Sky Technologies: Pioneers of the Indian Drone Services Industry

Sanket Jejani,FounderDrones can be used for many useful purposes. Drones are an excellent idea for getting aerial photography done. In addition to Aerial photography, Drone technology finds its application across a diverse range of industrial sectors right from railways, power lines sector, and agriculture to military and defense purposes. Drones have the potential to offer manifold services that include 3D mapping, aerial surveillance, and aerial videography to name a few that not only saves a lot of energy, time and resources in terms of workforce usage but also prevents the loss of lakhs and crores of rupees by detecting inadequacies.

For Sanket Jejani, Founder of Nagpur- based Sky Technologies, working with Drones had always been a passion or a hobby inherited from his father ­ a commercial pilot license holder and an expert at Aeromodelling of remote-controlled helicopters, planes and drones. Very fond of remote-controlled planes since early childhood, Sanket Jejani would venture deeper into Drone technology and eventually carve out a business idea out of it in the form of Sky Technologies in the year 2015.

At the time when Sanket Jejani first ventured into the Drone Services domain, the technology was still at its infant stages in India. After navigating through the initial hardships of making Government bodies and agencies realize the true potential of Drones, and the various benefits Drones can bring forth to the table, Sky Technologies eventually reached new heights in the Drone services sector.

Catering specifically to Government departments and agencies, Sky Technologies would go on to complete many pilot projects for the Indian government departments which include a 5000 Km aerial surveillance for Indian railways back in 2016-17, surveillance done for Nagpur metro rail and an inspection of approximately 45,000 km of power lines for the Maharashtra state power board ­ MIDC among many other prominent pilot projects. These achievements have made Sky Technologies one of the oldest companies in India, offering a comprehensive set of Drone services. Today, Sky Technologies is undertaking pilot projects worth 10 Crores on a regular basis.

Offering A Complete Solution Anything Related To Drone.
At its core, Sky Technologies covers four major aspects within the Drone Industry that include - 1) Drone Survey 2) Drone Inspection 3) Drone Manufacturing, and 4) Anti-drone Systems.

• Drone Surveys: Drone surveys mainly involve 3D mapping and Aerial Videography. In this regard, Sky Technologies helped the Indian railways to get a regular view of their projects from a height. It enabled Indian Railways to understand the extent of their
land boundary, Health of their tracks, and also in what manner the electrical poles are lined up. Sky Technologies also helped the Indian railways re-develop five major Indian railway stations specially sanctioned by the Prime Minister of India. Based on the survey conducted by Sky Technologies, projects worth thousands of crores have been allotted to companies like Tata, Adani and L&T.

Similarly, the National Highway Association of India (NHAI) used Drones developed by Sky Technologies to identify potholes, view divider alignment, and watch the progress of highway construction.

City municipal departments also found significant usage in the Drones developed by Sky Technologies. Once such surveys are completed, the Municipal Corporations get the entire model of the city in their computers. This enables Municipal Corporations to identify the actual. height of any building. It helps a great deal in the tax assessment.

• Drone Inspection: Drone inspection involves the utilization of Drones for Thermography that can be used in Power Plants, Solar Panel Inspections to Powerline inspection, pipeline monitoring, air pollution monitoring and also identifying or measuring stocks of natural gas and coal deposits.

For Transco's MSETCL which has over 45,000 Kms of powerlines spread across the state ­ Sky Technologies within a span of just 6 hours immediately identified some faulty towers for one location (Zone Office) with capabilities such as zoom and thermal imagery. A task which would have otherwise required 100 workers inspecting manually to reach the faulty towers by travelling through private farmlands, muddy and undulating terrain, all the while risking their lives by climbing high voltage towers.

The national highway association of India (NHAI) used drones developed by sky technologies to identify potholes, view divider alignment, and watch the progress of highway construction

Same holds true for Solar power plants as well. Sky Technologies has completed orders for NTPC, that has Solar power plants spread across 500 acres of land. It becomes a nay impossible task to walk and inspect the entire power panels spread across such vast distances. Once a Drone is used, within 1-hour Sky Technologies have the capability to identify faults in the solar panels. This way Solar Power plants can save crores of Rupees as hundreds of Kilowatts costs in lakhs.

Drones Manufacturing:
The Transco, Police, CRPF, NDRF, BSF, Forest and the Indian Army have extensively used Drones developed by Sky Technologies.

Different drones are used for different customized solutions like surveillance drone for Police and CAPF, Long Endurance Drone for forest and BSF.

Payload carrying drones are being developed for Indian Army for supplies (medicine and ammunitions) transfer to camp under hard to reach locations.

Mini ultralight weight drones are used by many organization for stealth purpose and for portability of equipment.

For Transco's Anti ­ EMF drones are modified so that they can sustain under high magnetic field sub-station 765kv area and carry out inspection easily.

Anti-drone Systems: In view of all the latest happenings within the Drone sector and the Drone Industry growing in a massive scale, Sky Technologies under the leadership of Sanket Jejani has developed an in-house Anti Drone System with help of foreign partners and technology transfer. A one-of-a-kind multipurpose Drone vehicle that has been fitted with anti-drone system, that can detect any unwanted Drones entering a radius of 3-5 Km. The Anti-drone vehicle is equipped with thermal and visual cameras coupled with a drone launching and take-off point. The Anti-drone system creates a 3-5 km of virtual Fence. Within that 3 to 5 Km of range, no drone can enter. By this way, an entire radius of 3-5 km is protected from unwanted drone activities. This is the next big thing Sky Technologies is focusing on says Sanket Jejani, Founder.