements or solutions can be alike. Similarly, every organization and its business challenges are unique, which requires a different approach each time. Having imbibed this philosophy in its very DNA, Proye Design approaches every project with a fresh perspective and tackles every brief with an open mind. The process begins with a dialogue between the team and the client. Having spent ample time with the client understanding their business challenges, the Proye Design team takes a call if they see a potential in the problem to work with. Highly selective about picking projects, the firm suggests solutions to tackle the client’s business challenges. Thinking in terms of wider and varied avenues of design, the team is in its element when it begins a project with a larger view of what is possible.

Since every design is ultimately meant for the end user, the firm keeps them in mind while designing. Focused on delivering user centric designs, the team first conducts a thorough research about the consumers, understands them, their culture, background, and their needs. “India is a diverse country and we understand that different regions have different requirements, so we come up with varied architectures that are derived based on the end consumer’s culture. We conduct a
thorough ethnography study and apply the findings while designing different products,” elaborates Moumita.

It all starts with the client’s vision for the design. Keeping in mind the stakeholder’s vision, the Proye Design team leverages vast amounts of data to derive actionable insight into understanding the consumer demographic. While the amount of data available can be overwhelming, the company specializes in skimming through and organization the data in order to aligning it with the client’s vision.

Diverse Team of Creative Powerhouses
The plethora of design services are brought to life by a truly multidisciplinary team that consists of architects, UX & UI designers, artists, animators and business experts. For an instance, while working on designing a food truck from a client, Proye Design successfully conducted space planning, interiors and branding, while also designing the entire food experience along with the company’s mobile application. The project was brought to life through the combined efforts of an artist, architect and a brand manager. Having delivered various success stories akin to this, the Proye Design team builds on years of working experience and a strong educational pedigree. “We are experts. When you choose us, you don’t just get one head but a team of experts with many years of combined creative and strategic experience,” sums up Moumita. Her leadership skills are backed by the operational wisdom of Himadri Majumder, who is also a co-founder. Proye Design’s core team also includes Tanmoy Gupta, Marketing & Accounts Management, Jishu Ghosh, Project Management & Deliverables and D.L. Naskar, Finance & Accounts. The entire team is mentored by Snehal Ghag.

"When you choose us, you don’t just get one head but a team of experts with many years of combined creative and strategic experience"

With the combined expertise of the team, Proye Design has amassed a massive clientele that includes names such as ZetaCloud, smarthive, Actify Data Lab, Raasta Films, Udaan, Health Minds, Ayata Intelligence, Godrej, VitaCloud, Corestack, Thermofisher, Indulgeville, JAS Chocolates, Loadshare and Plus TV among others. Letting its good work speak for itself, the firm does not invest a lot of time in marketing efforts and has gained most of its projects through positive word of mouth. Selective about picking projects to work on, Proye Design invests a lot of thought into its work.

Having inculcated an open and collaborative environment to work in, Proye Design is now entering a new phase of growth. While looking forward to continue with its design services, the firm is also looking to enter the product development sector. Additionally, the team is also working on a social initiative in the healthcare segment which will be launched in the next few months. With its heart and soul invested in each project, Proye Design is creating lasting stories and helping build successful organizations.

Key Management:
Moumita N M, Founder & Brand Strategist
An alumnus from the prestigious IIT Guwahati, Moumita has a keen eye for design and incorporates it while designing strategy for every project. Armed with a Masters of Design in Visual Communication Design and Bachelors of Architecture, she builds lasting relationships with clients and ensures that every project is delivered on time.

Brand Management, Brand Positioning, Marketing, Corporate Gifting, UX & UI Design, Website Design, Application Design, Animation, Architecture & Interior, Product Packaging, and Retail Experience Design