StruEngineersIndia: Rapid Precast Project Completion through Advancing Technologies and Structural Engineering Expertise

Suhas Mohol,Managing Director

Suhas Mohol

Managing Director

India is one of the fast-growing economies across the globe. One of the industries that can attest to this growth is the structural engineering domain for precast projects. The rapid growth in urbanization and industrialization, the need for increased speed of construction, surge in mass construction, and rise in construction spending are some of the factors propelling this growth. There have been several developments in precast technology and if leveraged right, along with dimensional accuracy, provision of advanced and unique constructions boasting remarkable quality is possible. However, these projects require adherence to quality and precision whilst ensuring completion within the stipulated time frame.

Perfectly poised to meet and exceed client requirements is StruEngineers India, incepted in 2011 and a subsidiary of Sweden based tech giant StruSoft AB. The company battles every challenge encountered with it's a double-edged sword; a perfect blend of state-of-the-art European technology and a professional team of experts hailing from India. StruSoft AB is a specialized player in the field of Design, 3D BIM Modeling and Production Management. Over the span of over three decades, the company has delivered superior customer satisfaction to
over 1000 customers across 30 countries. This group of companies has emerged from the Sweden-based world-renowned multinational construction and development company, SKANSKA, thus further establishing the trust of its customers.

In conjunction with this, StruEngineers sets itself apart from other engineering service vendors in the market by extending a combination of value engineering services using its very own innovative products. The company's comprehensive suite of products includes IMPACT, FEM- Design, WIN-Statik and VIP-Energy. These value-added solutions have been designed and developed to ensure lower cost structures and increased profitability, while simultaneously adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality for every project.

StruSoft AB is a specialized player in the field of Design, 3D BIM Modeling and Production Management

Meeting the Demands and Drawing Requirements of Every Project
StruEngineers is recognized as an end-to-end service provider for Precast Projects. Some of the key services the company has to offer are Element Drawings that comprise double tees, hollow core slabs, sandwich walls, twin walls, solid walls, beams and columns, Element Calculations that include prestressing and reinforcement, connection details, company standard and codes, and Element Production that entails shop drawings, processes and software integration and automation. In addition to this, the company provides GA/Erection drawings for residential, commercial, industrial and public sector projects. The team also conducts Structural Calculations by using gravity and lateral analysis. Moreover, the company also offers its 2D/3D BIM IFC services that include complete BIM workflow, documentation and project management.

For close to a decade, StruEngineers have catered to a broad spectrum of clients across the globe. The company has in place a team of 40 technically adept engineers and software experts equipped to support every unique project through structural consultancy and value engineering services. Staying abreast of the wave of trending technologies and innovations, the company envisions continuing to positively impact this domain with its portfolio of futuristic products and services.