Sumo Technologies: Leasing The Finest Of IT Infra

Meda Sreedhar,  Founder Chairperson

Meda Sreedhar

Founder Chairperson

In the light of the recent economic drain, organizations have become extremely cautious in terms of the capital investment to run the businesses. Examples in the past have led to an unpredictable environment where companies across the globe have moved from purchasing to renting the IT Infrastructure. It is proven that this is the most economically viable method to achieve the end objectives of the business. Budget allocation for IT and infrastructure procurement becomes minimal if not nil and overheads resulting from useless and redundant infrastructure eradicated all of which results in maximized operational efficiency.

Famed as one of the oldest and very first IT infra rental companies in Bangalore, Sumo Technologies is a one-stop IT, Networking and Storage solutions provider with a generous range of IT products available to satisfy any corporate industry, any quantity and at any time. Sumo Technologies is also a rental specialist for audio visual equipment in both short and long term rental models. Propelled by strong IT teams with Computing, Networking, and storage expertise and a state of the art service bay area, the firm has become the preferred supplier for IT Infra rentals for corporate IT events.

From left to right - Jayaraju (Procurement and Logistics Manager), Gurusharan (Business Head), L H Rao(Business Consultant – Sumo Group), Prasanna Kumar (IT & Services – Manager), Venkatesh (Finance & Accounts Manager), Satish Kumar (GM – Marketing & Sales), Alosious (Director – Sumo Group) Seated – Meda Sreedhar(Founder Chairperson– Sumo Group)

Serving a Comprehensive Range of Clients
Sumo patronages all kinds of rental programs starting from 1 day to many years. The company’s long term customers are those who usually belong to a corporate MNC, SMB and government segments. These customers prefer to avail Sumo’s services with rentals extending to more than a year. The commodities Sumo caters to such customers are Laptops, Desktops, Workstations, Servers, Routers Switches, WiFi solutions, printing solution, Audio Visual devices, and Storage devices. For these segments of customers, Sumo Technologies ensures that the devices are purchased with OEM warranty thereby minimizing the cost of service and 100 percent uptime of devices. Sumo Technologies also deploys a dedicated resident engineer as the quantity of devices reaches a few hundred. More so, given the OEM warranty cover Sumo offers, such customers benefit in terms of durability and sustainability of the devices.

The short term customers usually belong to SME and Startup segments. The rental program for such customers is between 3 months to 9 months. The company’s existing stock is highly preferred by customers looking for cost constrains. Since Sumo possesses ample inventory in all commodities, the customers belonging to this category get to choose from a wide range of products. Customers have testified for the excellent services that have enabled them to complete their business targets and use advanced technology in the future. In addition to that, the rental model serves best for a startup that is looking for a price benefit without meaning to compromise on the services.

Sumo Technologies’ rental offerings also extend to Event management companies requiring equipments for rental duration of 1 day to 1 week. These customers consult Sumo for event related activities like Technical conferences, product launches, seminars and many more. Event management companies seek complete IT infra solutions and Sumo offers innovative solutions covering aspects related to Computing, Networking, Storage Solutions, WiFi solutions, Registration solutions, Audio Visual Solution, and Surveillance systems. The company’s unique solutions include the use of latest technologies which enable the users and clients at the events to experience a flawless execution. From providing upto 1000 computing devices (Desktops/high-end Work stations/Laptops), setting up temporary LAN & WiFi networks (upto 6Sq KM area), providing makeshift Data Centres with latest servers, switching & routing, providing makeshift Media Centres, to offering 24/7 support at the events, setting up touch screen enabled KIOSK’s and registration counters with unique QR+Bar 2D code scanners & printers, Sumo Technologies is adept in catering to any kind of event environment. “Over the years, customers have been highly satisfied with Sumo’s end to end approach to deliver IT infra assignments. We execute numerous events where we deploy hundreds of Laptops and provide makeshift networking solutions”, says Meda Sreedhar, Chairman, Sumo Technologies.
One of Sumo’s major US clients had a requirement of 500 Laptops and to provide WiFi network solution at the event venue. The implementation experts at Sumo used some latest technology in predicting the performance of WiFi signals in an actual event venue by simulating the coverage strength of WiFi signal using sophisticated Heat mapping techniques. Quite obviously, the client was pleasantly happy with the solution and also complimented that this was the first such approach they had witnessed. The event was an immaculate execution ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and delight.

