Srishti: Winning Clients’ Business while Brand Building

Corporate Presentations are the key to any business, where it is used to present the company strengths & capabilities, as well as generate an impact with the audience towards business growth. Many of the companies haven’t opted for a professional, strategically curated presentation. Presentations which aren’t well designed/curated do convey the message, but do not make an impact or convert the audience when presented. A presentation is not just content-based slides or a graphic to convey a message, but it is the most powerful tool a business should have. If the need of a proper presentation is not considered important or focused in a right manner, its seemingly stunning slides fail to secure rewards. Especially, micro enterprises, corporate organizations and startups that look for cost-cutting, actually slit its success.

Enabling enterprises to deliver a professional outlook of their organizational culture & strength, Srishti, a premium creative design service agency based in Bengaluru, identifies, strategizes, ideates, etiquettes, based on the target audiences and suggests methods best suitable for its clients, to render precise & accurate tailored services that not only escalates clients’ business, but also build a Brand image. Enterprises like Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Bio Innovation Centre, Aris Global, Centum Electronics, BEL, Triveni Turbines, Eigen, DWTC, Software Technology Parks of India and many other frequently look to engage its services.

Precise & Accurate Presentations that Produce Impact
Development of a service at Srishti starts with re-flux, ideation, understanding the target audience and the various facets of the presentation. Utilizing the key aspects from their research, the proficient & practiced team at Srishti strategizes, plans and designs concepts to capture audiences’ hearts, thus creating a customer base for its clients. Through a multitude of offerings including power-point presentations, video presentations, keynote presentations, and conceptualization & production of corporate movies, developed with proper story line,
graphics and motion graphics, Srishti ensures a quality output is rendered. Futuristic technologies like augmented reality (AR) & virtual reality (VR) are also a part of the solutions that Srishti offers. The firm highlights its clients and provides them an edge over its competitors, besides providing them with a higher platform.

Satya G N,Managing Director

Equipped with the best in creativity, abreast with latest technologies, possessing an extensive experience across all domains of presentation and designing such as brand management, strategy & planning, advertising, events & promotion, digital marketing, as well as product packaging, experts at Srishti ensure the highest quality in their work. Through continuous retrospection & introspection within the team, understanding customer issues through feedbacks, they develop deep & narrow understanding on delivering a solution which leaves an impact.

Equipped with the best in creativity, abreast with latest technologies, and possessing an extensive experience across all domains of presentation & creative design, experts at Srishti ensure the highest quality in their work

Having worked with a plethora of diverse industries, Srishti is capable of comprehending all viewpoints & fashioning unique tailored solutions for them, thus elevating the professional pitches & approach of their clients by laying-out a proper structure. This prowess continues to peak via continuous upgradation of skills/ideations through regular workshops, outbound trainings that boost creativity, and rendezvous with latest technologies. The revenue growth of Srishti too continues to pinnacle with the surging number of clients who are conscious & aware about the necessity of proficient and most importantly stunning presentations. Marching forward, the company aims at establishing itself as one of the best corporate presentation design service providers in the country.