Totals Solution: Unparalled Expertise In Ware Housing & Fulfillment Services

Rajesh J. Chiplunkar & Rajesh G. Aiwale,Co-FoundersThe Indian e-Commerce logistics market was valued at $2.9 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $11.5 billion by 2027. The online retailers are partnering with logistics providers to manage issues related to delivery, such as inventory, packaging, shipping, warehousing, and tracking. Significantly, one of the key players providing end-to-end warehousing and fulfillment services is Totals Solution. Totals solution is driven by the mission of providing clients with highly personalized services of unmatched quality.

Totals Solution provides warehouses with configurable and flexible sizes equipped with racking systems, palletization, standardization, leak proof structures, 24-hour security, multi-user facility with infrastructure at optimal locations like Bhiwandi, making the best usage of expertise leading to minimum pilferage and losses forming a small number. When it comes to transportation and logistics solutions, It encompasses the science of efficiently and effectively planning, implementing, and managing procedures.The team is involved at every level,from consultation to planning to local inspections. Regardless of the size of the shipment, it concentrates on providing excellent logistic services. The company manages logistics projects for more than 10000 customers, with the goal of lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

Totals Solution provides a variety of value-added services and can manage both B2B and B2C fulfilment, as well as a variety of sales channels, including Shopify, Amazon, and physical storefronts. Working with Totals Solution also entails entrusting items to experts. The company has a vast team of professionals working on everything from
distribution infrastructure to selecting and packaging to shipping and handling to move the product. The team of experts analyses the client's needs and budget before devising a strategy to meet their requirements.

Totals solution is driven by the mission of providing clients with highly personalized services of unmatched quality

Bringing New Dimension To D2D E-Commerce Order Fulfillment
Direct to consumer(D2C)commerce is gaining traction, but it takes more than a website, marketing team, and online sales channel expert to get started; it requires D2C fulfilment. Totals Solutions is Changing the Way the World Thinks About D2C e-Commerce Order Fulfillment by perfectly grasping the situation. Totals Solution can help brands raise AOV, save hours per week, increase order volume year over year, and free up resources to focus on product development, marketing, and business growth by partnering with them. The company provides businesses with access to 26,000+ pincodes across India, allowing them to expand their distribution through outsourced fulfilment.

In addition, the company has implemented many process improvements to reduce RTOs, manage Non-Delivery Receipts(NDRs),ensure1-2 day deliveries, and more to assist companies compete against other large e-Commerce marketplaces. D2C e-Commerce, B2B, Retail, Manufacturing and Distributors are all served by Total Solutions.“We are a D2C e-Commerce Fulfillment Service with a 24x7 Security System,fire protection and skilled Manpower” signifies Rajesh J. Chiplunkar, Co-Founder of Totals Solution.

Sparkling Future
With the festive season approaching and no end in sight to the crisis, new issues may arise, including lower demand for warehousing. Totals Solution has created a pocket-sized space area that goes from 50 sq. ft. to 100 sq.ft.,500sq.ft. to 1000sq.ft. to 2500 sq.ft and so on, keeping this in mind. This will make it easier for startups and small traders to work with the company for all of their storage and fulfilment needs. "There is add-on benefit to these clients with no deposit, no security, no advance, no lock-in, and more importantly no brokerage. We believe this will give us exponential growth in this fiscal,"concludes Rajesh G.Aiwale, Co-Founder at Totals Solution.