Virtual Employee: First-of-its-Kind Online Employee Supermarket Outsourcing Business Flexibility, Efficiency & Affordability

Narinder Mahil,Co-Founder & CEO

Narinder Mahil

Co-Founder & CEO

Outsourcing, a breakthrough trend in the IT industry, accelerated the growth momentum of MNCs by providing them easy access to an affordable and competitive talent pool through its flexible and economical business model. Unlike MNCs, however, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) suffer extensive pocket-pinching, as they get chained to one vendor who charges a handsome amount for micro-modifications that involve multiple hierarchal approaches. This eventually results in expensive hours for project completion with no control of the SMB over project in progress. On the flip side, India has a massive English-speaking talent pool that offers a spectrum of outsourced services at competitive costs; but setting-up an offshore office in India is not for the faint-hearted!

Addressing this huge gap in the market, Noida-based Virtual Employee steps-in as a game changer and opens new arenas of opportunities for SMBs. It offers virtual assistant services and cost-effective offshoring solutions to hundreds of SMBs across North America & Europe, and connects their business requirements with India’s vast talent potential. “With Virtual Employee, SMBs get to retain control over their projects and make big savings. Since we have the most cost-effective model in the business today, they can actually setup their own ‘offshore office’ in India with as little as one employee, zero investment cost and enjoy the flexibility to scale-up and down the size of their team,” asserts Narinder Mahil, Co-Founder, Virtual Employee.

Since its inception in 2007, Virtual Employee has grown from a strength of merely five employees to a 900+ workforce, and has partnered with over 2021 clients across 30 countries. The company delivers skilled services for nearly 150 domains (both IT & non-IT) such as software development and programming, content writing, internet marketing, mobile application development, graphics designing, web designing, multimedia and animation, medical & legal processes, law, & many more, including rare and niche skills.

One Virtual Employee, Multiple Business Operations
Pillared on a quadruple concept, Virtual Employee is the world’s first-of-its-kind online employee supermarket that offers SMBs the freedom to hire anyone in any domain/industry. Along with having full control and complete choice over whom they hire, the client also enjoys Virtual Employee’s in-house staff services for HR, accounts, IT support, management and other operations as the company acts as the SMB’s ‘offshore office in India’. Concurrently, it oversees the daily nitty-gritty of office management and manages the dedicated employees for the client so that they are free to focus purely on work.

The beauty and strength of Virtual Employee’s services lie in its unique and highly flexible business model that encircles client’s requirements and ensures bespoke servicing, right from sourcing specific employees to building special cabins and workstations for the client’s virtual team in India. “The client is involved at every step of the hiring process, handpicks screened resumes, interviews candidates and only when satisfied, hires the perfect employee,” affirms Shaunvir Mahil, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Virtual Employee.
Explaining Virtual Employee’s unique business proposition, Shaunvir continues, “With us, the client is not really outsourcing but retaining full control over their work as well as their employee who works exactly like an in-house resource. They get a customized office and a customized employee/team, tailored to their specific requirements”. The company hires candidates from the NCR region, PAN India geographies and caters to every niche, specific clientele requirements, including skills that are not easily available in the client’s country of origin. While the emphasis on scalability, affordability and freedom fosters innovation and experimentation, the company’s in-house IT teams’ expertise in offering software development and programming along with PHP, .Net, Mobile Apps, Embedded Engineering, Python, Xamarin, Web development and Web & Graphics Designing adds volumes to Virtual Employee’s excellence.

"With Virtual Employee, SMBs get to retain control over their projects and make big savings"

Virtual Employee’s ‘pay as you consume’ approach has won it not just a growing client bases, but also return clients, a fact best illustrated by its 100+ client testimonials and videos – the most in the offshore outsourcing industry.

