Sree Varahhas Technologies: Providing Customized Automation Solutions Across All Aspects Of Design & Manufacturing

T. Srinivas Kumar, Founder & CEO,A.Vijay Bhaskar, Director

T. Srinivas Kumar

Founder & CEO

The concept of `Automation of CAD/CAM/CAE services' in the areas of Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing, has been gaining prominence since the last decade. The idea of developing complex, high-quality products with a lean team in a short time frame is a lucrative concept to OEMs across the globe.

The best approach to implement this concept is to automate mundane CAD/CAM/CAE tasks such as quality checking, which are mandatory, tedious, and time-consuming. Automating regular day-to-day tasks such as these improves the product quality and prevents any last-minute surprises in the manufacturing stage.

Realizing that automation is the future of Engineering services, Sree Varahhas Technologies (SREE VARAHHAS), a premier engineering design company based out of Hyderabad, has been focusing on the critical areas of automation for the past 7 years. The company has been developing Generic Solutions as well as customer-specific tools, on `NX' - the high-end CAD/CAM/CAE platform from SIEMENS, to help customers realize these benefits and address the specific challenges prevalent in the aerospace, automotive, and heavy engineering sectors.

A.Vijay Bhaskar, Directo­ Technical

The SREE VARAHHAS automation tools are easily configurable and can be tweaked by the clients to suit their requirements without requiring additional programming effort. In addition to that, the scalability of the automation tools developed by SREE VARAHHAS allows new items to come into the ambit of the existing solutions. This minimizes the programming effort required to keep the tool relevant. Most importantly, integrating the tools developed at SREE VARAHHAS for various CAD/CAM/CAE activities creates a single product that connects the islands of automation in a sea of engineering CAD/CAM/CAE processes.

These features of the tools developed at Sree Varahhas Technologies have enabled the company to evolve its automation solutions as per the clients' changing requirements.

Integrated Packages That Maximizes Engineering Automation
Sree Varahhas focuses on delivering customizable automation tools that integrate all the aspects of design and manufacturing in a single package. The automation tools developed at Sree Varahhas Technologies offer a wide array of benefits to the CAD/CAM/CAEprocesses of engineering. Some of the high-end integration services offered at SREE VARAHHAS is summarized below:

Integration of Checklists to the CAD Models:
This service integrates the Product Quality Checklists, Design Reviews, DFMEA & PFMEA Checklists with the CAD models, which helps track and store the relevant information in one place. Access control is provided for the designated people who can review these reports.

Combining Visual Reports with HTML Reports:
Any typical review of a product inside a CAD environment provides a report in the form of a long text file. It makes it difficult for managers to review and correlate the report to the product data. Sree Varahhas has adopted an innovative method to generate these reports in HTML format. A smart segregation approach is adopted to classify the data and help the users effectively review the report. This report will also be a permanent record attached to the NX files to be sent to higher authorities. Generally, this HTML report is outside the NX environment. For a better interpretation of the report, Sree Varahhas also provides a visual report inside NX through the specialized tools developed. These visual reports highlight the problems and the help in correlating them to the respective NX entities.

Automatic Hole / Blend / Chamfer Detection from a Non-Parametric Body
When one receives a dumb CAD model without any parameters, it becomes challenging to understand its features. Sree Varahhas has developed a novel approach that automatically identifies feature types such as simple holes, counter boreholes, countersink holes, blends, and chamfers, and extracts their feature parameters. The soft-ware tool developed is handy for in-puts review and the subsequent manufacturing process planning.

Automated Reverse Engineering
Tool and Die industry generally receive the Product 3D Models from Clients in various CAD products in the form of dumb models. These are required to create the corresponding die designs. This process involves the recreation of a parametric model from the given dumb model. This parametric mpdel can then be tweaked for manufacturing requirements. Most of the time, this recreation is a painful and long manual process.

Sree Varahhas has developed a software that automates the surface by surface recreation of the dumb model into a parametric model. Then this model can be modified as per manufacturing requirements in a much shorter time frame.

G4SL Toolkit- A One-Stop, Customizable NX Plug-In
Sree Varahhas has consolidated all its automation tools into a flagship product called `G4SL Toolkit'. The flagship product `G4SL Toolkit' is a customizable NX plug-in tool, which helps organizations increase the design quality and designer productivity. This flagship tool has been developed and enhanced over the last seven years and is ready for global launch as an implementation
service. The G4SL Toolkit has several proven solutions to eliminate the common problems faced by the engineering industry. It is a one-stop solution that offers all CAD/CAM/CAE automation benefits.

From developing a Satellite Panel Layout Software for ISRO, to automate the processes of 3D modeling, Assembly Creation, Assembly Validation, and report generation as its first major project ­ the team at SREE VARAHHAS has come a long way to reach a significant threshold in CAD/CAM/CAE automation for engineering processes.

