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Pushpendra Gautam, Chief Creative Officer

Pushpendra Gautam

Chief Creative Officer

A blog is neither a record nor a review. Most people think of blogging to be one of the two things, confessional or helpful. It is neither, but includes the elements of both. A photography blog particularly can help inspire you to get out of that stale rut and grow as a photographer because you will naturally want to share something new and exciting. Knowing that people are viewing your photography blog is a great motivator to post a better photo today than you did last week. & Pushpendra Gautam are such popular and inspiring blogs owned by Pushpendra Gautam. & Pushpendra were established in the year 2018. Pushpendra started-off with this website when he visited one of his colleague's wedding, where he had taken his camera. The photos turned out to be better than the professional photographer they hired. Just after the wedding, his friend recommended Pushpendra to her friends, and that's how he started shooting and blogging professionally via and Pushpendra Gautam. His work has won him various awards including in India's Top 50 Photographers and Nomination for Canon Better Photography Photographer of the Year Award, Top 20 Photographers and Blogger in Delhi. Pushpendra also cherishes having won the National Photography Exhibition. He had his doubts while starting out, but Pushpendra
was met with immense support from his friends and family. Patience, Persistence and Perspiration have been Pushpendra's motto for success.

Exciting Portfolio
The blogs in and Pushpendra Gautam have been featured amongst the Top 10 in Delhi and Top 50 in India and featured across Times of India, The Hindu, Better Photography, Your Story and Lonely Planet. "Travelling is to explore your self and embrace the unknown. It also makes us a better individual, makes us feel and guides us in life when we explore strange horizons," expresses Pushpendra.

Content Is The King, And The Pictures Are The Heart Of The Content

Pushpendra says that one of their strategies is to deliver what is required and what the market is looking for. An element of surprise and out-of-the-box content always helps, but they try to keep it with in 25 percent of offering. They also provide Travel Prints and Stock photos via Pushpendra Gautam. They create some of the best memories of a lifetime via For the last travel blogging assignment to Vietnam, Pushpendra's crew was able to deliver the project within 15 days. The agency and client were delighted with the engagement and deliverables from Pushpendra Gautam.

Sharing his philosophy for truthful/trustful business, Pushpendra says, "Content is the king, and the pictures are the heart of the content. A happy customer is worth $1000 in advertising. Also, it's essential to upgrade and reinvent oneself with changing trends and situations and give the audience something to cherish each time. One of his Travel help blogs where we help/assist people plan their trips to far off locations has been helpful".