Customer-Centric Approach, Cost-Effective Solution
Unreliable freelancers abandoning projects midway, rogue vendors cheating huge profits, exorbitant salaries for local talent, and nudging deadlines often steamrolls a client’s project accomplishments – a scenario Virtual Employee avoids at all costs. It offers quick, cost-effective solutions and handholds clients in finding local talent with the right skills. Instead of working with some faceless, nameless freelancer, the client works with an employee, has complete command over the work &resources, and enjoys working with offshore, dedicated resources, enjoying the highest level of commitment and dedication. Zero recruitment fees, zero overheads, no infrastructure cost, and zero vexation regarding employee leaves, taxes, accounts, payroll and IT troubleshooting multiply business revenues and steer rapid growth. “Many clients who would have otherwise been unable to start their own business or expand existing ones, have been able to do so because of the ‘offshore office in India’ that we have provided them,” exclaims Narinder.

Virtual Employee leaves no stone unturned when it comes to facilitating its international customer base. Shaunvir adds, “Our software development teams have international certifications and have proved their innovativeness time and again for varied global clients, be it in the field of embedded engineering where our clients have included our engineers as co-authors in their patents or creating unique plug-ins for WordPress and Magento”. Likewise, Virtual Employee’s legal experts are well-versed with both, U.S. and UK laws. Being ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2008 certified, this CMMiL3 assessed company also adapts all global norms, is a member of NASSCOM, Indo - Australian Chamber of Commerce (IACC), & Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC)and has been accorded the Special Economic Zone status by Government of India.

Edifying International Stratum Workforce
Excellence is Virtual Employee’s middle name, the stellar father-son duo brings their rich experience and vast business acumen to the table as they are fully aware of what western clients demand, both in terms of work and quality. While Narinder exhibits exceptional software engineering experience, gained while working
with U.K. and U.S. based companies, including Oracle, Ford Motor, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lloyds Bank, and TSB, Shaunvir, being a law-graduated young preneur, oversees Virtual Employee’s U.K., U.S and European operations.

A healthy work culture pervades Virtual Employee, which encourages out-of-the-box thinking among its 900+ employees. It is this freedom to think and innovate that inspires and motivates employees to go beyond the routine and come-up with remarkable, innovative solutions. Developers and programmers subscribing to several publications; content writers gaining extensive training on the art of persuasive copy writing; and marketing mavens gaining comprehensive skills, including CRO, defines Virtual Employee’s employee-centric structure. It is this that has helped the company skillfully cater to renowned western clients from top companies, including Larry Spencer, Blake Morgan, Nick Ray, James Olivier, Dr. Reebye and Spencer Freeman, to name a few.

"We encourage our employees to directly collaborate and work with their global clients, thus giving them extensive exposure in terms of international work culture, ethics and a wonderful opportunity to showcase their skills"

Another prized element that characterizes Virtual Employee’s success is its workforce-oriented work culture. “We encourage our employees to directly collaborate and work with their global clients, thus giving them extensive exposure in terms of international work culture, ethics and a wonderful opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise,” avers Shaunvir. Besides offering in-house training that gives enormous scope for employee growth and expansion, many employees work onsite and visit their overseas clients, thereby enjoying global exposure and an international work experience. Simultaneously, the management team is finely tuned-in with the employees’ needs and strives hard to create a work ambience that extracts the best possible output from each employee. Several initiatives, trainings and recreational activities all through the year keep the staff motivated, enthusiastic and positive.

It is such a rewarding experience, a wonderful work culture and innovative minds that has earned Virtual Employee the ‘Gem of the Year Award’ and ‘Arch of the Year 2018’ at the function. Currently, there are several expansion plans in pipeline; the company is moving into the cloud services and is planning the launch of multiple apps in the area of sports, dating, gaming and much more.

Key Management:
Narinder Mahil, Co-Founder & CEO
Boasting a reputed work portfolio that has Oracle, Ford Motor, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lloyds Bank, and TSB in the list, Narinder brings his software engineering acumen to devise exceptional business strategies for escalating Virtual Employee’s revenue growth.

Shaunvir Mahil, Co-Founder & Managing Director
An iron-willed, Brunel University’s law graduate, Shaunvir supervises U.K., U.S. & European operations and amalgamates his legal expertise with business excellence to enhance and diversify Virtual Employee’s business prospects.

Founded: 2007
Offices: Noida (Headquarter), U.S.& U.K. with PAN India presence
Offerings: IT Outsourcing,Internet Marketing, Data Entry, Mobile App Development, Content Writing, Graphics & Web Design, Multimedia & Animation, and much more