The expertise gained over the years, has enabled the team at SREE VARAHHAS to execute important analysis projects for prominent alloy wheel manufacturers, and to work on major modeling projects for Nuclear Power Plant equipment validation and visualization, involving the activities of large assembly creation, VR & animations to visualize the Product Assembly and Product Functioning.

The knowledgeable team of Consultants at Sree Varahhas Technologies has an illustrious history of providing NX trainings to clients across India, the US, UK, China, Japan, and the Philippines. Additionally, SREE VARAHHAS's training programs are well regarded for providing knowledge to the participants in an interactive and entertaining manner.

TR Krishnamohan Dy.GM & Head of Production Synergies Castings

A Robust Future Roadmap Ahead:
Sree Varahhas understands the current industry's dynamic state and its demands and started teaming up with local manufacturing industries to provide design and manufacturing services as a complete package.

Furthermore, the company started offering automation services and solutions in a cost-effective manner to industries looking to carry out in-house engineering activities. COVID-19 has adversely affected all industries. The worst-hit among them are the aerospace, automotive, and Oil & Gas industries. In the current scenario, all the organizations are looking to carry out their design activities with a lean team and in a short time frame.

In this respect Sree Varahhas offers cost-effective Offshore Development Centres (ODCs) for global clients.

Keeping that in mind, the vision is to transform Sree Varahhas from a high-end engineering services provider into a one-stop solutions provider.

The flagship G4SL Toolkit is in a continuous process of evolution with spinoffs into multiple domain-specific products for the design such as:
• Complete Satellite Design
• Boiler Design
• Transformer Design
• Fixture Design
• Medical Implants Design
• Reverse Engineering S/w
Thus, Sree Varahhas is future-ready with its plans to integrate AI and ML with its automation solutions to provide significant benefits for the clients.

Anand Phadnis, India Partner Presale Solution Consultant Siemens Industry Software (India)

Srinivas Kumar, Founder & CEO
Srinivas Kumar is a SIEMENS Certified Professional with 22 Years of Overall Experience in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM in SIEMENS PLM Products, with technical account management as the primary responsibility, focusing on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through effective implementation of CAD/CAM solutions & services in Aerospace & Automotive verticals. He is resourceful in all areas of Engineering Services marketing. With the ability to understand customer pain areas, Srinivas suggests appropriate solutions and services consistently to ensure long term associations with all clients. He is a capable leader to carry the internal team and the external customers through clear vision and ethical & transparent interactions.

The Sree Varahhas automation tools are easily configurable and can be tweaked by the clients to suit their requirements without requiring additional programming effort

A.Vijay Bhaskar, Director ­ Technical
Vijay Bhaskar is a Post Graduate (M. Tech) from IIT, Chennai and a SIEMENS Certified professional with 36 Years of Overall Experience and 32 Years of CAD/CAM/KBE experience in the Aerospace, Automotive & Engineering Services industries.

He is responsible for Engineering Services covering the activities of Product Design, Design Automation, Tool Design & Manufacturing, with the focus on optimal product quality, manufacturability (DFM) and cost (Value Engineering) aspects, along with an excellent track record in the training and development of internal resources to meet the client requirements and expectations.

Vijay Bhaskar is highly experienced in Design Automation and is well versed in the processes of Requirements Capture, System Architecture Design, Project Management, and Delivery.

He is a consultant with successful CAD/CAM trainings & implementations for clients in the US, UK, China, Japan & India.

“In this respect Sree Varahhas offers cost-effective offshore development centres (ODCS) for global clients”

TR Krishnamohan Dy.GM & Head of Production Synergies Castings.
"SVT has set up an Integrated Design centre to accentuate the efforts of our ENGINEERING Design endeavours in Alloy wheel Design and Development meeting and surpassing global automotive OEM customer needs. Leveraging many years of their Engineering Management experience, SVT helps us improve Engineering Department processes, planning and capabilities in Product Design, Finite Element analysis & Process Engineering viz Casting Simulation and Tool path generation (CAD / CAM / CAE & PLM) yielding significant benefits including:
• Shorter Lead Times - Improved Customer Satisfaction - Improved Visibility
• Appropriate Delegation - Greater Staff Retention - Improved Quality
• Improved Training - Innovation Improvements - Reduced Costs
• Confidence in Conformance

In order to focus on making our Engineering team more effective and easier to Manage, SVT has developed a customized Nx integrated Tool Kit; delivering tangible competitive advantage to the business."

Anand Phadnis, India Partner Presale Solution Consultant Siemens Industry Software (India)
"I had an opportunity to review the capabilities of `G4SL Toolkit' developed by Sree Varahhas Technologies. This Toolkit is a unique product, with several interesting tools. I am particularly impressed by the following Tools:
• Engineering Change Management - Dimension Inspection
• Reverse Engineering Module - Downstream Applications
These tools offer excellent benefits of enhanced productivity, Improved quality of the information as required by the manufacturing industries.

Appreciate the effort of the entire Sree Varahhas technologies team under the guidance of Srinivas Kumar."