Vijay Parthasarathy: Enabling Leaders To Insulate & Establish Legendary Status Irrespective Of Circumstances & Adversity

Vijay Parthasarathy,FounderWhere IT Began
`What happens to you, you may or may not have control. But what you do with what happens to you, you have One hundred percent control'

This is the Core Paradigm on which Vijay Parthasarathy, bases his entire fabric of operations.

Thomas J. Peters, an American writer on business management practices, once quoted "Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders", and a true endorser of this plain phrase is Vijay Parthasarathy, a Brand Specialist, Global Speaker, and a Leadership & Mind Coach.

Vijay is a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from IITK. But his penchant for marketing and management led him to add on more to his academic knowledge, through enrollment at IIM Ahmedabad where he pursued MBA in Marketing/Marketing Management. This has been furthered by a splendid career with Procter & Gamble, & several other well-established Fortune 500 companies like Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Tata Group, Al Futtaim (Dubai) etc.

Having been a part of the consumer marketing industry for a long time, this Ex-Global CEO in his career of 35+ years has built a repertoire.

Transforming Products to Powerful Brands & Minds To POWERHOUSES, and that includes 75 Brands and 15 Ad Agencies (spanning across 22 countries). The venture that chaperoned him in this pursuit goes by the name Vijay Parthasarathy, and is powered by InTouch Consulting.

The New World Of Business Coaching
Speaking of his foray into the world of Business Coaching, he states, "In today's rapidly evolving business environment where business models are being disrupted by the hour, growth isn't just about building value-it's fundamental to outdo the business competition through not just innovation but through a new dimensional thinking." So, how do organizations not just sustain themselves but also take to the skies?? How do the leaders stay abreast of the trends and side step market competition quick-wittedly still remaining sane despite personal adversities? The key lies in developing business skills ALONG with life skills that adorn one with the dexterity to overcome any challenges life and business environment throws at us.

However, it's never an easy thing. Challenges are unique for different people. Vijay confesses "Even I have rowed the stream of severe depression and anxiety disorders, but have bounced back even stronger, with tremendous amounts of power & energy (understanding the knows and how of the problems) with the guided help from global experts. Willingly, it was after that, I decided to utilize this personal experience for helping others- leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals, in their journey to stand out and make a difference. My mission is to empower over a 100,000 people, to what I call, `Shine Like Diamonds In The Sky'. It's been my Single biggest driver."

He is also an Art of Living, NLP & Reiki 2nd Level Practitioner and holds Brahmakumar is Meditations, Hypnotherapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (A.C.T)., and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C.B.T) certifications.

The Differential Transformation Approach: Power Of The Golden Ladder
Breathing the tagline `Energizing Brands | Elevating Minds', the company serves as an intellectual leaven for its coaches, empowering their minds (Mind Coaching) with Awareness & Mindful thinking and enhancing their business insights through a unique model of Business Coaching.

Formally, his Business Coaching vertical has four different programs- One-to-One, One-to-Many, Specific Corporate Business Consulting, and Internet-based Consulting
(recently included since COVID), while Mind Coaching has a single coaching program- One-to-One.

These diligently crafted programs are a complete mix of the pedigree of education from IIT & IIMA, expert corporate level global experience (acquired) from well-established organizations & brands, and Vijay's personal journey from depression to an infectious energizing mindset. Moreover, at the end of every coaching Session, there's deep dive handholding, through Implementation, aptly christened EMPOWR, which helps clients develop a sense of self-belief and confidence that he/she can achieve anything & they can transform to be the best there is.

Vijay avers, "Our prime objective is not just to generate a temporary sales and blip in market share, but help clients create a complete DNA change for their products and establish them as legendary brands. Thus, our client list includes the organizations or individuals who are wired to vibrate at a completely different frequency level".

Also, today where rapidly changing consumer behavior is the order of the day, for most organizational leaders' business strategy formulation and decision making, Vijay strives to lead them along the `road less travelled' touting effective business solutions that are exclusive to their brand building.

The proprietary SIX STEP GOLDEN LADDER blueprint is one of the major guides to his inducive initiative in the field, The Golden Ladder enunciates the Concept that each one has to have their true success based on both legs of a ladder, not just one, as often seen.

One, the hardware of knowledge, education, hardwork etc. Second, the more important leg, of software, which is the MIND. He says that we all have been provided with the greatest instrument between our ears but without an instruction manual. Unless both are taken care of, the ladder is bound to fall at some time. Vijay's journey is in helping each one recognizing and implementing that instruction manual.

Next come the SIX STEPS of the GOLDEN LADDER, where each step is a foothold to enter the gates of that esoteric world where the Legends vibrate. A place where True Freedom and True Power exist. Where one can harness the ultimate inner core to be able to MANIFEST each one's deepest desires.

The Single Uniqueness Of This Venture
His company is probably the only one of its kind in the country which comes with the highest global standards for each of the legs.

On the hardware side, through personal experience of the best of education and corporate know how and On the software side, through the greatest personal insights of the nuances of the mind. And how one can re-script and re-program the DNA and subconscious so as to be able to tune to the highest frequency and thereby achieve almost impossible results.

Weaved through all this is a precise milestone-based checklist that includes the company's or individual's core values, what it stands for. Like Jim Collins says, `the reason why they exist'. And a clear future roadmap that makes the process even easier and goals even clearer to achieve. Whatever business field the client is in, he ensures to make them stand out in the industry within the shortest of time, irrespective of competition. Also, to be ahead of everyone, Vijay and his team have fervidly sidestepped the norm, and helped products transform into legendary brands- deploying the 80-20-80 rule, A.R.T. of communication, (Acquisition, Retention and Transference) formula, where he believes that for a business to be truly successful, post covid, it should spend 80 percent of its time on 20% of the clients who generate 80 percent of the business. In this evolves the Revenue cum Stickiness concept, the RPF (Revenue Protection Factor) model, and SPF (Stickiness Protection Factor) model.

The RPF/SPF model is a step further in the famous BCG model blueprint.

The Road Ahead
In the recent times of COVID, to serve the business community and individuals better, Vijay has created an entire range of online-based coaching systems through exceptionally powerful and hi-energy webinars. According to him, these, in just 90 minutes these have the power of 100 hours of standard closed room sessions. Over 3,500 people have felt this transformation in the past 13-14 months of covid ridden period.

Growing organically until now, he aspires to take his venture to the next level, encompassing far more exciting avenues as `Negotiation & Conflict Resolution', Communication effectiveness and more and scale his Revenues to $25 million by 2025. The company also has plans of globally expanding with an office in New York and another franchised operation in London. The coming times at is surely going to be both exciting and adventurous.

Vijay is an IIT Kanpur, IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus with over 35 years Global experience in Corporate Strategy and Brand Building, out of which 20 years he has been at the CEO level. He has worked with over 75 Brands and 15 Agencies across 22 countries and has the unique distinction of creating a Startup in an Internationally competitive market, beating all odds to make it a Global Winner in a very short period of time. His experience spans across FMCG, Consumer Durables/Electronics, OTC Pharma, Telecom, B2B, Building Finishes and Knowledge Management industry verticals both under User-base and User-Influencer base level.

Location: Bangalore

Awards & Recognitions: Global Knowledge Management Award , M.A.K.E (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) @ Eureka ForbesChosen as `among the top 100 global leaders of 2021' by PeopleHum organization.