Sumo technologies rental offerings also extend to event management companies requiring equipments for rental duration of 1 day to 1 week

Key Check points in the Journey
In larger scales of projects which required attention to greater details, Sumo Technologies have proven its mettle. One of Sumo Technologies’ clients required 1000 Laptops for a government project across Kerala. All the IT infra rentals providers in South India were hesitant to sign this order considering the complexity in operations and predicted to fail to achieve an ROI from this transaction.

Sumo stepped forward and engaged with the client and ensured that the services were delivered on time. Sumo Technologies planned this project meticulously and expedited deliveries beyond the expectation of the customer. Although the project was scheduled to run for three months, Sumo Technologies also planned and prospected new clients who shall use these 1000 laptops upon return thus proving that Sumo is not hesitant in investing in new projects and also ensuring that the devices can be used for future purposes within a stipulated timeline.

In a similar, equally demanding client venture, Sumo Technologies had to deliver 3000 desktops to a prominent BPO company across India. The requirement was very urgent, leaving Sumo with less time to expedite the order. Installing software in all the 3000 desktops was a crucial challenge. Nevertheless, Sumo Technologies finished installing the software in all 3000 desktops using cutting edge technology. The client was astounded by the rapid completion of the project and appreciated the swift delivery of services.

Through Peculiar Client Requests
Talking about the challenges that Sumo Technologies often comes across while addressing client requirements, the Chairman Meda Sreedhar, explains how few of the clients ask for niche products that are new to the market. Some times, Sumo Technologies finds it difficult to source them given the fact that the devices are not in full production in India. For example, in situations when clients request for Apple Laptop with corei9, octacore processor, Sumo’s suppliers provides the product with a significant delivery lead time. Meanwhile, the client is kept informed about such delays thereby not disturbing client’s confidence.

More often than not, people with scarce knowledge of IT products raise concerns about whether a particular hardware will suffice their software requirement. To overcome this challenge, Sumo Technologies’ marketing and services teams conjointly understand the clients’ precise requirements and recommend hardware accordingly.

Having served a wide array of clients, across a wide spectrum of use cases, Sumo Technologies is actively looking forward to 4 crucial aspects to grow acquiring bigger clients, constantly upgrade IT infra inventory and be ready for any requirement, constantly indulge & learn new technology, and participate in more events & enhance Sumo’s solution modules.

Devices offered under Office Equipment Services:
•All types of printers from Multi Function Printers to High-end High volume printers
•Uninterrupted power supply solutions varying from 5.5 KVa to 100 KVa
•Tabletop Barcode and QR code scanners
•Internet Protocol enabled phones
•Projectors with Screens and Audio Visual products

L Hanumantha Rao, Business Consultant - Sumo Group
An Electrical Engineer Graduate, designer of 32 Bit CPU in ECIL, headed Customer service operations in Digital Equipment India, played a key role in setting up web based worldwide support center for Oracle India operations, Hanumantha Rao comes with impeccable experience and is associated with Meda Sreedhar since over 2 decades now. A business Guru and a leader throughout his career, Rao has been a positive influence in Meda Sreedhar’s Business and Personal life. He has also driven Sumo Technologies with his foolproof plan in expanding businesses in multiple domains such as Real estate, Hospitality, Renewable energy, Corporate Social Responsibilities and many more. In this modern era of Technology, Roa has proved his adaptation skills with the younger generation and has led Sumo Group as a mentor and has stood like a pillar understanding various aspects of new business ideas and innovation.

Alosious C, Director - Sumo Group
An MBA Marketing graduate with over a decade of experience in the Stationery industry. While in Stationery industry, he has been a go-getter, a market penetrator in channel & modern retail domains. He brought his Business charm to Sumo Technologies and has been instrumental in bringing in a multidimensional shift in Business techniques thereby contributing to rapid and massive business growth. He has spearheaded Sumo in adding new verticals like Properties, Solar Energy and Hospitality to name a few. Yet Sumo Technologies is his dearest baby, Alosious believes in leading from the front. While taking IT rental business PAN India, he has also built-in new Business Ideas, Ethics and Culture into the system. His style of function is to onboard quality workforce, train, inspire and empower to get the best results. Thus creating future leaders in the Group. His vision is to put Sumo not just in the Indian map, but also on the globe.

Clients have Testified Sumo’s Thorough Expertise
"There is flexibility in your rental plans, which has helped us to advance with upgraded versions of systems and softwares. Products are priced attractively and team are dynamic at delivery and installation. Consultation with detailed information disclosure has helped us to make best decisions. Multiple options in rental plans has saved our money."