SOUL by weekly: A Webzine Styling Pages to Proffer Life-Like Experiences

Pratima Gupta,Founder & Chief Editor
Pratima Gupta, Founder& Chief Editor

There is no better way than to invest time in reading a magazine especially when you have time on your hands. Serving no excuses, current online trends have hacked into making webzines, online podiums with unlimited access to information of every kind. Building up on these lines, SOUL by weekly is a new venture that seeks to treat its audience with information from every walk of life. Launched in 2015, the webzine claims democratic attributes to the female population; “SOUL is a webmag of the women, for the women and by the women,” asserts Pratima Gupta, Founder & Chief Editor, SOUL by weekly.

A passionate designer with an aim to get the right kind of education and exposure, Pratima completed her Master of Design from IDC, IIT Bombay. She nurtured her experiences working with international firms and absorbed the knowledge of design and communication for more than two decades. With a desire to celebrate design through writing, showcasing
designers' works and documenting the best of creations in interiors & home decor, fashion and styling, she initiated the launch of her digital magazine - SOUL by weekly that envisioned healthy associations with its readers and subscribers. As staunch philanthropic believer, she also began the WAVE Foundation to mobilize a connection with the under-privileged segments of the society.

"SOUL is a webmag of the women, for the women and by the women"

Keeping Up With the Crowd
Curetting a crisp content endowed with rich visual treats being its secret sauce, the webzine highlights those facets that can keep its readers glued to each page, and bestows upon them the privilege to live moments of enticing lifestyles. Heeding to the interests of its young reader population, SOUL spices up its content by including relevant brand endorsements, promotions and product reviews, thus weighing a balance between mere reading and encouraging its readers to become a part of its vogue.

With an international wave to its recognition record, the webzine's readers trail from India, US, Scandinavian countries, EU and other English speaking countries. Possessing not just the young reader’s crowd but also a work culture that is governed by young-minds who are well-versed in current trends and technology,
the webzine generates a standard that is matchless when it comes to producing fresh-cut contents that appeal to the majority of the population. Having a piece of pure information for every kind of reader, SOUL produces a fair judgment of understanding, depicting both sides of the coin for every genre, thereby endowing its readers with a broad perspective.

Hiking New Heights
Following a seemingly casual work ethic, the webzine’s team is ever-open to healthy criticism, always looking at merit from critical viewpoints to draw the webzine to a momentous state of pride. Gaining a major portion of its revenue from mainly product and brand reviews, SOUL looks ahead with new prospects of making a bigger difference by trading to e-Commerce and ensuring a rapid content delivery.

The webzine has completed three years with over 800 publications and stays on track with an up-to-date source of interesting information that well manages to hold a crowd seeking to upgrade livelihood with a touch of sophistication. By encompassing flamboyant themes with a rich visual catch that capture attention, SOUL by weekly enjoys comments from its global audience and capacitates to leave not just them but its employees too with a satisfying experience, that they could carry on beyond their little comfort zones.