Take A Break Consulting: Boosting Relationships & Productivity through Exciting Activities

Abhimanyu Khanna,COOAnts are rather interesting animals to observe; one can often see them marching in single files, carrying heavy objects with perfect coordination. Not only does their social behaviour boost productivity, but it also opens doors for improvisation and equips the group to deal with unexpected hurdles. What is an ingrained social behaviour in ants stands to teach us humans about the wonders that great teamwork can do. Taking a cue from them, corporates have begun to lay emphasis on finding innovative ways and means to enhance team work, which has given a rise to team bonding exercises.

Making a difference through its innovative approach to team building programs, Take A Break Consulting (TABC) brings to the table unique programs that are appreciated by the employers and employees alike. “Although, team bonding exercises are not taken seriously by most employees, when done right, these exercises can be a valuable investment that can increase productivity, creativity and problem solving,” explains Abhimanyu Khanna, COO, Take A Break Consulting. Setting things right, TABC’s innovative approach encourages employees, leaders and managers to collaborate & work together effectively.

Founded in 2008, the firm has designed a large range of interesting and effective programs for different objectives that ultimately helps teams strengthen relationships and deepen the understanding of individual skill-sets. Armed with a wide roster of programs for team building, employee engagement and employee wellness, TABC is an enthusiastic organization that is poised to be the trendsetter in the team bonding space.

Team Building with a Twist
An organization is often born out of an individual’s vision; but in order to grow, every company requires its employees to work together in complete harmony. In order for colleagues to work well together, they must understand the strengths of the people they work with on a day-to-day basis. TABC achieves this through its specially designed range of game shows that contain the most amusing team building activities that focus on critical skills such as teamwork, stretching of goals, positive approach, one team one vision, situational leadership, time management, effective utilization of resources, decision making, effective communication, and strategy planning, among others. “These skills not only play an important role in our workplace, but also in our day-to-day life. Therefore, we at TABC want our clients, their teams and their organization to benefit by learning through action,” explains Abhimanyu.

The company has designed a host of games and activities that incorporate various elements from scavenger hunts, sports, dramatics, music, dance, cooking, fashion, culture, and general knowledge, among various others. Other than conducting games and activities, team TABC also designs customized programs based on clients’ specific requirements. The end goal is to help employees understand that they are capable of doing much more than they believed they could and boost productivity by inculcating a sense of team work.

Building A Fun Work Place
An average person spends about 90,000 hours at work throughout his entire lifetime; needless to say, workplace often becomes our second home. But what if an employee doesn’t feel at home in his workplace? It starts to show in terms of loss of productivity. Therefore, employee engagement is a crucial factor that companies focus on. Studies suggest that engaged employees develop emotional attachment to their organizations and are highly involved in their job. Such employees work with great enthusiasm for the success of their employer and also go the extra miles beyond the employment contractual agreement. TABC believes that employee engagement not only creates a positive team environment, but also raises morale, boosts confidence, and reduces staff turnover. “Having fun helps maintain the positive attitude towards work, which generates commitment and job satisfaction,” adds Abhimanyu.

In keeping with its belief, TABC renders a wide range of services and programs aimed at inculcating stronger bonds among team members and enhancing team spirit to work effectively. Based on self-learning and team bonding, these activities require out-of-the-norm settings, away from the rigid workstations, structured boardroom tables or classroom/theatre-style arrangements. Providing a much needed break from monotony to employees, these specially designed activities bring about a positive change in the workforce. These activities and games bring people together and help team
members gain more in-depth understanding of each other, which eventually helps in managing differences in personality styles and adds to the greater cohesiveness within an organization. Carried-out without hampering clients’ work schedule, TABC ensures that participants have fun at work, which in-turn makes them more productive and motivated.

A Healthy Workforce Makes a Healthy Company
Other than ensuring that an organization’s workforce stays positive and works in harmony, it is also imperative for companies to foster physical well being of its employees. A report by US’ Centre for Disease Control & Prevention concluded that companies lost $1,685 per employee annually owing to absenteeism. Additionally, 60 percent of the total cost of sick workers incurred by companies was due to employees who come to work while ill, and in total, this costed employers in the $150 billion annually.

Evidently, wellness programs that promote health and wellness among employees could help employers in various ways. TABC believes that a well-designed wellness program can increase productivity, boost morale, and reduce stress. “These programs also help employees make smart and healthy choices that can reduce healthcare costs, increase vitality, and diminish absenteeism,” says Abhimanyu. The firm has designed Stay Fit, which is a wellness program that focuses on promoting good health among employees through various activities that are designed to demonstrate the importance of wellness. Some of the programs are Wellness Sessions, Office Bootcamp, Fitness sessions, Floor Workouts, and many more.

Stay Fit promotes improvement of physical strength, general well-being and stamina among employees, along with fostering better focus at workplace and increased productivity. The program motivates employees and makes them feel cared for. Additionally, employees experience improved relations with coworkers and clients benefit from less absenteeism because of improved health of the employees.

Merging Innovation & Technology
TABC has also embraced technology wholeheartedly and is one of the few outbound activity providers to have developed interactive apps that are designed to engage, motivate and provide insight to users. Having developed apps called murder mystery, corporate escape, spy school, pub explorer, city explorer, the pitch and level up, TABC has something for everyone. “Whether you’re an intrepid explorer looking for your next adventure, or a social butterfly getting your colleagues together for a fun activity with a competitive edge, our interactive technology based games are the perfect action packed solution,” Abhimanyu further explains. While being fun, these apps are also designed to harbor creative problem solving, logic, teamwork & communication skills, memory, general knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and business acumen, among users. Having developed intriguing activities, games and programs, TAB has cemented its position as a pioneer in the team bonding industry.

Although, team bonding exercises are not taken seriously by most employees, when done right, these exercises can be a valuable investment that can increase productivity, creativity and problem solving

“We believe that a master piece creation comes out of constant innovation,” this is what the firm believes in. Moving ahead with this philosophy, TAB designs and organizes each event in a way that every participating individual gets involved and learns something new while also having fun. These activities not only inspire people but also provide a platform where employees can rejuvenate and thus be more productive in their professional and personal life. TAB guarantees creating a lasting effect on employees through its events.

Abhimanyu Khanna, COO
A business graduate, Abhimanyu is passionate for excellence and about everything he does, which makes him different from the rest. His ambition, hard work, dedication towards work, and his endearment towards his team are key to his success. His experience of building and leading teams enables him to bring simple yet powerful leadership, management and team building lessons to the programs he conducts. His excellent eye for detail and spark to invent every minute makes Abhimanyu dynamic.

Offerings: Team Building, Employee Engagement, Tech Simulations & Wellness Programs.

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The firm has already conducted various events and programs for clients from varied verticals such as BFSI, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, educational institutions, IT & Software, real estate & infrastructure, manufacturing, consulting & research, telecom and travel & hospitality among others. TAB’s unique events can be categorized under Teambuilding, Innovation, CSR, Fun Game Shows, Power of Play, Wellness & Just Sports.